Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 26 11:59 pm EST

   Many questions are emerging about the Corona Virus leaking in from a communist’ nation that suppresses all truth, and how it is springing up in selected concentrated areas, while others have a dispersed few cases? China, the WHO, the EU and certain elements in US Government are alarmed. Patient zero has not been traced to the Wuhan market, nor is their a direct correlation to a leak to that level 4 bio lab in Wuhan proven. The numbers coming out of China, the source, do not match the cases in the free world. Infection rate to deaths, containment numbers, why is that? Pictures of a few leaving China’s hospitals cured when they say 80 K are infected? Your eyes do not lie, they do with propaganda. They are communists.

   I have told you, their cities are still in lock down, and the hundreds of thousands that have passed already, this shall approach a million, and subside by God‘s Hand, but you will never know the Truth. South Korea is also withholding numbers, but as an advanced country, the death rate is higher, do you ask why? No, they lie. Japan also is suppressing the true numbers, only due to greed. Go ahead and allow the Olympics, and by the Hand of God, earthquakes will level Tokyo along with the rest of your nation. This is a promise, and again, you know I do not bluff.

    So why were China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, and Iran picked as points, to allow the emergence of a world pandemic, which the WHO refuses to state? China is the source of the 200 million army, they will be weaken. South Korea was to crush a false religion, which will happen in America with the Jehovah Witnesses. They are predatory cults. The JW leaders will be brought up on charges of child rape. Again this is a promise, as I am sanction by the Almighty, as a tool to purge all evil seen in His eyes, no matter my sins He has forgiven. Japan is willing to allow a pandemic to spread worldwide to save the monetary value of the Olympics and national pride. For dollars they will put billions at risk. Go there, and be a part of a worldwide infection as spreaders. Iran, Allah (The Almighty) my boss, has spoken by sending a plague to your nation. Jesus is Son of God and your prophet is His messenger. But you continue to fight His chosen. Does the Hand of God need to take millions of your faithful to bring you to your knees? The choice is yours, as after the pandemic the quakes will come. Then what? By the way, there are no virgins for your faith waiting in Heaven. Italy has been picked during Lent to send a message to the false prophet, francis. Heed the warning.

   A warning is now given to the world. How are you going to hide this pandemic, the locusts plagues, wildfires that crushed Australia, the volcanic eruptions, wild storms in the UK, and the constant quakes as a sign of the End Times? This is why, I as the tool of the Almighty will raise the levels affecting the earth by a factor of three. You do not listen. Fear these words. The world needs to know their Savior, Jesus, and the Almighty is calling. Mary can only hold back His Wrath, this is no longer.

   You refuse to believe, the random concentrated pockets of the virus are by the Hand of God. Your arrogance will bring your inept leaders to their knees as it expands, and then stops by our hands. Yes, no problem when the locals die. Now it will come to your homes. You can listen to your inept leaders, who offer no plans, or get on your knees, and pray. There is a God. The was an educated person from Harvard, that stated that 40 to 70 percent of the world population could get infected. What does he know?

   This pandemic is only one of many plagues that will increase in intensity and death, which will assault your world. Consider the Corona virus as just a cold for what you face.

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