Political Snap Shot




Written Feb. 23 1:45am EST


  The students of America have voiced their opinion in the wake of the deaths caused by one of their own. You as children, are being used. Your opinions scripted on a CNN town hall meeting should tell you all is not right. What happened at your school was allowed to happen as with many other locations, but the shooter delivered, which was random, and law enforcement stood down as this was the key. Now you are the voice of gun control so that orchestrated attacks is being used to disarm the American general population as riots will explode when Nibiru appears in our skies. This is the goal of the elite and you are none the wiser.

   What you must realize is that these assault weapons have always existed, but what has changed is the insensitively of life among the youth. So I have told you, that is temptation or voices that pushes a soul to solidify their orientation towards the dark side that is the difference, but you choose the physical weapon. Where will this lead?

   If an assault weapons ban was but in place and armed guards placed at all entrances, new soft targets are now being discussed to evade all new tactics to protect your children. Yes the elite want to harden schools as this is a new source off revenue in the billions, which they allow the disturbed to carry out an attack unimpeded by design. Just look at all the reported warning signs dismissed again by design. Warning to the school system and FBI, all ignored as your children died as this is the bottom line.

   The Illuminati has shifted to allow armed children that carry multiple high capacity hand guns with many clips, but what is new is that that some will use 16 oz water bottles filled with gasoline taped with a high power legal fireworks explosive. The point is allow the blast to disable hearing and concentration and then systematically eliminate a captive classroom and now a school bus, where no one escapes, this is what you may will soon face. You are being herded, as maybe twenty recent shootings over the last decade dictate the path for over 100 million gun owners in this nation. Drunk drivers kill thousands, old people drive and kill as many cannot see over the dashboard, should we ban driving cars for them or even all? Heed this.

   There was an armed deputy at the school, and instead of running towards the gun shots, he went outside as a coward to wait for reinforcements. Thus with mounting community pressure as to why he did not confront the assailant and the inconsistencies of events, he was fired, but the narrative said he resigned, current protocol. Now Don, are you lacking common sense? Had he engaged the shooter, more of the students who did not have an armed protector, may have been walking this earth? This was a gun that counted and it was a weakness of self preservation that cost the lives of those students as failed to follow the oath of a Deputy to serve and protect those he served, and these were children. This is why others step up sacrificing their lives for another with out protection. These were the true heroes instead of the cowardly deputy.

   Manafort is now being charged with money laundering and the charges will stick. Manafort is business as usual in Washington and the tip of the iceberg for almost all others. What Mueller is not saying, is that Manafort was working for the Democrats at the time. Influence with the Russians were cash is king was important for Podesta. So Manafort was given a mission one to undermine the Trump Administration as a political guru needed, as any naive new comer asks who can help them and an insider is planted. More important to Manafort, he covered both sides to maintain the cash flow. If Hillary won he is a hero, as mission accomplished and the former ties continue. If the outsider Trump wins (which he never thought would happen), he would be in a position to profit more and provide details to the DNC. This was his plan.

   Mueller does have Manafort, but he has little on Trump and grave details on the Clintons. This is why he is so cocky. The Illuminati can kill him as the information of the Clinton Foundation and money laundering would damage the political system here before the appointed time, which Manafort helped to facilitate. Mueller is on the fence and may expose to the general public the crimes of your political system, but other sources will release the information if Mueller' death  should occur as that would intensify an investigation around all the Clintons and their vast tentacles.

   Some on CNN have said on a certain show there is a clear and present danger, and yes this is true. You speak that the Russians spent over a million a month on this operation, but all had to get paid and there was expenses. They spent a small fraction on their budget on ads on Goggle and Facebook to influence America, who, as many reading it do not even vote and those that who are going to listen as if the are brainless. Listen to yourselves, as if you really believe this affected the election, when the Justice Department said it had no affect. This is another reason your world will be destroyed as you influence billions and if they follow your words put in place by your executives, who are under the proxy control of the antichrist, who controls the puppet master with more than half the wealth of the world, you are fools.

   Many of you have asked, why would God allow the world to undergo the chastisements? The Almighty speaks, “You were sent My Son and your world killed a part of the Holy Trinity at the hands of My chosen, and they still do realize what they did. They, the Jews are still in denial. All that is rotten shall fall. I have chosen to make an example of the all religions that are not sanctioned by My Son, all.”

   My interaction with many on this earth, who have been blinded, has revealed the innocent among them, but I will not allow a few who blindly follow these many faiths to fall. You as a false religion will pay a price, as I will invoke your headquarters where ever it is established to suffer damage first from floods, then quakes. All, to release those in your religion that has been brain washed as I work for the Almighty and few of you will be Raptured. Most will scatter with your weak faith as salvation is a personal relationship with Jesus. Some do not know Jesus as you confuse Him with an angel, when he is God. This is your mistake. You can change, except one chosen or be crushed.   


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