Political Snap Shot

Corona & Bernie



Written Feb. 28 5pm EST


   The sad part America may be ready to vote for Sanders, as South Carolina, Texas and California looms large in the near term. The media is bashing Bernie as unelectable, but spending little time on analyzing his policies and subsequent affects, why? They say Congress, and other elected officials will take a hit in the 2020 elections. They also said anybody, but Trump. They lied, as it is anybody, but Trump and Bernie. THEY CARE NOT FOR YOU THE VOTING PUBLIC, BUT THE POWER TO CONTROL YOU. Bernie by time the elections come, many coastal cities will be inundated by water. They (those that evacuate) will not get a warm welcome in rural communities thanks to your Bernie Bros.

   I have told you, that socialism is a similar form of communism, but you do not mention this. Under Bernie, our healthcare system will be crippled, first due to a lack of doctors and nurses, who choose to retire, rather than take a pay cut, long wait times and fewer hospitals. This will lead to increased deaths in waiting rooms. You are so busy going after Trump, but fail to realize, when war comes all manufacturing of medicines and surgical supplies, they are made in China. This will doom this nation, as the Corona virus shows the dependency on a communist nation, heed the warning.

   Our healthcare system will implode, again embedded costs here for decades, cannot be removed by an executive order or bill. Many will just find another line of work. Bernie, can you just take care of America first, before inviting illegals on our backs. Charity starts at home. This is what your plan faces, Bernie. Tax the rich. You know, they are moving assets to shelters, as you telegraph your moves to garner votes. Exactly how long do think it will take, those 180 million Americans with union or private healthcare to realize that their 20 thousand dollar negotiated perk will be lost with no compensation? Plus they get taxed additionally. Corporations will down size to cover the increased taxes, but you know this job loss is coming. 401s will tumble as earning per share fall due to your policies. The rich will sell short and make a killing, just like they are doing now with the Corona virus scare. The Middle Class will transfer vast sums of wealth and retirement money to the elite, yet you are for the common man. Bernie, exactly where are you going with this?

   Trump, an executive order is needed. All short selling using borrowed stocks on all US equity exchanges, especially naked shorts on the NASDAQ during a National emergency including foreign investors is to stop. If caught, confiscation of all profits from the illicit gains including addition trades and financial vehicles after, on those base gains, and a triple fines levied on the original profit. Six month trading ban on all exchanges for the perpetrators. Shut down all future commodities contracts unless they own what is to be delivered or buy the product based on exactly what they have at risk. Speculation is to be prohibited. Put this law in place now.

   Letís not even talk about the green new deal, as Bernie will not tell you, its true cause. You talk of millions of jobs, not manufacturing. So we let China build the parts for wind turbines, solar panels and insulation, while they continue to pollute, just brilliant. Middle men that offer no services and companies that profit off the backs of Americans, as they trust you to manage their taxes dollars, vulnerable to fraud. You will change nothing. You cannot ask America to back your proposals, when many live paycheck to paycheck. So you take more.

   Illegals, most unskilled, increase rents in our cities, due an apartment shortage. In a pandemic nobody travels or eats out. So much for the need of hotel and restaurant workers. As storms destroys property, no need for cheap gardeners. Now you have millions with no jobs looking for assistance. Resources in your schools strained. Free college sounds good, but they are taught little to push ahead in the real world. Students in Asia are 4 grades ahead in science and math coming out of high school, but you refuse to face the truth. So have you thought about the population shifts if the energy sector is shut down, and the domino effect on local business? No. I will stop here, and this is who you want to lead America?

   The DNC along with their paid and bought media, want to win at all costs. They talk about the US being unprepared for a pandemic, but they know secretly, our Military bases have been prepped for isolation or containment of millions. Plans are in place to move millions from the coastlines, but to reveal this, would bring questions. Why is this in place, as it took years to build, yet the pandemic is only months old? It has been in place for well over a decade, as the true source for need, is about to be revealed. If the public gets word the Democrats are lying about Climate Change, as Trump knows it is due to the near term passage of Nibiru, it is game over.

   I will repeat again, look around, as your world will not look the same shortly, and billions will pass. You have mocked the Almighty through same sex marriage. Love the soul, hate the sin. You have promoted hate to gain a political advantage. You have a governor that was KKK, and pushed a narrative that Trump is aligned with supremacists. He never wore a hood, but your boy did. The communists like Bernie, does that mean, he is a communist? No, but he is a close second, as a socialist. Your morality, it is gone, a new level of dating is about sending a dick pic and some other porn. Check your childís phone, but you already know, what you will find.

   Your world is out of control, and this is why, it shall be cleansed by the Chastisements. It is just starting, as the goal is to save souls, not lives. The lessons will be severe, as the dark one is in control of your world. It is still months away, but he shall rule for 40 days with the false prophet francis. God help your souls. Just know, your leaders will have no answers, as they cower in fear. You ask, what about Trump? What about him, he is cleaning house in your political systems, but you donít see this. Your clues are, to see who disappears, loses power or just dies. Little to nothing you see in your controlled media, is the Truth.

   Finally, the whistle blower was telling the truth. The staff was unprepared, as they transported victims back to the US from the Diamond Princess in Yokohama. The Trump Administration was never told about the passenger move. That decision was made in Japan without approval. Never was the our citizens or the staff told, the infected would be on the same flight until boarding. This is why, they were unprepared, look to who arranged this, as the traitor working for the new world order. But, your media never chose to dig for the truth

Update Feb. 28 7:30 pm EST

   Many do not trust Trump Administration, as for telling the truth when addressing the Corona Virus. We see media outlets putting established people to deliver a certain talking points, thus undermining the President. Trust the professionals like the WHO and communist China, who have lied to reduce panic. Over a hundred thousand have died in China from a billionaire insider from China, do you want to reveal that, except on the fringe web? Millions were infected and once cured are prone for reinfection. This is the nightmare that will not be revealed to the world. The world refuses to believe we are in the End Times, as they can not trace the source of infection of some like the one in California or in Wuhan. Mankind will know the power of God.

   Bernie knows the DNC is afraid, but has to wait until the results of Super Tuesday to play his hand. He is aware that his grass roots is not enough to push him pass Trump, so he has a new plan. Just like Kennedy embraced Johnson then, he will embrace the more centrist ideas and members of the party, without disappointing his base. He is walking a thin line. Then plan is to all coalesce around him shortly, instead of a brokered convention to where all lose. Bernie supporters will feel they were robbed again, as the super delegates support the established one at the time. The nominee will have tepid support, and move on to lose in the national election. Some shared power is better than no power. This is what he is thinking

   What has been discussed among Bernie and his advisors. Healthcare is modified, but you can keep your plan. But, we insure all others as it is their right. Border security, but amnesty for hard working illegals and dreamers already here. Benefits only for those who add to the American dream with taxes. The green new deal pushed back until the whole world works together instead of some nations. Childcare will stay the same and College will be free at the community level, to weed out the losers. Then at State Universities reduced tuition dependant upon income, no interest, but you pay your bills. This is only applicable for those who graduate with an effective needed degree. Art, Philosophy or other similar degrees, you are on your own. Will crazy Bernie beat Trump with a coalition of his rivals in his cabinet and as a VP? No.

   Just remember under Democratic leadership the Chinese would have roamed this country spreading the virus, and instead of dozens of cases most brought in by design, thousands would be infected. This is your leadership.

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