Political Snap Shot

Corona, Xi, Duterte, Bernie and Kelly



Written Feb. 15 3:45 pm EST


    The Corona virus has given us some clues, as to the extent of lying among all nations. Yes all nations, as we know China has lied, but all others look the other way. Japan revealed, they did not even have enough test kits, to screen the passengers on the Diamond Princess. So how, does China have the test kits to screen millions? The answer is, they donít. The WHO is lying to you, as the US CDC is kept out by design. So only those confirmed by tests, are counted, the others now well over 100 thousand dead are not counted except by rumors leaked from the elite fleeing. They have no reason to lie.

   Where will it stop, some where between 500 K and 1 M in China. Again the pause is to send a message, but also so the Mercy of God. What will not be tolerated, is the hiding of the true totals of death, so do it again, and it will rise by a factor of 3 to start. It is so easy to target Beijing, lets not go there. Your own people will turn against you Xi. I repeat again, you will be brought to your knees, and you know, I do not bluff. We are just starting. No tourists, your economy will collapse due to fear. You will know the power of God, atheist.

   Beware, the new world order is trying to plant the virus in Africa, where it will be allowed go unchecked, killing 250 million to start. The Kingdom of God, is far above the perils of your sorry world, so many will be removed in what you see as the Rapture (Disasters). The goal, a continent (Africa) that can easily be conquered, as few of its original residents are still alive, and the leaders bought off. The pole shift will erase all memory of the injustice. The Almighty will allow this to happen, as this choice is in the hands of mankind. Not one of your leaders are brave enough to halt this, cowards. This is their current plan.

   I really do not know how you (China) got Boris on board with the 5G network, but since you hope to spy on the network, it will be taken down by interference. Your scientists, so brilliant, will associate this to the solar winds, idiots. It will be unusable by design.

   Duterte canceling the US military agreement, as he was paid millions under the table, check his off shore accounts, and the government given much more than America paid for bases. It does not matter, as your volcanoes will blow leveling Manila and quakes will take out your cities. Your choice has sealed the fate of your country. Many souls will be saved, as they are Catholic. The world will watch in awe. As for your (China) plan to attack the West coast, most of your ships will be sunk by whirlpools or mega waves by the Hand of God. This is a promise.

   The UK and Ireland will experience storms, Ciara and Dennis are just the start, approaching that are new, in that the pressure of the lows, have reached levels only seen in Cat 5 hurricanes. Heed the warning, that your world is under going change. The media is lying to you. Those 100 ft. waves now assaulting the shipping lanes, will assault your shores on an increasingly frequent basis, then what?

   The Munich Security Conference currently going on, is hoping for more US support, not happening. Trump is not fooled, as they refuse to pay their bills, and under funded their militaries by design, as the US paid the UN and NATO, and some countries bought weapons to enrich the military complex. The tax payers were fleeced. With the new world order poised to move on the EU by fall, they are worried, and should be. You have been told Germany has aligned with Russia and China in secret unlike the Philippines. Pompeo has told the world of the Trojan horse, but the media dismisses this. This will be your folly. By the way the pause is almost up. In the spirit of Moses I have no mercy, only God does. My job is to erase all that is evil from the face of the earth, and I have started at the top.


   You the people have been given a gift of insight, but you refuse to open your minds, to what you see. All are aware, that in this divided Democratic Field, the DNC does not want Bernie to win, just like the ghost of 2016 with Hillary. Fixing the votes then, was easy, as there was little oversight on the count, and many were planted Hillary insiders controlling how far Bernie would rise. The rules were changed. What is sinister, is that the media and the DNC do not trust the American public to pick the right candidate. This time, the voting app was compromised by the DNC. Just know, the excuse of the lower vote count for Bernie is a lie, his supporters are loyal and have grown. The polls do not match the result by design. Do they promote grass root support? Bernie has it, but his ideas will crash the stock market, and redefine healthcare. It is not about insuring all Americans, but it breaks the union agreement that funds the healthcare industry. Bernie will shift union insurance to healthcare run by the government, and we know how that works. This is not going to happen, thus the media interference.

   This is the same tactic, they used against Trump, but in a more extreme fashion, as he was not one of their own. Democrats or now compromised Republicans, with Trump, they did not succeed, but they stopped Bernie. The problem now, is that some Democrats see similar situations with 2016 and with Trump. This is their predicament. Push more against Bernie, he wins. If he wins, what to do when Senate, House, State and Local elections are affected? Trump will crush him. This is where the DNC stands now. I told you, all is not what it seems.

   Kelly made a statement. That there was an illegal statement made on the July call heard by a witness, yet you have the transcript. What was the statement? So who is lying the transcript or Kelly. There were so many moles planted in the Trump Administration to secure failure of this administration. He is cleaning house, as not one of you would keep an employee that turned on you. This is the truth.

   What about Stone, he was working with Podesta, when he did as a partner, as accused. The Trump Administration inherited that baggage, as he was not vetted, but recommended like so many others. Continue with this, and it will lead back to DNC. Lets play this game.

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