Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 20 11:59pm EST



   Nothing new here to report here with Brexit. May is full of it and the Tories lost 3 MPs as there is a need for a change. The back stop at the border between the north and Ireland is a sticking point, but will not be resolved. May has no leverage and she pretends she does. the EU as told will hold firm. This is behind the defections, which will only increase as the date draws closer and progress for the PM is viewed as a hollow attempt, and then hopeless.




   Most of you suspect why Jussie Smollett, perpetrated this alleged false attack. He saw racism growing in America and like him, many others, have tried this, that were proven false attacks. His agenda was to move the narrative. Did he have the balls to carry this out on his own or is part of the deep state with thousands to paid the two now cooperating?

   Racism and attacks against homosexuals are wrong, and has no future in America, but is promoted by the left for a political agenda as the extreme right responds. We are all children of God no matter their sins. What we do not need, is false attacks diminishing the ones, that are real for any reason. I told you again, Trump does not wear a hood, but one of your own does, and he is still a governor. Yes, Trump states some crossing our border are rapists, this true. The few does not mean all. This is your disconnect. In America, the hidden truth is many children here are raped by parents or relatives to the tune of 20% and you think a wandering woman or child in the desert with no law is going to be left alone. You are fools.

   America, the Democrats in true power change nothing, just like the old Jim Crow days, but hide their true intent. Yes they promote diversity, but they hold progress back by design. Keep them on welfare, offer healthcare in name only, crush the systems so few escape, and tax so those who marginally escape, are drawn back as disposable income shrinks. This is your continuing future and listening to the media, changes nothing. Those coming into Congress either change or do not get reelected. This is a fact.

   The deep state paid Jussie, and he will not be able to explain certain payments as Law Enforcement is not looking into an outflow of funds as this was confessed too, but an inflow from an unknown source. The deep state hides and leaves no trail. So it will be a dead end, and transfer of funds with no traceable source. Will he be prosecuted, yes, but probation will be given as certain Democrats shall turn the screws of persuasion on the prosecution, remember “dead fish Ron E” from the White House, still runs the city.

   As a pretty boy, Jussie will not last a day in the common showers. A fine will be levied and restitution to Chicago PD for the cost of all assigned to the case including overtime will be presented as a plea deal. If not, he will be a present to the inmates to where ever he is going. I guess all will be happy. If you Democrats try and change this agreement, you have no choice, but to honor it, as more of you will drop like snow flakes in the sky of an approaching storm. It is your choice.

   With the Mueller investigation near a wrap up, none of you wonder, where are the charges against the President? What is not wanted, is the Mueller report that will point to the Democrats behind collusion. This will be the reason, why the report will not be released to public at any cost. Ask, if nothing is brought against him, then why hide it? Trump has a decision, as some in the report are vulnerable, who may be close to him. Democrats do not want the public to see this was an engineered Collusion in order to win the election, that carried on after Hillary lost. Will there be a bipartisan agreement, you can count on it.

   I have to give credit to D Lemon tonight, as he took on the tuff task of Smollett, but I will hold you to your words, all are innocent until proven guilty, no matter the spin in the media. I ask, doesn’t it fell good to tell the truth with a true balance?

   Moving on, for the socialist politicians, again this is just a medium form of communism. Most rich reinvest their income and get a reduced rate in their tax returns. But as freshmen, you are not the brightest bulbs in DC. Free child care and you can not pay for healthcare or college education? Then, what about those millions willing to come here, you invited on your morality, if you win the election, just how is that going to work? Oh I get it, a political statement to win, then reverse once in office. This is the deceit of your leaders. I say this again leaders, you will not see 2020, but I will see your souls drop into hell if you do not change.

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