Political Snap Shot




Written Feb. 9 2am EST

Update Feb. 9 8pm EST


   Lawrence (MSNBC) has a point, yes those in the Trump Administration including Kelly knew about the past abuses of Porter towards his ex wife and others. This is in the past, but no legal charges came against Porter. Again before accusing a man of his past as people change; be careful on how you walk with this. You can count on as a definitive expose of your sins or drop this. What is suspect is that all women came together at the same time, just saying. This plan was only to remove a very smart man from the Trump Administration. It is only now with the “me too” movement that this has come to light. Porter is gone from the Trump White House as his abuses was and still is business as all so usual in your world. Do I need to reveal all that goes on in Congress to make a point, like Ted who allowed his side chick to drown? Again, you have your scape goat and clean this up.

   Addressing Sonia Ossoria, Tucker you need to know when to step back. What Macy’s is embracing is to bring Muslim Hijabs into mainstream fashion as a start. The point, profit was the motive, with an underlying to reach out with inclusion. This was a small step to normalize the oppression of women that will never change in the Middle East until Jesus comes. In this case, nothing is gained by revealing the obvious to your viewers, nothing. This is constructive criticism, as most of your work is on point.

   To the puppet master and allowing an engineered short sell on world markets due to your vast wealth. You did nothing as your in actions allowed those aligned with the antichrist and the Illuminati to depress the markets in violent swings as you sat idle. Today they tried to hide this swing by immediately covering their short positions in unison at the open and the technicals back this with the volume as a temp rise. As the traders in the know continued to cover their positions the elite watch the volume and again sold short as those not informed were buying as not to miss out on a temporary bull move. Again set up this time the swing start hundreds of point in the positive and fell hundreds of points in the negative. Again you allowed a slice of a market move to transfer billions to the elite. Because of your in actions events on earth will immediately increase by a factor of 3. Watch the 3rd world as all you control will follow suite. For the elite it is about slicing on extreme corrections and rebounds as there is a great transfer of wealth as you are to hold as most pension funds, but they exploit. To the puppet master, when you lie in bed with the antichrist, you will seal your fate.

  I will give you the truth as I worked on Wall Street. Few money mangers move to short term bonds instead the stock market which has a significant rise. 3 percent on a 10 year bond, yeah right. Your markets are manipulated and the astute sees this.

   The US government needs to remove the puppet master proxy control of all US corporations Black budget projects especially Skunk Works. He has leaked certain high value technology projects to the Russians and Chinese in prep for world war 3 as he was advised by the antichrist parity is money and control of both sides. Your new military budget was granted to release all advance technology to the military now. You need to look at this mission as if you have a year to live. You will not get a second chance. The Dow drop of 666 was meant to send a messaged of who is in charge of your world. It is war now and I with the the authority of the Almighty God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, we as a team will lay waste to what you call the elite and your world. It begins now.

   Quick update on the Democratic memo. As predicted the Democrats added language to the memo outside of the information in connection to the FISA warrant. They were hoping Trump would redact the information in order to release it. The Democrats would then counter he was hiding pertinent information. This was the plan. It did not work.


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