Political Snap Shot




Written Feb 22 11:59 pm

Important Update Feb. 23 2:30 pm EST


   You were told here, at a minimum Putin would likely take the disputed territory. This has happen exactly after the Olympics as predicted due to the Russian Chinese agreement. You were told Putin was not talking to Biden, but late Sunday night the media said Biden was. This was a lie as Putin blew him and Blinken off, as Macronís offer was considered by Putin, but never officially accepted and Biden ran with it in the news hoping better optics. Then Putin invaded eastern Ukraine closing their window of a diplomatic solution. CNN covered this as a movement of peacekeepers. This is a lie. Again political optics to help Biden, as an invasion was the truth. He stated this today in his speech, as the peace keeper spin did not fly. All of this means nothing to the Russians. What you do not get, is that the Russians made the move knowing your response. With China watching they will escalate. They have nothing to lose as global nuclear war is worse to the West than surrendering and that is your future, new world order. This is the current plan. You gave the East total energy control of Western Europe. America gave total manufacturing control to China and these are your enemies. Do you remember? Can you see the writing on the wall? They can.

   Ukraine stated at 2 am on their Monday morning they were not giving up anything, but Putin already took their land and the Ukraine army ran from the disputed area rather than fight. Did you hear of resistance? The Russians moved far beyond rebel controlled areas. You were told this in advance here. Sanctions, Putin laughs, Nord Stream 2 that crushes the German financing and limits their gas supply. This is a double edged sword that can not be maintained, no matter the so called unified German-US sanction. This is where we stand in the world today. So what is next?

   The US under Biden did try and downplay this with his limited response. Yes, you were told this. This was how he was going to respond and roll over in any war and he did. So let me put this in laymanís terms. The Russians and Chinese with the test in Ukraine and it is a test, because Ukraine is just a stepping stone. The response in a world war 3 will be dictated by the damage from a first strike, a limited response. This is the mindset of your leaders and your eyes do not lie.

   Putin has options, Biden does not. He can cut the gas. The West can accept the taken area or not, it is taken like Crimea and is not coming back. Pay Putin billions like you paid Iran, remove NATO from most former Russian sphere of influence countries, restore Nord Stream 2 and maybe Putin will stop short of Kyiv or hold in the disputed territories. These are the non negotiable terms presently on the table that the general public will not see.

   What is going on in the Ukraine? Their leader expects more from the big man, as this is why his son was paid. Large arms given to Ukraine cannot be sold on the black market and will only be captured by the Russians as they run, but small arms provide an escape plan for the leaders when sold to the Middle East. Ukraine talks of protecting its sovereignty, but wants NATO to fight its battles, they are cowards at the top. Your government is willing to risk all out war for a corrupt former Russian state. Your leaders are insane. Their leaders steal from the people, eliminate opponents and bribes the big man and many others in Congress through proxies and you want to protect this? The EU is already making side deals with Russia to kept the gas flowing and the public is none the wiser. There are no other options to replace Russia gas in Europe. So optics are in place to keep the gas flowing. This is how you know your leaders are full of sh.t.

   Kamala addressed Europe with weak words. The Russians attacked with sanctions as a threat, now what? They say, we the common man will have to pay a price for freedom? Is there political freedom in the Ukraine? I think not by the amount people in the jails or just disappear. This is about many politicians getting donations from those that represent Ukraine. Kamala states inflation in gas prices will affect America, yet Russia and this conflict does not supply America or affect the Middle East. Your administration shut down the oil industry in the United States, so the pain felt by the common man was due to your administration incompetence and lack of foresight. It is speculation that will accelerate the price of oil, not a shortage as the elite get rich on not wasting your disaster in the Ukraine.

Important Update Feb. 23 2:30 pm EST

   The leadership in Ukraine is now fearful that the Russians will remove them from power or worse. They cannot run as they promise the nation we shall fight. In order to keep them in line the US has sealed all personal banks accounts of high Ukraine government officials especially the money procured by the Middle East arms sales from US weapons sent to defend the country. Those associated with Burisma and those in power in Ukraine act as one. An ultimatum was sent to the Biden Administration. Stop the Russians or else the identity of the big man will be revealed to the world. The Biden Administration is in panic has assembled a team with deniability. Remove the threat and all sources that could lead back to the big man by any means necessary. The cover is to go in as a covert Russian team and eliminate the leaders, as a media leak from the CIA plant predicting a kill list and were already planning this. So this is common knowledge and will point the finger of blame towards the Russians. This is the current plan, which may now change. How will this play out now, like rats in a corner heads will roll.

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