Political Snap Shot





Written Feb. 13 11am EST


   The Almighty speaks, “I your God, Father the Almighty have given you many paths to come home, but few even in these times, are listening. Did I not provide you a guide to return home, with the Written Word, the Bible? I have told you that satan will be given his time to control your earth and to do as he pleases. This is written. This is now. Division now occurs within your United States and you think it is based on politics? It is the influence of the new world order now controlled by the antichrist outside of your view. Your media and politicians for the most part answer to another, but you don’t see this. So, to save your souls, your physical life of the elect may be extinguished as the earth is scrubbed of evil. This is all that is important to you. I will send signs of flashes in your atmosphere that makes no sense. The point is to ponder there is a God, as science will be muzzled or say the object broke up in to fragmentations creating a display. This will be a lie. As the media will state the object was intercepted by a missile but the debris field will be far greater than the mass of the incoming objects and its loss due to atmospheric friction on reentry. Heed these short term lessons as my next step is to level countries as your world presented as humanism promotes all that is offensive in my eyes. I gave you life and only I can take it away.”

    Let me say this first, many of you believe your world is decisive. Yes this world needs to come together for the benefit of all. I just ask remove the screen. Illegals are allowed here only to provide cheap labor. I ask, the elite hate all minorities except when then work for pennies or as a factor depress the bottom line of labor. The other factor is that they will work for little food during what the elite assumes is a rebuilding period after the passage of Niribu within the next 24 months. While they hope the rest of you will just die. This is the Truth.

   The general public is not privy to the manipulation of the stock market. If one wants to get wealthy then manipulate the bottom line of their balance sheet. Steal the money when growth is great. They then inject it back into the corporation as a cash flow just before you go public. Hire seedy secondary firms outside of the primary to cover those selling short. The owners have warrants, which they excise at a particular price point as the price rises an sell slowly into the market as to cause no alarm. When the cash flow stops due to poor management fails to deliver the owner through proxies short their own stock. They make millions to billions on the way up and much more on the downside. They borrow your stock and sell it. Then, when the market crashes due to a created bubble they buy the stock back on pennies on the dollar. This is capitalism. This is just one of their plans.

   To the media, yes it is true that the Trump Administration twists the facts, but they also tell truth.  On Meet the Press the question keeps coming up on why not Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, but you know the answer. The have a vetting process in place that allows our nation to screen with errors. The other 7 countries have nothing in place.

   First let’s address the past, the Clintons. All of you denied the pay for play, but the true evidence is in the Clinton Foundation closing a few weeks after Hillary’s loss and the son in law hedge fund folding. With a 48 % loss and you have a job until your mother in law loses the election says it all. She betrayed this nation by aligning with the new world order and was an integral part of world population sculpting. All you would have died. This is the Truth.

   So we have a new CBS poll stating that 63% of democrats believe terrorism is no different than any other religion compared to Muslims. News flash the last time Christians killed others was during the Crusades. The Turks eliminated millions in their ethnic cleansing. Muslim terrorists kill hundreds during any year, name another group? You can’t as the IRA Catholics have stopped. The balance will be corrected and again you have chosen those who will suffer. The new world order has used the politicians of both parties and will further divide this nation with a series of terrorist attacks in the same liberal cities that protected them. You will be given a choice follow the Laws of the Almighty or die. This nation has used both sides to divide. Vouchers as an alternative for schools that fail, not because of the lack of a teacher’ care, but mainly the parents in poor communities that offer no help to their kids. The unions do not want this. As, nothing has changed since the sixties. Violence and the idea that if the schools have parents that care they will learn only to realize the smart ones flee. The same idea has gone on for decades and you use hate to keep the status quo.

   The Trump Administration needs to move on. Create a vetting system yesterday. It is here you can shut this down. Coretta King wrote that the greatest threat to Black America was an unimpeded flow of illegal aliens stripping the unskilled of this nation all races from finding a job creating a permanent under class. You have the right to set limits for all countries, reduce it for all. Clear all who work here and are clean. Protect students who are here just to learn.  Take away the negatives and then ask why open borders are supported with the Hillary transcripts to bankers. Warren knows the cities will face disasters and life will not go on as you know it. She lies as does McCain and Graham as both sides answer to one. This is what you will not understand until the warning. Billions will die and understand this. Fire will cleanse this world of all evil. This will be the same spiritual fire that held the Egyptians back from pursuing Moses and the Jews. When light returns to this earth after the three days of darkness only then can the Messiah return for His Second Coming. Only the souls that believe in the mercy of Jesus Christ will see the Sun rise in the West the others who think service to other 50 percent shall perish. You were fed lies as I told you the light and the dark gave the information and your test is to discern the Truth.

  You know who McCain & Graham answer to. Confront them quietly and give them a choice stick with the new world order or fight for this country. Make them an example to where others will not follow.

   So what was Warren doing? Yes Sessions was a quiet racist 30 years ago, but men change and evolve, do you do the same stupid things you did as a teenager? Mrs. King was a private citizen and you presented a private opinion as if a civil rights wife of an icon will sway the populace. Just how many Black people out of the total are familiar with her ideas or contributions? They know her husband by name only. The opinion only holds weight as her husband was assassinated by the same new world order. Judging by the past is not the American way. Now Sessions is no angel, but he will protect this nation. Your last AG was influenced by Bill, this will not happen again.

   I warn you on the Supreme Court. Stop the process and the Almighty may call home another judge. This is a promise. No man or woman has a right over another life because it is still in the womb. No man or woman change the Sacrament of Marriage that binds a man and woman only until death.


Update Feb. 14 1am EST


   The nation is caught up in the Flynn resignation and his actions with the Russians. Did Trump know or give the order to negotiate sanctions just leveled against Russia? No. He is no fool as the media portrays him. All Administrations have a level of insulation with an idea goes south. This is common sense. But Flynn as a rouge was following the same model of those who arranged the delay of release with the hostages held in Iran before the 1980 election. It was a calculated risk – reward that seemed low. Heed this. This is a fact.

   The Iranians diplomats were wired tapped 24 seven, but this information was not released, but the NSA has the tapes. Flynn hoped to build trust with the Russians by not escalating on what Obama started. Voter manipulation was organized by the new world order to put in power one of their own. They seeded both parties with many options. You know who they are. The black lash with fraud from the media showed Kentucky. It is a red state and mentions New Hampshire where Hillary insiders did manipulate the vote against Obama. Careful not to get caught here again she used what she needed to win as the Clinton Campaign was updated with totals held back in order to provide a victory and did bus in some voters registered in both NH and Ma. The true action was removing absentee votes for Trump. They cannot trace this. This is why the count took so long.

   If CNN and MSNBC, wants the truth, open the sealed ballot boxes in the Black communities of Los Angeles, but you won’t do this or get caught trying to destroy the evidence as it is being watched. Trump is not one of new world order so you see the rejection from both parties, the elite, world leaders, the media and financed demonstrations. Now ask who controls all?

   What Flynn did not realize is that the executive branch is free from taps unless a law was broken, the other party on the call can be tapped for any reason and information used against the Trump Administration. Flynn was told to resign, but will still remain in the inner circle remotely. This mistake will not be made again as they trust no one with good reason. As for Petraeus, he is new world order. Vet him to where he renounces his past allegiances as once on the inside, he will prove a formidable foe if you can turn him.

   If Hillary was elected the Russian build up on the Ukraine border and other Baltic states would have accelerated as with the Chinese forward bases in the South China Sea. They all talk peace while developing multiple war ICBMs. North Korea tests fires missiles towards Japan and you talk peace. Your leaders are inept as the safety of America is painted as racism. Just know when California is invaded and it shall as it is written. The West Coast will be let go as an expendable loss instead of nuking all. The men and elderly will be killed or the fit enslaved and the women raped by thousands and they like them young, when raw you will be shoot. Remember it is the antichrist that controls the minds of men. All will wish they were dead. This is the difference.

   The revolt you are starting against Trump will back fire once the youth realize you the politicians and media lied to them about Niribu when it appears in the skies, then what? As they have no future in the present world.  All presidents since Reagan knew, the elite wants you to work and pay your bills, then just die. This will bring about father against son and mother against daughter as God’s wrath comes down due to liberal thinking that goes against the Almighty’s Laws. Sodom and Gomorra was destroyed for homosexuality and you after reading this in the Bible are trying it again. You have time to change, but for most your hearts will harden. If your family is not bound by God then you answer to another and will be swept from the face of this earth as evil. Again you have a chance to change. Time is short. Heed this.


Update Feb. 17 1am EST


   What pisses me off, is that the inept media makes me write a comment when I was going to bed. Don you were call out as a 10 pm correspondent  in the news conference and this is true as I watch you. You have to be an idiot to bring up anti Semitism as his daughter Ivanka is married to a Jew. Hate is a strong word and your guests were pathetic. No man would allow his first daughter to marry one he hates. This is why your network is losing credibility as you lie. This is the Truth.

   As for the Russians it is peace he seeks, but the message to blow the spy ship out of the water sent a message. Putin is preparing for war with the Chinese as you talk peace and the media and world leaders fall for this. Trump wants the world to know, I will be your nightmare as I protect these United States. For the rest of the world, pay your bill and then we stand by you, NATO. This is the bottom line.



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