Political Snap Shot




Written Feb. 13 11:59pm EST


   Today we have a popular daytime show stating that when we talk to Jesus, it is ok. When Jesus talks to us, we are insane. Be careful of what you say to the public panel, and for only once you get a pass on your words spouted without thought as you now know better this time and a similar occurrence shall not be repeated as warning. Do not test the Father as you influence millions with your words. This is the point only. Privately it is your choice, on the air where you influence vulnerable souls is in the hands of the Almighty.

   The Almighty and Jesus talks and guides me and I am not insane, yet many of you would like to think so. Small minds can not comprehend the complexities of your spiritual or the physical world. This is why your world faces the End Times. As for Vice President Pence, he is Illuminati, put in place if or when Trump resigns or is impeached and is pushing a false façade as you paint him religious by design. Standard tactics of the new world order present both sides still under one, Hillary’s backup. Heed this.

   Some of you still cannot understand what the Susan Rice email was about. You should have dug deeper for your answers. The first part was to state the Obama Administration shall follow the letter of the law as the cover. The truth was that Obama and Comey meeting conspired to withhold intelligence from Trump Administration so that the deep state would remain intact for years. This was the only way the statements could come out.

   Instead of some Republicans embracing this revelation, they have shed shade. So in steps Lindsey traitor new world order Graham to discuss the email as disturbing. What Rice reveals is that there is a greater picture controlling this nation other than the presidency, but you already know this. You need to question Graham’s motives. As for Rice a very brave woman, she is now under the protection of God the Father Almighty and if one of you touches her, just know the Almighty gives life and takes it away with sometimes all that you love. Again heed this.

   Rice sent an email to herself not for journal or records, but knew the NSA would intercept this email and be part of the public record. This was a deliberate and calculated move by Rice to reveal the truth and now leaked by the Forces of Light. So upset about Benghazi as she knew it was mercenaries paid by Israel that attacked the Libyan embassy and the State Department issued a stand down order from Hillary delivered by her deputies who were removed. Check it. They hit the safe house. This is the deceit of those controlled by the deep state. She had had enough.

   War is coming with the bear and dragon as written in the Bible. The Russians tested the Americans under the guise of fighting for Assad as mercenaries. This was an incursion that failed and many more than a few hundred Russians died. This attack allowed the Americans to analyze the Russian strategy when they try to invade North America. I will say no more.

   Finally, I want all of you who are astute, in government and media to know definitely that the deep state is the illuminati aka secret society or new world order is now controlled by the antichrist as the puppet master looks the other way as a traitor to this world to preserve his greed. It has been stated that all that is rotten shall fall.


Update Feb. 17 1:45am EST


   I have said nothing on the school shootings in Florida by design and the Almighty, Jesus and I offer our prayers for your loved ones loss created by an influenced man. Just know; when all of you cross the veil of what you consider death, shortly all that have passed before you, will see you as suffering. Life of the soul never dies, but that does not mean they are missed and taken in their prime by evil.

   The present violence in your world is meant to undermine your protection as you voluntarily give up your second amendment through what seems a series of random events allowed to happen to herd the opinion of pliable minds. This is the plan. Ban guns, and only the criminals will have access on the black market and the skill factor will only increase with smaller magazines. It is the mind that kills and whether it is one or a dozen there is always a weapon and opportunity. No law will change this. As the world enters Marshall Law due to the approach of Nibiru, those in your government aligned with the deep state, aka Illuminati or new world order wants an unarmed populace when in panic under control to protect the elite.

   Now we have Neil deGrasse stating, “prayers may be all well and good, but aren’t terribly efficient in protecting America’s kids from violence.” Neil you have no clue on how the universe works, none and you are an astrophysicist at the Hayden in New York last time I checked. That which is spiritual is far beyond your small mind created by God. For you, I will give some insight on prayers, as they are super natural. This allows the only line of communication with the Creator and if the request is in line with God the Father Almighty’s plan, and it is granted. Oh, but you think God is a myth. So I will request you get an event that will affect your life as science will not explain it, in your short future.

   As for prayers, it releases a severe discomfort for those dark beings you call ghosts, thus lessening their influence temporarily or as the many tell you, the voices in their head. This is the truth. So Neil before you speak on something you do understand, step back as this is the Almighty’s last warning for you. Please test it and I will be there to witness your soul thrown into the abyss as you are responsible for the loss of many souls. You have a choice as the clock is ticking. You and your partner Kaku have until Feb. 22 2018 12am EST to make a choice at that time all my begging for your souls will change nothing. You have known of me for over a decade and you know, I do not lie in the service of the Almighty. Heed this.


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