Political Snap Shot




Written Feb. 20 11:30pm EST


   Let me say this to the UK Parliament, no disrespect English family as you are protected and this will be the last time I address this particular issue. Touch them MI6 and you wish your agency never existed ask the CIA. Please stop Trump from coming to your country in your arrogance and petty allegiances. When Germany betrays the EU and forces a communist policy on your nation backed by the Russian army we will look the other way as your Dunkirk will not repeat. Trump does not forget. You know what is coming and you let the elite to continue this game. Either you are on the side of the Almighty or the antichrist, choose? Just remember the tidal waves can and will roll from Wales to London to erase all evil with a lot of innocent lives that will be saved spiritually. The physical body will not go on, but the eternal soul does. This is the goal. The choice is yours.

   We had Comey brief the Senate Intelligence Committee on the phone tap of the Russian Ambassador. Legally Flynnís conversation was protected under the law as the wire tap was against the Ambassador, but the NSA knew this and new world order moles released this. I told you, Trump what you are up against, and step up your game. There was nothing that implicated Flynn, but this release is to lead the public something was amiss. It is classified, but all you have to state is intent and a tape no can review. The leak saw the transcript as the NSA traitor talked, but did not reveal details to the public. The transcript was seen by the recipient of the leak, showed no collusion or cooperation from Trump. The point was to undermine the administration with a conversation that did take place, but did not offer the Russians a deal. This is why Trump states Flynn was railroaded. In the end we have a better national security advisor.

   So letsí examine the leak on the Russian Psych evaluation of Trump? I have told you both sides are playing games in the media as they are friends and Trump played this game until Russia showed its hand. This news of an evaluation was to discredit him as maybe crazy when presented to the public and you call them frienemies? They broke the treaty on testing cruise missiles and you were told the point of attack is off the Atlantic seaboard. The spy ship was monitoring the radar frequencies and recycle rates. There are preparing for war while the elite promote a bromance.

   So letsí reveal what the antichrist is up to. The new Russian technology stolen from Lockheed Martin absorbs all infrared, radio, and radar frequencies and resends the ambient echo of all is normal for cruise missiles. The technology limited to a few missiles to prevent leaks. The primary targets are Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta and another. This was agreed by all pledging allegiance to satan and the new world order. This is why she that lost was said to bring about WW3 if in power. You asked how? The puppet master owns your corporations by proxy stock interests protected by many layers and the antichrist owns the puppet master. This is their plan in place today to approach the east coast of the United States. Change your detection to density shifting in the total mass air and water that is linear with conical expansion or the push back to that expansion and they will light up.

  My advice is to expand the 12 mile limit to 200 like Peru. This will give a larger window for response and the ability to destroy covertly anything foreign within the zone. All know the risks, but ignore. You have been told humanism would be used to separate all from the Almighty. The Bible does not lie and only fools will test Him, God Almighty. If it was up to me I would crush all evil, but the Almighty stated mercy and so you shall have for a limited time as He has given the right to me to rain down any plague or pestilence to save this world at any time. Your time is limited.

   Fishing rights will be pushed by those against Trump, and when you state this, the earth changes will push back; Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the many Far East nations will not exist when the Atlantic expands and the Pacific compresses. It is here Niribu will be visible in the skies.

   The 12 mile was set as a back door to attack America as plans have been in place since your president Wilson sold out this nation with the Federal Reserve. JFK died because he wanted this to end the control of our money by the Bank of England by an executive order and return to a silver and maybe gold backed system. Marilyn did screw him, but that did not work as he told Jackie and she was alright with it. So they assassinated him and Oswald was the scape goat. The bullet was said to impact the side of the skull, but Oswald was shooting down. On that note no bullet does a 110 degree deflection and hits another in the front seat. This is how your government lies. This was CIA backed by the elite. Those that oppose are traitors as they know these times. The US did send a force to defend the eastern border of Poland, because Putin is not our friend. You were told a back channel was opened on Ukraine, but this is further from the Truth. Ukraine downed that plane to force the world in solidarity with their nation. Russia would have done it with an EMP pulse untraceable as he plane fell to earth. The US knows the launch point and who was in control. This is the Truth.

   You in the media are fools as Putin and Trump are enemies despite what you present in the media. Those that employ you ask you to push this narrative to the public and like lemmings you follow without thinking. Why as a nation does the many seem on board? Since when is public opinion a leading indicator?

   McCain has stated that we need freedom of the press and this is true. The problem is that many are reporting what they see is the truth. The more influential in the news business are linked to corporate in some cases a subtle slant is pushed taking advantage of unforced gaffs or pushed by design in to a predetermined point until the public carries the message. This is the current plan. Mc Cain implanted the idea of how a dictator rises, but said it does not apply to the present administration. The point why mention this unless a seed was to be planted as this was the goal. The public opposed only heard dictator, this is fact. Covertly this undermines the present administration with deniability. This is the new world order.

   The sanctions were put in place by Obama to force your hand. By now you have been told of the massive voter fraud uncovered in Los Angeles, but this will never be revealed  to the public except through sites like this that are not official. So you should bite your tongue, been there done that. You will not win with this as it will discredit our election system and paint you as a true idiot. This is bigger than your ego and pride get over it.

   You were put in the place to counter the new world order as only you in your position could achieve this and as you are incorruptible. This is why all are against you. When you volunteered did you think this was an easy walk? Wrong. All will hate you as you stand for the Almighty, remember this. Do your job and those who are weak in the media and politics will be removed. Trust me. For the next three months concentrate and let public opinion fall by the wayside. Otherwise your Administration will be herded in a direction preplanned by the new world order. Organized demonstrations occurring worldwide, which are well financed? Events that force your hand thus may expose political inexperience. World leaders are all in collusion by design. This is your reality. This is what you face. This is your message, Trump. Rise above this. Oh thank you Whoppi for standing up for Tiffany, the Almighty liked that.    

   Some wonder about the Russian Ambassador to the UN, was he eliminated by patriots in this nation? This was a message sent to mankind that any time the Almighty can take your life even in the protection of your own residence. He was in the Russian embassy but also was new world order. They do not eliminate one of their own.

   What you must fear is the elimination of a citizen to have cash. In India and the EU limits are being place to limit cash transactions. The guise is to stop fraud, but why now? In the end times in a cashless society all of rights can be controlled by you money. This is the goal as it is slowly introduced until all except. In a disaster you cannot move. This is what the elite hope to achieve and you think we must all march for illegals. You are being herded and when Niribu shows, which all politicians, world leaders, and elite media that knows the present plan all will make sense. By then it is tool late as the pit of stomach collapses. You were told satan will rule and he lies, so naive. Do not ever let any man because of your past label you as incapable of change. This is the Truth. Now what are you going to do to change, continue or make a true change? The Bible tells you few are left and that is the Word of God. Heed it.


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