Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 2 3:30pm EST

   On a very busy past 24 hours, letís address Mueller first. You have stated that an investigation is emanating connecting the Russians to the DNC email hacks. Proceed with this and the American people will know sooner of your deceit. You was briefed by the NSA that the DNC servers did not have a significant breach from an international source. What was known, was the breach was internal at the DNC servers when the FBI investigated, but publicly you released to the media your staff was never given access. A lie you continue to this day to cover your asses.

   There is a trail that connects the death of an internal staffer to the release of the information to Wikileaks, which shall be released. The new world order initiated the hit on this person with the approval of many insulating layers of political operatives at the highest level to send a firm message to others contemplating this same path. The public will connect the dots. Remember when you stated publicly, it is about honesty and integrity, have those words escaped you? Please, Mueller go down this road and your little world will never be the same.

   Moving to Trump and McMaster, yes it true they donít like each other, but it is McMaster that wants out, first, as his power of influence has diminished and second the earth changes are increasing at an exponential rate and is thinking only of his and familyís safety. Your world is still in denial as you think a well stocked and protected bucker will save your lives. You will be brought to your knees by the power of God the Father Almighty as He attempts to save your sorry souls.

   Tariffs were put in place by Trump for strategic reasons, which the public and many law makers do not see. Yes our corporations benefit from cheap steel and aluminum imports subsidized by other governments crushing our own industries. You speak of hurting our allies, really, fair weather friends that take advantage. If the US was attacked first, not one nation would stand up to Russia and China in our defense, they are cowards. This is the truth as they would be annihilated as an example to the world.

   With the earth changes coming, self reliance is a must and a fair system of the production raw materials will insure growth in the United States. Remember raw material costs are a small fraction of a product compared with assembly, labor and transportation. This is the point. Unfair trade practices are behind the trade deficit and you want to continue this. You are idiots. Retaliate on products from the US that are not dumped below market price is unfair, but you the media will not reveal this as you cannot bite the hand that feeds you. Look at the politicians against the tariffs and know they are working for the global interest. This is your clue.

   Trumpís no comment on Dicks, Wal-Mart and LL Bean is by design at this point. These corporations answer to the new world order and the goal is remove guns from the population when all see the earth changes are real. His due process comment was about the mentally impaired as if suspected take the weapon first then offer due process. This is a wise decision and common sense. Would you allow your small child hold a knife, because he or she can? It is all about the preservation of the elite from the anger of the general population, when they see the truth.

   Putin has been given the go ahead to reveal to the world his weapons of mass destruction, soon to follow his advanced army that will eventually sweep across Europe. He is telling you that troops will amass on the eastern border of free Europe, are you listening? The antichrist controls Putin and mutual assured destruction is his plan. What you in the media consider as unthinkable will occur as fear and the loss of the soul is the goal as you think the loss of the flesh is most important and it here you underestimate what is coming. The elite has told you in so many ways the ideal global population is 500 million so exactly how do you think they will achieve this? Just know India and Pakistan will go to war for the disputed territory as India is about to sink. For them it is about life and death.

   The current flu pandemic has failed and a member of the CDC who was about to reveal this to world just disappeared, but this only raises the stakes as epidemics soon to be released that shall kill millions. Check it, you will find random samples with elevated levels of a new unseen strain as part of the flu vaccines apart from the standard ones. They will not recall the product as this will tip you now. This was and still is their plan.

   Finally Kushner, has he done some underhanded financial deals, yes, but this is business as usual in your world. The meeting at the White House was to assure that after politics he would return to running the family business only. With this information the bankers saw an opportunity to enrich themselves with refinancing loans as at a lower competitive rate and the bonds they would sell to back the loan to the former businesses Kushner ran. Did he know of the plan? No, but suspected their intentions, which is not a crime.

   Is there chaos in the White House, yes and no, as they are struggling to control the media spin for the most part, not policy. Sometimes you just need to step away and say nothing for a week or two and then come back with a plan, just a thought. But those at the top against Trump used the Kushner event to put another nail in his coffin.

Update Mar. 2 5:30pm EST

   CNN just released that a can of soup container amounts to about 3 cents of the total price and the tariff if you buy from foreigners would add .6 cents to the product, but new American sources would cut that price. They added a car might go up by 3600 dollars as no big deal, which is a lie. So a 25% increase in the price of steel and aluminum would add 3600 dollars, which means the base price of the steel and aluminum materials has a base price of 14400 for a car, really. Any country that increases their tariffs on fair pricing will face a subsequent increase on earth changes. Again test me.

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