Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 20 2am EST

   Let’s talk about the obvious. Conservative media is leading with the false homophobic attack on the actor from the show Empire, and CNN and MSNBC bury it last night, why is that? We have had paid demonstrations (riots) in Baltimore and other locations by Soros’s backed funds. Incidents engineered to back the narrative of Trump hate. Now let’s make this clear. The Democrats promoted Trump was a racist, but did he wear a hood, like a the governor in a picture? He was called an abuser, but the women, greedy, gave it up, “yes” in the hope, they would be his side chick. Yet a Democratic lieutenant governor allegedly raped and sodomized 2 women when their words stated “no“. The third Democrat in command wore blackface, and none in the Democratic Party of zero tolerance, would have let Trump get away with that. Zero is now hundred percent acceptable, as all face little flack in the liberal media silence.

   I told you, more would be exposed, for all to see. The attack planned by the Empire actor was orchestrated by the deep state. Do this and you will rise and sink Trump. Money paid and it was, did not lead back to the actor, this is why they walked, and all have questions. Did the actor orchestrate the event, no, they were following a script to cover the asses if caught. Was has not been revealed, is what they found in the script? It just went away and it needs to stay that way. This was the cover of the deep state. Now caught, this will be allowed to played out with reservations, but lead no where. The truth behind all false events, the perpetrators will walk. The actor will take the fall in name only. This was coordinated by the deep state. Trump loses, as all thought I the media, he inspired the hate crime. Democrats loses as the actor is exposed as a fraud. We all lose as this will be dismissed. This is your world under satan.

   The Democrats speak about bring all together, yet they repeat racial hate of Trump, but it is not he, that does the deeds? Again many events are orchestrated to provide a desired effect promoted the by a certain group backing the Democrats, and the others who are true racists in place, long before Trump. You promoted him as a racist, thus empowering the weak to rise upon a false narrative. This is your political system.

   Does Trump wear a KKK hood, no, but a governor does and he is one of your own and you say nothing now. Again I say, if you hate Blacks and elevate yourself above them, you wear a the hood, not mimic them in blackface. Imitating stars does not count. This is where, we get real. So continue your silence and many more will fall. Just know in the End Times, it is about separation of the goats from the sheep, not all as one. This is in the Bible.

   You in the media on both sides, do not know when to leave a story alone. This time, I stand up for Harris, as she was just trying on a jacket. Women love to shop, and they were having fun. Let this go, nothing here to see and move on.

   The Catholic Church is now facing extreme scandal for the sins of their own. Some are ashamed, but no man on this earth is free from sin. This is the Truth. My point, is that those religions that preach the Christian Doctrine, but donot even know who Christ is? It is they, that will be destroyed first.

   No religion can guarantee salvation, as you are to be judged on the merit of your soul. You were told, the Bible cannot be interpreted or twisted by a man as the Word of God when written is perfect, to gather a flock or all will be lost. All souls must come through the Son. This is written. So all that praise Allah and for the Jehovah’ Witnesses, many of you will be lost. You have cliques, judge as if you are better, and the sad part, you call yourselves are a representative of Jehovah or Allah, but only God is allowed to kill along with His prophets. There is only one God, the Father Almighty, spin it any way you want. No Muslim today is a prophet. Some Christians who do not believe in Jesus, and you expect to be saved. The Bible states, Jesus is our Lord and Savoir, yet you think he is an arch angel (not in the Bible), you are listening to satan. As He is the Son of God.

   It states in the Old Testament a Savoir will be sent by God as His Son and will be born. Yet you dispute the date as if you were there, now choosing not to celebrate. The Three Kings did, and you caste this aside insulting our Lord Jesus Christ? The Bible states, our Lord Jesus gave His life, to save us from our sins, yet you do not even know Him, and this was stated in the Bible. It was stated, Jesus ascended to Heaven and will return the same way, but you non believers, discount this on the word of your leaders.

   They say, when you pray never listen to the Words of God in your mind, as it comes from another. Yes, for some this is true, for others, it is God calling you. Yet your elders listened and broke from the Christian faith. Jesus states embrace the sinner, yet in your faith for questioning that which is in the Bible you shun forever. Where does that come from, not God, the Son of the Almighty, Jesus. They lie. For once, stand up against the false religions. For once stop and listen to your heart. For once believe in Jesus, your Lord and Savior instead of men.

   The Almighty has given me authority to destroy your false religion and save a few innocent souls, so be it. All that you know is that your false worship and rapture that will never come, shall be crushed. You will sing praises, as you hear of deaths and destruction and again the rapture will not come. You have a choice. JW leadership, do I have to make an example out of you to save souls, or will you tell them the truth? It is up to you, and the clock is ticking. Oh you want a sign, and so you shall have one. I hope you like funerals of those at the top.

   Moving on to the counter points in the media with Cuomo and D Lemon, I still do not know why, I waste my time with you? I know, there are worse on MSNBC, except Matthews and Todd. I need not mention those on Fox, as you know who you are, positive and negative.

   What the general public does not understand, is that the Democrats do not want the release and findings of the Mueller investigation going public, as you are led to believe. It is not about Trump colluding with the Russians. But it will show that all convicted committed their crimes well before the Trump Administration and will lead back to Podesta and others of both parties. Many will ask about the immunity given. It was business as usual, when all in power could exploit their connections already established. Trump was warned, not about the Russians seeking influence, but those on the inside seeking wealth from their perches, in return as moles allowed to continue until caught. They were the source of the many leaks and notice when out were brought up on charges as no longer useful.

   Trump wants this revealed and the Democrats are playing a game. Democrats say they want the release, but hope it is stopped behind closed doors by the deep state. For Mueller it is now about releasing the truth, as he is tired of the partisan rhetoric and cannot be bought. If released this will crush any hope of a Democrat taking the White House in 2020, but you have had your last Presidential election.

   So Bernie has just join the fold yesterday, good luck as you will need it. Socialism, aka communism will never work in this sovereign nation. So you are saying lets nationalize all corporations like Russia with bureaucrats appointed to run them based on who contributed the most to get you elected, just like you do Washington, and this is going to work?

   You overlook the one thing, the human id, our subconscious to where most will do as little as possible, if work is guaranteed. This is a fact. Equally will not bring out the best, when the lazy skate and the hard working see little rewards for there efforts. The politically connected will waste your tax dollars, as the super elite control all purse strings under the guise of serving all by imposing crushing debt. The collapse in the east was your warning and they embraced capitalism fooling all. There is a coming war and your leaders funded it as they thought cheap labor in China was a pathway to riches, blinded. You provided wealth to the communists due to greed. You provided technology with shared ventures, again greed. You provided education due to greed thinking they were simplistic hosts to your liberal college ideas. You were played and the third world war is coming as they think America is divided and weak. Remember politicians are cheerleaders and can raise money, what they lack on the most part, is common sense. You are idiots.

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