Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 13 11:59 pm


   With all the concern about the balloons and objects shot down by your governments, they know more than there are saying. The rogue objects were radar scanned, photographed with high resolution cameras in the nose tip of the fighter jets and their flight paths known. They do not send jets after small balloons, as they cannot carry a significant package and why an object shaped in an octagon. As for UFOs no nation on earth can shoot one down. Moving along to the object over China, the United States has satellite cameras that can read a newspaper from space in real time and any telecommunication device on earth is compromised by the NSA. So unless China is using a new communication system not based on frequencies of any known wavelength on earth or wire line, it can be compromised. A balloon floating over China with a US origin, for what? That is a joke.

   The Chinese balloon was on a mapping mission gathering intel on the lay of the land and the radio frequencies the Military uses. They will never get a chance to use it, because the US military all ready knows your plan. But our northern border is not the primary front nor secondary. It is the Middle East and Europe devastated by the tsunami that the Chinese have their eyes on. Their tourist taking pictures, as you welcome their spending will be your doom. All leaders know that most of the EU will be a sea of wandering migrants and the last thing they will do is fight or get little help from the US who is busy tending to home. This is the primary target, because the floods destroy all food supplies, shelter and military bases. It is the foot soldier that will rule. The secondary is Central America.

   As for those other objects, it is the new world order, who never lets an international event go to waste. The north shores of Alaska and Lake Huron offer no military info or common sense line of attack. The goal is to raise tensions and get the American public to go to war. Again it seems to be working.


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