Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 12 11:59pm EST


   Has the media taken the Porter story as its center complaint against the Right out of context, yes? There are many other pressing issues that this nation needs address. What Porter did to his ex wives was wrong and sends the wrong message to America and the rights of women. That said, he should have sought counseling. Did the women press charges? If so then, did he do restitution for his crimes? None of this is addressed.

   The FBI investigation for security clearance is done to make sure he can not be compromised by blackmail, but all know the truth, that he was an abuser. There are no secrets here. Let me remind all of you the Almighty knows all of your sins and His Son will Judge all. I told you that as the Deliverer, I can ask for any revelation, plague, disaster or worse to be inflicted on the few or all on this earth in His Name and it will be granted. Heed this.

   If you continue down this path to derail the Trump Administration who is not right with their words, insensitive to women and sometimes lies to save face, but they will not betray this country. He is not Illuminati like many members in your government and corporations. This is why he is backed by God the Father Almighty. Do you really want to challenge this with you small human minds? For all in the media that continues to pursue their present path, know that I will have the Almighty expose the sins of your past icons in government for all to see. Do you really want this?

   Very shortly the world will know the news on the coming events has been suppressed by your media executives as you had a choice. So as you debate Porter and other insignificant events, we will see how you handle when millions die as you know the beginning of the earth changes is here. It will be revealed that you in the media knew and have bunkers in place with the hope to survive with your loved ones and others just die. Like I said, the hope to survive.


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