Political Snap Shot





Written Feb. 27 12:59am EST


   Many have questions on the shooting in Parkland and the rumors of conspiracy are about on the web and some media outlets. So what is the truth?

   We have those of the opinion, that there must be a ban on assault weapons, as this is the cause. Yes the current shooting is linked to an assault weapon, but if you look over the last 60 years assault weapons ownership has risen on a steady path, until many that are preparing for the end times added a spike over these last 2 to 5 years, but school shootings are on a hyperbolic path. There is a new correlation.

   We have psychologists stating the shooter had a toxic masculinity or lacked what he needed for growth as he grew up in a supported Foster home. Try living in the ghetto, Cruz. Until you as a soul on this earth realize that the mind is being influenced by another, you will always be in the dark. Jesus told you He was tempted by the devil that offered riches and yet many of you that have made it have little clues of which, you are a slave to. An immature human soul, that is now under the subtle power of the dark one who has existed from the beginning of time. You are fools. You need to look closely at the facts many of you are overlooking.

   The FBI had many tips over time that Cruz was a problem. The FBI was aware of his gun purchases, as its system is used to verify. The FBI was told to stand down on Cruz, but those who followed this order at near the top, were a need to know and a few needed to know. The FBI on the whole was not privy to the actions of the few aligned with the new world order. Check it, and you will see that only a certain few received those warnings from Broward County. Those are your moles and they should be eliminated quietly or the Almighty will take those closely aligned also as a strong message. It is your choice.

   These moles also applied pressure to Sheriff Israel who thinks he is a lion, but really a sheep as you will cry when events change, had his staff stand down until SWAT arrived by design. Israel when you pledge to the Illuminati and the dark one, those who are weak and my expose the plan are removed. If I was you I would retire or they have a heart attack planed for you in the arm pit as an injection. Few will miss you. Heed this.

   What the deputy is now saying is that he heard shots on the outside of the campus, but again maintained his position. So the elephant in the room is that if the shooter was outside and you were not engaging, why did you not go into the building to calm screaming students now safe and secure the area? The idea stating the shoots were outside has little thought and your story concocted by your lawyers is a lie as all see the truth, coward. Second was to delay the EMS from entering so that many would bleed out again by design. The point is, a horrific event was allowed to happen that would shape the resolve of this nation to ban assault weapons. The elite do not want an armed nation when they learn the truth about the end times and Nibiru. Now you say this is conspiracy nonsense as they did not have Cruz as an agent. How long is it going to take to educate you?

    What you do not understand is how the new world order works. They identify potential candidates with a profile that is found by the NSA. All of Cruz’s text comments were known to the NSA as they allowed Cruz’s violent background to be overlooked. Key words were flagged in cell phone conversations and online chats. This is a fact. The current story son of an FBI agent and no one cared to check even if it was true to give him a pass. This is why the many visits, but no actions. Those at the top knew of his purchases and allowed no flags to show when he bought many guns and ammunition without being a member of a shooting range. There was collusion among the various agencies, but what they did not expect was so many to come forward stating they warned. The key, all warnings were ignored. Again, this is a fact. So many law enforcement agencies with the goal to protect missed multiple warning some in the dozens for one agency and you think, it was just incompetence?

   Now Cruz is one of many instable in the country and when he decided to move, all were told to stand down, so he could establish his mission as rouge by design. This same tactic was used with the Muslim husband and wife attack in California, but they were pointed to as other carried out the attack, in the Boston bombing, in Benghazi as Israeli mercenaries posing as Muslims killed Americans and the military was told to stand down.  This is the deceit of your world. Concentrate on what is allowed to happen and you will come closer to the truth. I have told you that you are being herded. Is there not one of you that has common sense?

   New Gun Laws:

            All 18 year olds are allowed personally to buy 1 shotgun and rifle

            Max shell capacity 7 rounds

Enhanced Background checks for all under 21

Shared inter agency cooperation

New Immigrants have a 5 year waiting ban on gun possession

Any violation is subject to deportation even if granted citizenship

            *Semiautomatic weapon before the age of 21 is limited to 1

            *Parents must sign off with shared responsibility to semi automatics

            *They upon signing off are financially liable to the actions of their children


   So Illuminati, I have asked the Almighty to bring the earth changes to the next level as all still think the events of last week to today as normal and bring it home, because you hide the quakes in your media. Shortly Eastern Europe will never be the same, prepare in vain as you will witness the power of God the Father Almighty as your antichrist cowers.

   Again some of you ask me, why bring destruction? Because not one of you wants to change the status quo and you continually ask for a compromise. What you don’t know is that compromise is parity, between satan and God. This will not happen. So your world will be purged to save billions of souls, but the wicked temporary flesh shall perish. This will be a small price to pay to save eternal souls and all will know of this plan when they crossover the veil.


Update Mar. 01 10:30am EST


   The last thing in a conspiracy wanted is that what is presented starts to make sense. It is here that the population realizes that a certain group of elites molded horrific situations to remain in power with the cooperation of their paid media. This is the truth that sets you free. You were told that may be, the police were given a stand down order in Parkland, but there was no proof except the EMS. Now we have been told, the responders were directed to set up a perimeter instead of assaulting the lone shooter, which was reported by 911 calls from student cell phones giving a description in real time. This was planned. I told you to find the mole, look to who gave the order and the second levels that did not question the order and remove them to where all that follow this same narrative will suffer the same fate.

   With the failure of this mass shooting event to tilt Congress to remove weapons from the general law biding population as this was the plan. The elite with their tentacles as proxies of corporation excise a new tactic. Dick’s now bans the sale of assault weapons, enacts an age of 21 as a requirement and removal of high capacity magazines. This is a façade as to hopefully lure other corporations to follow suite. The CEO was directed to do this knowing the result to the bottom line and shareholder return. A business decision which affects the bottom line needs approval from the board and stock holders as it is a public company. This is your clue. This will fail, as you now know the plan and Dicks’ now will lose Middle America and just sell clothes on the East and West coasts until they go under or the chastisements takes them out.

  As for Hicks, she has been compromised by the new world order and delivered a small message of that I told white lies for Trump, which she saw as a minor compromise as so naive. On the surface this seems minor, but what it suggests that she has lied, without revealing any content. Suggestion is a powerful thing in the media, and for this she was fired and wept in the West Wing.  

   As for Putin’s new missile, this is true as I said the puppet master is proxy owner all US defense Contractor Corporations most important Lockheed Skunk Works and Boeing. The technology was removed legally from US black projects and the truth will never be revealed.

   The current buildup on the eastern border of NATO countries is being pushed as defensive. But Russia will invade Europe in a lightning blitz as once entrench only full scale war will remove them with at least a 100 million casualties, which the West will not do. Just know that the European women and children will be raped repeatedly and they will belong to no one as unspeakable horrors hidden since the dawn of mankind shall be revealed.

   By the way the Nigerian government removed its troops to protect those women and girls for bribes. They were seeking an education and presently most have been raped hundreds of times in 2 weeks and the cover is that they will be brides. No, they are sex slaves until killed or they are allowed to escape as undesirable. This is why your world must be cleansed.


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