Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 15 5pm EST

   Today we had Trump declare a national emergency at the border. Finally Trump listened, took the Democrats on their offer to start the wall on the budget, and still proceed with his plan. Pelosi is pissed. It is within the Constitution for Trump to declare a national emergency. What the Democrats and some Republicans do not realize, is that it does not matter that the flow of illegals in the hundreds of thousands has not increased, it is still a problem costing the American taxpayer hundreds of billions a year. You are just pushing a different perception on the threat.

   This has added trillions to our deficit, due to increased spending for social services over decades. The sad part, the Democrats and some Republicans want this to continue. This is a fact, and needs to stop. You are not protecting the interest of America. We have an immigration system to allow those we need to come here legally. As elected leaders of our nation, why are you allowing 100s of thousands to come here? Do you represent us the American people, or them. Oh you say, this is not what is America is about? Really, so you are saying we want illegals to come here, increase our healthcare costs, which you cannot pass. Oh yes, 40 million that do not pay healthcare, but use the emergency room services on us. Over crowed schools and replace teachers for bilingual for those who should not be here. This is your plan.

   Both Democrats and Republicans had almost a century to solve this problem. You have over forty million here illegally, and more than half came through the Southern border. America, the Democrats want their illegal status to determine the count on Congressional Districts in the new census. What does this mean? The cities and states like California, New York, San Francisco and Florida will continue the current plan of the Democrats. Are they smart, no, as the illegals will replace the Democrats given time with their own agenda.

   Yes many who do not belong here, overstayed their Visas and can be traced. The point, most with Visas can support themselves. Your leaders are idiots. They refuse to fund the wall, and now they have to some degree over politics. They use the browning of America as a moral issue. America wants assimilation, not dramatic change due to illegal flows. This costs money, which families living pay check to pay check, can not afford as the shutdown of the government showed us. Those with good jobs could barely last a month. This is your truth.

   If Pelosi and Schumer just could have brought themselves to support the wall in strategic vulnerable points along border, this would have been agreed by all. I told you are being setup and did not listen, so be it. The border wall is meant to stop those escaping their countries instead of trying to change it. The Democrats invite the world to come here and you pay for it. Tax the rich, they will just flee or hide their money. Did they not cut throats, step on people, break laws never to be prosecuted as paid lawyers protected them, lobbyists, and campaign contributions given to preserve the status quo. What is funny, is that the freshmen Congressmen think they are going to change Washington.

   Pelosi will silently crush you and place you on a committee overseeing food distribution in the Sudan.. So you will either morph offering little change for those you represent, if they want to stay. Again you are idiots. I will repeat, as your leaders continue to hide the truth, you are in the End Times. As earth changes increase, this will force millions towards America. Then what? Another lie? Yes the circuit court will force an injunction, and it will go to the Supreme Court on a fast track. But know this, due to your deceit against your nation, one of your own will be called home by the Almighty on the Supreme Court. This is on you.

   Progressives just cost NY State billions in tax revenue by protesting Amazon. Now I am no fan of Bezos, and his fake story with the Enquirer leaked by a relative of his gold digger part time lover. Bezos, they get old, and you get tired of them and in your case, they cheat as they are faking it. It is not worth it.

   Long Island City and the surrounding boroughs would have seen an upswing in in property values. Local businesses would have made millions. The opposition idiots that lead you, have no clue. The location would have workers shifts offset of rush hour traffic. A shipping company needs its employees from 2pm to 6am, but I guess your local leaders are not that smart to figure this out. 2 billion in static tax cuts to get billions over time is a small price to pay, so they will go some where else. You let down the city and state and as for the people, I would not listen to anything you have to say again.

   I will tell you again, we are going to war with Russia and China. The collusion was introduced as Trump refused to join the new world order, like Hillary. Those pushing for impeachment without a conviction is working for the global elite, not your country.

   America is not blind, as the truth filters into the public. Some are starting to provide alternate views, like CNN did today by interviewing a border control leader. He states facts contrary to the Democrats, we need a wall. For CNN it is a very small start.

   By the way Trump, Rush is a true racist as I read his heart, just like the past radio host Bob Grant talking about black people beating their drums in Africa. He is suffering in the bowls of hell, which few believes exists, but it does. Change Rush or you can join him. I will be there if you choose as your soul is dropped into the lake of fire waving goodbye. l would look up the tapes from the 80ís to find the truth. As for Ann, most on earth see the short term picture, like you, and you put to much support into doctored swaying trends, which may affect your ratings. My advice, do not be reactive, instead be a leader. For Trump, if they do not change, discard them, and when or if they try and go against you, they will lose listeners. I would play their bluff all the way, as the cards are in your hands.

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