Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 14 1am EST


   As the political rhetoric intensifies, one only needs to examine the present trends in the media. The party of zero tolerance has allowed forgiveness for a governor denying he wore a KKK hood (a true racists wears a hood and his side kick lowered to black face), yet you are not to believe your lying eyes as the picture is in the year book. No idiot posts a racist picture of another on his page. He looked at the picture thousands of times, drank with his friends on how brave he was, as a racist and still not caught. It was him. Let Trump wear a hood, and its over. This is your world, where we dismiss those who acted with racism and caught and convict those in the media with no direct association by the actions of another.

   Many on this earth have a checkered past, that most would not be proud of. Yet when caught, most make amends and move on. The tactic today is to lie, and maintain power at all cost. And I will not even waste my time on the alleged rapist and the other black face in the Virginia leadership. Zero tolerance in the Democratic Party is just a slogan for racism and abuse of women, they never will honor their doctrine, when it is imposed upon themselves. They lie for political reasons. This is a fact, not rhetoric, as the top three in Virginian politicians remain in power.

   I told you, a racist never changes his or her spots, they become the chameleon in our political system both Republican and Democrat. Not one of you spoke about how the student union and administration of that school passed on the page and approved its printing. Why, the ugly truth is, it was their culture and still is. Has the school stated this is racists? No. This is a game, and you the Black people are being played during Black History month. None of you have the courage to state the truth. I need not name, names in Congress, you know who you are. King died for change, what the hell are you doing?

   What I can not figure out, is you condemn Representative King with good reason, and then you allow a freshman to make the same mistake? Are you in the Democratic Party setting up Omar? She thinks, she has the freedom to condemn Jews and you allow this by design. Real smooth, as you herd her to make foolish choices, by her own words, and then she is replaced in 2020.

   Then you set up Ocasio to push a new green deal, that the rest of the world will not follow, and many in your party are already in the media crushing this. Did Ocasio get the memo? Catastrophic job losses, acute reduction in disposable income for the average American, all while we set an example no fool country will follow. This is your plan? Knowing this will fail. Ocasio, Pelosi set you up as to reign you in. Young and fresh, you will not rain on her parade. Booker, I see you are a follower. Foolish, America will not elect a Black man in 2020, due to Obama (not that he was bad, but ineffective to change what he could have, as the powers to be, held him in check), but I doubt, we see an election.

   So your new green deal will force corporations to clean energy. What you overlook, is that, they will pass the cost on to the consumer, even though they profited from polluting this world over the pass two or three centuries. You cannot change this, and again, we the people pay for the mistakes of the elite. Save the world in 12 years due to climate change, is it a hoax? Yes, you have one year. Ask, if you can bring your family into the bunkers? They will laugh. I have told you, the intensification of emitted carbon particles into our atmosphere, does have a small impact on our weather, but the approach of Nibiru is the primary cause.

   Finally, it has been entered into the media, that sex and child trafficking does not occur though ports of entry. How could it? What you need to know, is that the Democrats are not for the browning of American. Even their base, white America is not in favor of being replaced and Spanish as the new language. The media lies and few with no clue agree to this. Over crowded schools, higher taxes, health costs out of control as emergency visits are not paid for by them, but you have increased rates to offset this, lower wages for the poor due to increased competition, increased rents due to lack of apartments. These are your leaders protecting your interests, what a joke. Did you really think this through? They just want to stop the wall, under Trump as it was a campaign promise. Then when in control they hope in 2020, the wall will be built. This is their plan.

   As for the court demanding if you are a citizen on the census, not be applied? This goes against the Founding Fathers. The Supreme Court needs to act of this. Visitors, illegals and those with work permits are not part of the voting population of citizens. Yes they can share as a visitor or illegal in the prosperity of this nation, but cannot be counted among those who dictate the representation of the people of this sovereign nation in Congress. The judge needs to be struck down.

   Voters rights is not suppression as to show ID, this legal. Can you take out a loan, drive, apply for food stamps without ID, no. So it shall be, for the right to vote. As for E verify, it shall be implemented for all new employees. All here illegally shall be offered a grace period to apply for a temporary work permits, renewable upon criminal and DWI records. As they come in over time, they are subtracted from their countryís quotas. Their own country can object, if so, there are deported.  

   Some in political circles are seriously thinking about Trump, and does he have the stamina, to continue along the political path littered with mine fields? His mission, God sent is almost complete. He does at this point, can walk away in April, but can also reenlist in the Army of God. This is his choice, as few to no one would have walked in his shoes.

   Letís move to Manafort. All of you ask, why is he still lying? Where you not told that the Senate intelligence committee found no evidence on Russian collusion with Trump? But the Mueller investigation is still on going and many are awaiting the final report. When released the Democrats will opt to seal the investigation and the Republicans release it. The Mueller team will redact all information that will lead to the American public seeing this as politically bias.

   Yet yesterday on some shows, it was business as usual. Manafort was indicted on crimes colluding with the Russians. But he was in the Ukraine trying to negotiate the gas pipeline from Russia to the EU and other agendas while not changing the situation in Crimea. This was in place since Hillary was Secretary of State and Podesta was in charge of the DNC and Manafort was given an opportunity to deliver. Manafort a DNC insider and Republican front (double agent as it is all about the money) and was recommended by the RNC when they knew (the DNC) Trump might win the nomination. Trump was told, he had moles in his campaign and quickly removed Manafort as he had baggage. This is a fact.

   The crimes of Manafort and collusion with Russia (Ukraine are true), as they were in place well before the Trump Campaign. Manafort is under a death threat, as he saw what happen to Seth and the transfer of data to Wikileaks. He is lying to protect Podesta, not Trump as all think. We will let this play out.


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