Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 21 12 pm EST

   Medicaid for all sounds good, as those who are not covered will be, but the Left fails consider the pitfalls. Most union family plans cost 20K, exactly why do expect 180 million people to give up their plan and shift to a government plan costing 12K? More care? That is false. The cost of healthcare has many facets, insurance due to excessive suing, supplies, doctors pay, nurses, administration, medication, tests, fraud, non paying emergency patients, and you are going to control this? You canít even control the squad. America is not Europe or will be.

    Setting a certain price that is low ball for healthcare procedures will result in hospital closings, doctors retiring, administrators and nurses being laid off. Thus the only hospitals surviving, will look like factories quickly in and out in only population centers. Rural hospitals will close unless you subsidize them, then costs go through the roof.

   So the Middle class with insurance is pushed to sub standard plans with longer wait times and less locations. Taxes go up to cover this, and their benefits won in contracts lost. Corporations that are taxed, will pass this cost on to the consumer, again we pay. The sad part there will be massive layoffs, and yes you will have healthcare, but no job.

   What about that 2 cents tax on billionaires a certain person wants? 35 trillion in cost over the years and just lets say, the billionaires make 5 trillion in a year, that is extreme example. How much tax would come in? 100 billion dollars and that would pay for what? They are out of their minds or lying. Do the math.

   The housing crisis is a home grown problem for the Democrats, as they have controlled the cities for decades, and life has shifted south. Rents are out of control as public housing was not funded. So affordable safe housing has not kept up with demand. Now you want to do something? There are the usual problems such rigged bidding along with the kickbacks. In what neighborhoods are they to be built. Is this going to displace single family homes? What about the impact on schools and transportation. But the Elephant in the room the huge impact of illegal immigration sucking up what ever you build, and you want an open door. Again, these are the people that you choose to run America? Sure, right into the ground.

   What America is beginning to realize, all that they are told, is not the truth. The designed mistake by the new world order, now states the Russians are backing Bernie along with Trump. There is a common thread. Yes, Bernie harbors the views of Lenin to improve the lives of Americans under the veil of socialism masked as communism. Both have not yet been compromised by the new world order.

   The truth is, that you do support two front runners. It is about the winner. The Russians have no power to influence the voter in this nation, except through social media, which only the young listen to. Your current candidates will not spend like the Bloomberg. I told you, that you are being played. Those behind this, will not walk this earth shortly. Please try this again.

   I warn the Democrats again, stop lying to America about Climate Change. All of you have in place evacuation plans for your families, when the time comes, and many, private bunkers. You need to prepare them for change, as billions will be removed from this earth in increasing phases. The existential threat is the Nibiru passage, the point, there is one God, and the earth shall be cleansed, no matter how you spin it.

   The plagues released by Jesus when He opened the Scrolls, have just started to catch your attention. The locusts swarms in Africa will bring fear into the hearts of your leaders. Watch and learn. The Corona Virus is just the beginning, as Xi thinks he will rule the world. One spread by rats will take your children. The Almighty will bring him and his nation to their knees, as they hide the true number of dead. The storms will intensify as the UK and Europe get crushed. The quakes will swiftly return with a sudden uptick. One of your cities laid to waste as a volcano blows. Flies will explode in population and turn your skies black as the dead litter your landscape. Then watch for the heavens for signs and the auroras go crazy in the Mid Latitudes. Many of you will envy the dead. Then you will know the power of God.

   Your soul is forever, come home to Him.


Present Deep State Activities:

1. The Russian hack at Burisma is to allow a false narrative to the world. There was nothing to gain there, as they offered sanctuary to its owner, a former corrupt Ukraine minister. All know a Biden was paid, the alleged influence peddling not proven as Hillary lost, just like his job. The media is lying.

2. Wikileaks Assange offered a pardon, you are going so deep with this one. Look at the timing after the impeachment loss. The lawyer is lying. Assange got the hacked files from Seth who was an inside IT employee at the DNC. He is no longer with us. The NSA monitors all internet traffic, has no large transfer of files from the DNC to the Russians this would have been stopped. So to reveal this would spark anger in the Trump Administration, thus going after Assange. Brilliant move, you attack two birds with one stone. As no one can prove either side, so they both take a hit.

3. Stone and abuse of power by Trump, you have such short memories. Nixon ordered a break in and was pardoned by Ford, and you are so worried with Stone. Why? Oh, you have to follow orders.

4. Corona virus increase in South Korea by a super spreader is suspect on how. Infections doubling? A quarantined ship is out of control, now South Korea. Why were infected Chinese sent to the Ukraine under quarantine? The WHO and China states the infections are decreasing, really, you believe this? The finger points to Brussels. This is the deceit your world faces.

5. Russia wants to help Trump? Why advertise it? Who leaked this? Why did it source through the Democrats? In order to find why this was done, only look to those who benefit. This is how you swing votes through the media, as Russia cannot compromise our closed voting system, that is not connected to the internet. Unless they have software like the DNC used in Iowa.

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