Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 1 1am EST


   The UN representatives in a meeting where a Venezuelan government senior official was speaking, walked out, was a joke, as they never offered a counter to the present administration. Maduro already transferred tons of gold out of the national treasury, so I see, the side deal has been made. What was allowed, stripped the country of some wealth, and now he can walk away as planned. The country will now under its new leader accept predatory lending rates via American and world banks that will exploit their oil reserves. This is the current plan of the new world order. And when it fails, migrants will head north this time by the millions.

   We have war in place throughout this world being escalated. Russia has revealed targets for nuclear strikes in America, and you think Trump is colluding with them. This is no friend. You are idiots, as you were told Hillary was going to allow war, then allow peace under the new world order. Since Trump has not been removed, the concept of war is now direct. India and Pakistan rising to a nuclear engagement was to show the world, your leaders are not in control. This was the plan.

   The India attack was carried out by an elite unit working for the deep state. The goal was to undermine Indiaís claim on the disputed land and then point the finger of blame towards Pakistan. The charges took out soldiers in armored vehicles. They knew the route and placed the charges that could the signal could not be jammed, and placed them in Indian controlled territorially without detection. This is why the government of Pakistan was surprised.

   The goal was, to allow a natural escalation leading to war. As all in the world stepped back by design. Now with the release of the Indian pilot, the issue is diffusing. Was the West really involved? Nothing in the media stated this, but they will claim this. But the seed is planted by the deep state, as this was the true source of the covert attack.


   I will lead with D Lemonís statement on Black History month. You showed how racism is alive and well in America. You showed the Democrats for who they are, and that is not to discount those that feel empowered by Trump being quiet. I told you that the governor would be exposed again, for who he is. I told you he stated, he stated he was not in black face in the picture on his page, that was approve by student council and administration for the year book. He was under the hood. Now his wife hands out cotton at a state event and you say nothing. More events will follow, until you are brought to your knees.

   Finally, Cuomo and D, be careful calling out a representative for racist comments against Obama in 2012. Do I need to remind you, the original comment of how Obama was not born in this country, was started by Hillary to win the 2008 election. She changed the tactic against Trump by stating he is a Russian pawn. Things never change, just a new story.

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