Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 8 4pm EST

Update Feb. 8 7pm EST



   We have the Italian Deputy PM Luigi Di Maio meeting with the yellow shirts of France. As progressives undermining the authority of the new world order in control of the EU. Macron visibly angry as their pawn, has withdrawn its ambassador from Rome as if this really means anything. Both countries have the same problem, declining middle class and a migration issue that is undermining both countries. Different approaches to the problems, but the result is the same, nothing changes and the people are seeing worse conditions. This is why the riots are exploding over the entire EU, but few in America are aware of their plight due the media censoring the stories. The EU is divided from the people it governs and this is why it will fall.

   Venezuela has blocked the point of entry from Columbia for food aid to be distributed to its citizens, why is that? You look at a socialist state and see the result. Those at the top siphon off their share and move funds overseas, the middle men take their share and the people are left with little. Greed enters in and those hoping to share when they get in quickly act the same.

   A transfer of power Maduro to Guaido will not change the plight of the people. It will just move the oil profits to Western Corporation as a payback for putting Guaido in power. The world banks will continue to crush the country under intense debt due to interest rates. With debt collected in Dollars and Euros, run away inflation with their own currency, their demise is almost for certain going into the earth changes.




   The hearing with the acting Attorney General Whitaker today, was a waste of time. Whitaker did not divulge anything to the President. Did not impede funds for the Mueller case. Did not interfere with the Mueller investigation. They found nothing new. Why waste time on his past when he is being replaced. All I heard, do you believe this is a witch hunt. Yes, many of Trumpís team that were picked or placed there by the RNC committed crimes in place before they joined the team. This why the Mueller investigation will fail and the shift to the SDNY. Remember these are your leaders and its going to get worse.

   Jeff, exactly who are you trying to fool. The Enquirer is going to send an email to you, as proof they are behind extortion and black mail. Jeff, you are new world order and as the fool you are, you agreed to this plan as to connect Trump with AMI, as proof they want to muzzle the opinion of the Washington Post. No one cares about your alleged photos, only your leeches would have laughed.

   How did they get the photos? Now I think you are a smart man, and you know cell phones are hacked. This was a setup, as in blackmail in order for it to be successful, those doing it, do not want to caught, yet they hand you incriminating evidence. The Enquirer usually prints the pictures and texts and sales go through the roof. As for you being the owner of the Washington Post, the scandal would have forced you sell and there goes your influence. That would have been the smart plan, not yours. Oh, I am sorry, I mean the new world order plan as you answer to them, the global elite. You did not learn from your last mistake with Khashoggi. You know you can be prosecuted for reporting a false crime that was coordinated. You need to stop or.

   What is behind the current push for work visas H-1B and H-3 in high tech? There has been over 100 thousand of the H-1B visas alone each year in the past several years. They speak of a need, yet our universities and colleges are not educating our own to fill the gaps? There are, but the visas insure cheap labor without benefits. How can there be openings when the visa program fills that need at your expense. The H-3 allows immigrants to be trained here, when trained, they apply for H-1B and take your job opening. This why Trump wants this shut down, not the fluff you hear in the media.




   Today we heard from MTP as they lead with the Enquirer story. Do you wonder why sometimes, not all the time with you Todd, but the media is called fake news? You assume AMI was directed by Trump with the Bezos hack. You are really reaching with Khashoggi, was a spy for certain elements of this government, not sanctioned by the CIA. He was to gather any type of evidence of Saudi and Trump collusion posing as a Washington Post reporter. He was caught, that is it. I told you he was not worth revealing the embassy was bugged.

   The president is not involved with a rag paper. Yes he was approached by the owner as the pawn star wanted money for the story that would have crushed his election and he saw this as an opportunity to get closer to the president. They are not friends, but did business. Trump trusts no one outside of his family, and with them 1 eye is open.

   Manafort was caught in deals with Ukraine long before Trump. Flynn caught in Turkey long before Trump and every racists event is Trump. Racism did not just appear in 2015. Remember Democrats, it was you the built up Jim Crow and hate for decades against Blacks and then hid it after the sixties. I wonder which one of you in the past had the guts that ordered the assassination on MLK. This is the true source that we face today.

   Racists are created over time. Passed from father to son and mother to daughter, but you donít get this. What so strange is the minorities in public believe you. Things have not changed, it is just hidden like with Northam. Your constant media portrayal of a racistí president allowed them to come out in public like roaches with the lights off. You started this and Trump stays quiet unless pushed by events. You act as if every crime is his crime, this is where the media fails America and it is time to reflect on your actions.

   Politicians are about power when caught, lie. One only has to look at Virginia. You praise yourselves as having zero toleration of racism and abuse to women. So you have two that wore blackface, one a hood and another accused of sodomy and rape with 2 different women. You are hypocrites. You have not removed them. I told you, it will get worst if you do not remove all of them. As others fall with new revelations as we take this up a notch, this is on you. Soon it will hurt as women will fall too. The world will know your sins. As you grow in power, so do we in opposition. I tell you again look around at your world, and remember what it use to look like.

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