Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 9 11:59 pm EST


   The Sunday shows reflected back on this week where Trump took the air out the Democrats, yet disorganized by their own DNC. They have no clue as to how America viewed what they have seen. You went from some chance, to no chance. The sad part you will continue to spiral down. Buttigieg, Warren and Sanders stated there were inconsistencies in Caucuses. But failed to realize, the DNC was behind the hacked app, as it was designed by those put in place by Hillaryís side kicks. They can complain, but fall short of biting the hand that feeds them.

   The delay in the vote totals was to suppress the impact socialist vote. The holdup was by design. The plan allowed Buttigieg with a clear lead for days, when it was a virtual tie in delegates only. When you pick a winner and the delegates are tied, you move to the next category, the vote count. Bernie won, but the media and the DNC twisted the truth by design. Again, you do not see this. I am not a Bernie fan, as I through the gifts from the Almighty see so many similarities of socialism to communism, but who values my opinion, now.

   The same two showed up on Meet the Press and Fox today, the other 2 (Warren & Biden) did not, ask why? The impeachment failed to deliver the desired results, as Bernie surged despite the DNC interference run in the Caucuses. The current sacrificial lamb Buttigieg will fail in South Carolina after a mediocre presence in Nevada, due to a residual momentum only. I have told you, he is unelectable, as most Democrats do not even know the true issues, but what they are told. You had a woman that did not even know Pete was gay, and now armed with that knowledge, she wanted to change her vote.

   So if he wins, what are you going to do about the first dance? Yes, Christian America will be so proud. Trump will bring up the distain Black Americans have for Pete in South Bend, Indiana. Black Americans go with who they know. With little to none in Black voter support that compromises 25% of the Democrats, what to do when most stay home. They are dead against Trump. Black Americans and Latinos do not know Pete and Bernie, except the college kids. Worse, racism will rear its ugly head subtly against Pete as he is gay, and more that is hidden with Bernie and Bloomberg for being Jewish. The key with the latter, no one will mention this in the general media, for fear of being labeled racist.

   Current Democratic plans for Medicaid is to remove the private insurance for almost 200 million Americans for a generic plan, that has extreme wait times and poor service. It will be based on patient turnover, thus minimizing care to maintain profits. Those hard fought union benefits of health care will be lost without compensation. That is 20 thousand dollar lost for a family. Corporations with new taxes, will have to cut jobs to balance costs. As profits fall the stock market slides in response to lower earnings. But you do not state this. Your 401 Ks will take a massive hit and more layoffs. So much for retirement. Again, you do not think about this. Inflation comes in to balance the mandatory 15 dollar wage. The trade deficits return and NATO stops paying, and this is the plan just to start, and you think this is best for this nation, good luck.

   I hear he is crude to our allies. No they are coward freeloaders, who do not pay their bills, and expect America to defend them against the Russians and Chinese. They talk behind his back, f..k them. Boris you are an idiot, they will tap your 5G wireless system, but you handed it to them. I hear he is friend of Putin, yet Putin fears him as the US Military prepares for war predicted in the Bible. I hear all are welcome without papers. But in the Black and Latino communities, the housing shortage raises rents to where many are forced to the streets, and the influx of illegal labor limits jobs and pay increases. You take care of home first. Your leaders want to take care of the world, and hand you the bill. You live pay check to check, ask why?

   So Bernie how can you control the cost of healthcare when doctors and staff are paid much more than there counter parts overseas? You are blowing smoke up our asses. Your living wage will be passed on in rising prices. You have closed the gap between contract union workers and the poor, are you going to increase their wages on the same scale? No.

   Bernie I do respect that you tell the truth, as oppose to Warren who lies lie Biden. A white woman who pretended to be a Native American to get a lucrative job. Bidenís son was put in position on a board for influence pedaling, but you looked the other way, but voters didnít. All your ideas can not be paid for.

   As we speak, it is not so much as winning the nomination, but being picked for a cabinet position for most in the Democratic field running for President. The goal is to remain a viable candidate for a period of time, to were they are seen as a asset, to gather votes. This is the game, they are playing with the American people. Hillary played Obama for Secretary of State, resigned only to provide separation if Obama started to tank. But slick Willy set up a foundation soliciting funds under the guise to help others, a front that was attached to influence. This is why it shut down when she lost. This is your system, and you are none the wiser.

   Just remember there is a preplan in place if the Democrats win, as all the elite go short in the market, and there is a great transfer of wealth again in place for what the Democrats plan to take away, and you the general public, again are none the wiser.

   Trump has solidified the Republican Party, as traitors like Romney, Vindman and Sondland were either ostracized or fired. There was a transcript of the call, all else is opinion. I told you, there were plants in the administration from the beginning. Many have been expunged, but a few deep state operatives, are still embedded, which will account for future leaks. But you fail to realize, the impeachment process has destroyed Biden, who you hoped to lift, now has baggage. The premise of impeachment was scheme to remove his rival Biden by forcing Ukraine to investigate, but your actions have expose Biden for he is, not Trump. This is true karma.


   As your world denies China faces a pandemic. The media states infections are stabilizing. China has put in place a Hammer Down Protocol, to where they willing to let go of 50 million people. Look to your movies as what you see there, is the same. Only this is real. Your eyes do not lie, but your leaders do. Cities are on lockdown, and the infected population is being rounded up and taken away, yet thousands are turned away from overcrowded hospitals. All available space used for bed space is taken, yet those infected are under 40,000 as we speak. Those uploaded videos show a sinister side of Communist China, no matter how you politicians state, that they are just like us. They are using us, to get rich on the greed of the elite, and when the time is right, they will try and take all.

   Just know, their citizens are taken away and go where? Not to the crowded hospitals, that admits no one. The corona virus continues to mutate, and the numbers you are fed, are lies. Infection rates have exploded as those confined home infect each other, and those affected are removed without being counted. Those that die without being tested, and confirmed, then die, are not counted. It is about stopping panic at any cost by the elite. It will not be a vaccine or quarantine that will halt this pandemic, but it will be the Hand of God.

   The Almighty speaks, ďAs I, your Father speak to your world, the day My Son returns is so close. Your world is just going through its first cleansings. I had hoped my sacred servants (Catholic Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals) would have interpreted the signs I sent, but they like most of your world are still blind. A few have. I have sent a firestorm to Australia and then floods. Did you get the message, no. You see the floods as a welcome sign. I have sent locusts plagues to eastern Africa. Your answer, send planes to contain the outbreak. I have shaken the world in various places with earthquakes, but you do not see there is a Higher power.

   My messenger sent a warning to Xi, and he is in hiding. The pale horse is just starting his ride to spread pandemics. Heed this warning. I want to save souls, and only when you face death do you call out to My Son Jesus and Myself the Almighty and my other names. Change and I will destroy all evil, but you must believe in My Son first, and I will bring you home to Me. This is My Covenant with you. I will grant a short pause, but with no change, the next events will rise by a factor of 3, if not heeded, then by a factor an additional of 12. Your time is short, and the extension has been only granted by the love of Mary your mother.Ē

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