Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 5 11:59 pm EST

   America is reeling from the lost of Bernie on super Tuesday, who was destine to infect our political system with a tempered version of communism, socialism by design. Look at the countries that have fallen into despair, when this political process was enacted. Democrats, on the whole haven’t, as you follow blindly. Socialism takes from the rich and gives to the poor, but it never works, as the rich hide their money, move or put it into tax shelters with the laws your politicians wrote. The burden will be passed to the Middle Class with lost jobs, collapsing 401s and inflation. This is your future, you never thought this through.

   Biden did have help from the Black electorate initiated by Clyburn’s words, but to turn voters minds in a few days? Voter fraud by the DNC was stopped in Iowa, thus the long wait for totals, like in California. It was stopped in New Hampshire to a small degree, as in Nevada. South Carolina the voting was not tampered with, as you were told, Black voters on all aspects of their lives do not change. The electorate does not change over night without help.

   Bernie will surge back as Biden takes Florida with a commanding lead only because, you Bernie were stupid enough to praise Castro. You are such the idiot. Biden will continue to win the South, but the true numbers will come forth with a slimmer lead. Bernie will garner the Western states. So we go into a convention, where no one has the votes to win on the first round. Biden’s plan is to make Warren his VP. This is why she is holding out. Some of the others will be offered Cabinet positions. Biden and Warren have already talked, thus the delay for endorsement, as of now, but with this knowledge plans will change. Biden will hold Warren back, as he thinks he does not need her. When the race tightens Warren’s leverage climbs. This is your politics behind the scenes. Bernie will add to his cabinet, some of the squad, this will fail if he is the nominee. So how does Bernie say no to AOC? He won’t. Will another candidate emerge, we shall see, as the DNC plots. It will not be Hillary. If Michelle (don’t do it) is picked, and compromised, the Almighty will intervene.

   The DNC knows both Bernie (socialist) and Biden (senile) will fail in a general election, what to do? They want a brokered convention, but you don‘t see this. As first it was Warren, then Bernie, now Biden, then a toss up. You in the media, do not have a clue, as you are just talking puppets on a string controlled by those, you think do not exist, the new world order.

   I am speaking to the world as the mouth piece of God the Father Almighty. The Almighty speaks, “I your Father from the beginning of your know time have prepared a place for My children, you. Jews, Christians and gentiles, I want all of you to enjoy what I have carefully prepared for you. I sent My Angels to cleanse your world hoping to wake you from the slumber of satan that now controls your world. I told you, I would send signs. I sent locusts to ravage Africa and the Middle East. I have sent pestilence that will kill millions in the future, as true numbers of deaths are hidden with your present virus. Pestilence will hover around the sites of false religions, as I told you, the only way to Me is through My Son. I wiped out over 75% of the pig live stocks in China. They have lie to the world. I have crushed Australia under a fire storm such as the world has never seen. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and as your world turns, you refuse to contemplate, these are not the plagues.

   The WHO knows this is a pandemic, not seen before, but they dare not utter that word. This is the reason for the quarantines, not put into effect in your recent past. They are not telling you the Truth. I told you through My messenger, a tool, I would infect an increasing number Iran’s leaders, this has come to pass, and will increase, as a warning to the world. Heed my messenger’s words, as I give him control of the plagues, as it was done in the time of Moses.”

   Finally, we will address Schumer. The words you spoke were deliberate, as you know the Justices are life appointees. The Supreme Court has the right to repeal or restrict abortion, which is a sin in the Almighty’s Eyes. What were you thinking? The Almighty has told me, you get a pass, this time. As a Jew, His chosen, when in power, choose your words wisely. We all make mistakes, do not repeat this again, no matter the pressure. I will not back you again, Senator on a replicate offense affecting millions. This nation has polarized by design, darkness of the spirit or its light, choose. In the middle, you will fall into hell.

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