Political Snap Shot

Written Feb. 18 6:30pm EST


   We are at the turning point of the Catholic Church and its demise under Francis at the Vatican an agent of satan, who has defrocked a former Cardinal to start. This was a test. As thousands of priests have been accused of sexual abuse. When it is over, who will be left, more important, who will have the courage to lead the faithful as all they believed in with the priesthood collapses? The current plan is to allow the exposure of the priests sins, thus primarily to undermine the faith and shut down recruits to the seminary in Western nations. This will accelerate the persecution of Christians in Moslem and third world countries as the West just loses faith in God as they have in Europe. This accelerate quickly until a warning is given to the world.

    Brexit is in peril, as May continues to lie to the Mps, she has never had an answer or solution, after she was told by the EU, we are in control, and the deal offered was final. Again this is your world. Nothing has changed, just how events are presented to the world in the media.

    The UK economy will be brought to its knees. As most of its trading partners in the EU will have to abandon trade deals not approved by those in Brussels. The EU will be hurt in that the minor partners have little to fall back on, but those affected shall be given another opportunity. The UK has opportunities with New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US, but too little, too late to stop the pain of economic distress going into the end times. May thought she would win and has no plans if she losses. This is the present state of the UK.

   As the world focuses on Venezuela, we see that the opposition leader withdrew from the takeover of American CITGO funds, by design as they were exposed. I have told you, the opposition leader offers little change for the people and is dependent upon aid from the West, which comes at a price. The current leader wants to continue stripping the people of their wealth as all have done before him. He thinks it is his right. So what is different now? Instead of all taken from the people, the new leader will take a small measure wealth at first until challenged, like the others before him, then take all and hope to run.

   The battle is between the Russians who are now hiding the wealth of the Venezuelan people in their banks, as opposed to Western interests, who are eagerly now trying to control the oil funds with their percentage off the top and the middle. You were led to believe the Russian plane that landed a month ago was the first to remove the wealth, when it was one of the last. This is why the people suffer, the money is gone, but you the CIA already knew this.

   Maduro will be forced, out as negotiations with the West is about how much of the money in Russia can be recovered for the people, and how much he can keep, minus their percentage to make this work. What is the leverage on the greed? Live in exile or spend with freedom in an agreement with the West. This is the deceit of your world.

   I say this to Merkel and the leaders of the EU. We are not the UK that you can squeeze under your thumb. We will protect America and you can protect yourselves, we shall see who gets conquered. Few of you have armies and what will you do when the Chinese come with 200 million men and children? I know, roll over just like a dog. You are cowards, and sold out the world to the new world order. What you get, you will deserve as America is not saving Europe from their own self inflicted riots and the opportunity for Russia to advance. Just know EU, Merkel has a secret agreement with Russia, do you?


   Trump declared a national emergency, and this is old news. The Democrats do not reveal the true cost of illegal immigration to this nation. This is the problem. Hundreds of billions in domestic expenditures per year, and you cry about 8 billion to dent the tide? Did Trump violate the rules of our Constitution? No, he was given executive rights, but you will fight the emergency (perceived perception) in court. An out of control border, tens of millions here, trillions spent on illegals over decades and your leaders say, we do not have a problem, again these are your leaders. Thousands of Americans have died at their hands, murder, auto accidents, rape and assault, all by those who have no right to be here and you protect this. Let me stop you there, before you speak, cheap labor enriching those who gave you campaign funds is worth the loss of just even one American life. Spin that in your upcoming election. This is not about compassion, but the dollar. They get rich and like fools, you follow the narrative and pay the bill, only in America.

   The ports of entry are where the majority of drugs, are confiscated. As this area has the highest level of detection, and will be enhanced shortly, thus creating an alternate plan to cross our border. But the cartels use open areas, while you in the press, refuse to listen to border patrol agents and their leaders, instead, make this a political fight. As politicians, when are you going to put the rights of Americans first? Do you really think America cares about a baby brought here by a parent fearing poverty? Some do as they are compassionate, but then discounts the harm that can come to their children along the trek?

   They took the chance, those who make it and many donot. It is now our responsibility to raise them, when we cannot take care of our veterans and homeless. First we are the world’s policemen and not getting paid. Now we are to become the EU where millions flee to? This is the disconnect between what the politicians and the media states and the reality of America.

   The elite and global corporations exploit weak countries for their natural resources and those in power keep the money through corruption and force extreme World Bank debt on their nation. So with your socialist’s ideas without a revenue stream as capitalism is shunted, are you now going to bring this to America. We know the game, a centralist may win in 2020 and you stack your cabinet with the extreme to please all. Most running know they cannot be president, but with enough votes be part of the inner circle. This is Warren and Booker’s plan. When in, nothing changes. We lead the world with offering the Green New Deal and you expect others to follow? Let’s see who destroys their economy. In the hope that countries with no funds agree to implement the new policy, and are the main source of air and water pollution to comply. You are fools and they are lying too you, as the cause of Global Warming.

   The media states, mules hauls marijuana across the border. Is there evidence of these claims? There are no grand seizures of heroin, cocaine or meth in comparison to what gets into this country. No, just speculation. There is little money in return versus bulk and the end value (for the slow, coke and meth take up far less space and offer greater value). What your leaders refuse to believe along with the media, is that America has a drug crisis, that is much more than trucks and mules being caught. Hollywood consumes tons of cocaine in a month, just to start. But you refuse to believe, there is another avenue of how these drugs enter the country by design.

   As for the polls of the people in favor of the wall? There were many samples used and varied in response from the people. What you should realize is that many Democrats support it, when the media slant should show very few. The polls are doctored to shape American opinion as they picked the Democratic sample with the lowest variance supports the view wanted to be presented, just like they all thought Hillary would win. The Republican sample is close to the truth as to validate the poll. When there is deceit mix the truth with the lies to control the sheep.

   As for Trump, what would be better and more effective than more wall money, enact the E verify system nationwide for workers and employers. They cannot protest that as they would be supporting tax cheats, on board with depressing wages for the poor while rents and other expenses rise. Spin that in the media. No jobs, very few illegals will come.

   Congress could have solved this, by telling the truth, but the 2020 election is so important. When the public finds out that Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary and some Republicans wanted to muzzle Trump as he will try and help America prepare for the pole shift while the others just want you to die. You will wish you were never a politician or part of the fake news. But I also see you are creating a back door exit by covering stories that challenge Russian collusion. Some in Mueller team have been leaking, they found nothing on Trump. This is too little too late.

   The Sunday morning news shows revealed how out of touch, your representatives are. De Blasio, the mayor of New York City, told the truth. The tax cuts presented to Amazon only come into effect, if they operate in the city over time. No tax funds were diverted and given to Amazon. What the city and state offered, if Amazon moved here, a new tax base would be created. The relocation here to buy land and buildings would be offset by removing 2.5 billion on state and local taxes while 10s of billions flowed in from personal state, local, property and sales taxes that would not exist if they are not here. Then over time would have paid corporate income tax according to our state and local laws. They would been subject to Federal taxes, but none of you considered this, only political points and the city and state both lost. We have a foolish representative state, the money would be better spent supporting our teachers. She is an idiot, because the taxes do not exist unless they come here. This is your leadership.

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