Political Snap Shot

The Illusion of Power



Written Feb. 11 11:59pm

   Many of you in power, have been allowed to proceed with your agenda, as the as general public believes you at your word. The media continues to project the new world agenda of globalization as the solution to all problems. Where one government controls all industry, leaders, resources and the people under one with a vote that will not matter, as it almost does today, when the fix is in place. This is absolute power or communism on steroids. You were warned, and now it is here in our Congress masked as a chameleon of communism, in the form of socialism.

   You ask, why allow this to continue, when it could have been stopped. All souls are allowed to mature and choice is made. This is what you see in your polarization. Now that many in this country have made their choice to honor that who leads one global agenda, they will be harvested. You only need to look at your unions, which is a good thing overall, but protects those who takes advantage. All of you, knows someone who shirts the system, until it is your turn and you think this will work? I once knew an employee who claimed disability for getting hit in the head with a Nerf ball.

   If all are treated equal, then there is no incentive to work or succeed. It is about merit and working for what you get, not a handout. This is the problem with socialism and communism. You spent trillions to stop the cold war, yet you turn a blind eye to its foothold, socialism. I told you are being herded to choose your own fate. What is so odd, is that you are willing to hold on to the words of a young socialist with no experience or worldly knowledge, and follow her words blindly as experience politicians cow to her, due to the media build up. This where you know, you have fools leading this nation.

   If the government taxes you to provide care for all, without reigning in the salaries of doctors, and unnecessary tests, the rich get richer, but you donít think that far in advance. You speak of saving the world with the Green, but no one else will spend the money or risk their economy. Then what? Ocasio, how many times do I have to tell you, ask about the pole shift. You are their sacrificial lamb, and when the truth comes out, you are their fall person. Heed this.

   The Democratic Party has shown us, that you can wear a KKK hood, wear Blackface, rape a woman, and doctor the polls, to where Black people say this behavior is ok. You are being played by your own Party, and not one of you when given the ammunition is willing to stand up. You Black people of Congress are cowards. This is your world that will soon fall, as all of you have lost prospective of what is right or wrong. Did the Sunday news shows cover this?

   They talked about a minute or two on Northamís Blackface of Michael Jackson, but all know in their heart, he was under the hood. Northam, you cannot lie to God, but if you feel you have to, then know, I will see your soul, which does exist, tossed into hell. Please take that chance, as you be one less bigoted soul, I have to worry about tainting mankind. Make your choice, God or the new world order, this is your last chance.

   Nothing about the rape charges of the Lt. Governor or the Attorney Generalís black face. If that was Trump, he would be out. You say, he called Mexicans rapists, did you ask the women that migrate north? Please ask them. If it just one, not the hundred of thousands reported, it would be too much. Enough of these games as I grow tired, and you know where I can go with this.

   You protect your own, but not your principles, that you preach to the world. Omar, you need to back off or they will destroy you, all is not what it seems. This will be your demise, as many of you will be exposed, for who you are. This has begun in Virginia as a start. I will begin in the middle and work my way up, but take out a few at the top, by exposing their crimes to show this is for real. Again, Pelosi, I will save you for last.

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