Political Snap Shot

The Cohen Testimony



Written Feb. 28 1am EST

   None of you should have been surprised at the waste of time with Cohen Testimony, yesterday. What we did see, was rants, he was a con man and racist. Con man is a another term, for a businessman to forge a better deal, by not presenting the truth. You all do this. Does the comment of where the Blacks that lead nations around the world, as they are sh.t holes for countries, racist? Not one of you would live in Haiti or Africa as a home without the option of profit. This is not racist, but it is the truth, as all their leaders want what the western leaders have. So they are offered loans by the international banks with a crushing debt, that exploits their national resources, which can not be balanced by design. Cohen followed a narrative that was approved by lawyers, the prosecution and the DNC.

    He testified there was no blackmail, that would hold Trump to do the bidding of the Russians or Putin. He told you, that Don Jr. and Ivanka handled the Russian meeting. He testified that rump may have connections to a Senator. Then he told you, there was no collusion between the Russian government and Trump campaign to win the election. But you know this. These are now facts, as Cohen testified under oath to Congress. If he is lying, then you just wasted American taxpayer money for a political stunt. The point, he gave the liberal media talking points, but did not confirm what they see as the truth.

   Cohen was caught on tax evasion and was given an option to plea guilty to campaign finance violations to bring Trump down, that may lead to a favorable consideration for a sentence reduction. Did he have evidence of campaign finance violations from Trump. No! Trump is not stupid. The checks you saw, presented in the media today, where his usual retainers. No one leaves a paper trail when committing a crime. Cohen does not work for free. Stormy was paid in cash with no trace, that is why she breached the agreement. Two checks of 35 thousand does not equal 150K. So we are to believe Trump stiffed him for 80K and he does not mention this in front of Congress? He is lying.

   What will come of this? All will see, Cohen was forced to accept a plea deal of campaign finance violations by Mueller, but no fees to the girls came from the campaign coffers. So you are saying Trump, who is rich, is going to commingle campaign contributions into to his personal account? You in the media are so stupid, and when you fall, I will wave goodbye as you fall into the pits of hell, due to the souls that are lost via your nonsense.

   A word to the wise. I do not care about how Trump thinks about Blacks in his home, as long as his primary mission is to save this nation for all, against the global elite. Hillary was a traitor and would have sold us out. You talk about each other in your homes as if you are better than another, and there are many in our government that wanted us to answer to one. This is what we are stopping, racism has been here since the first slave arrived, and still is hidden here present day. Trump can not elevate was is already here. It was your words that inspired them in the media as he was silent. Sometimes not addressing inflammatory situation is the best result, as they go away. You the Democrats created the racism monster and you will have hell to pay.

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