Political Snap Shot




Written Mar. 6 8:30 pm EST


   Many in the media have embraced in their sub conscience that Trump may be insane, but this is furthest from the Truth. So letís look at latest trap set by the new world order to discredit Trump.

   You were told the White House is bugged and this is true. The new world order caught by surprise concocted a new plan the Trump would fall for due to inexperience. The new world order knew Trump heeded the advice that the White House was bugged and also knew Obama was bugged also as the listening devices just remained in place. Did Obama know, no? Did he have anything to do with anything dealing with surveillance after he left office, no? Any discovery would discredit him and presidency as he hated Hillary. This was a plant. Kill two birds with one stone. But the advisors to Trump that are compromised pushed this narrative. This is behind the explosive conferences you see and hear about.

   I told you the new world order controls almost all governments in the free world and others by financial restraint. This is a fact. Look at the rogue source that leaked the intel to the NYT. This is where you let your guard down as the NYT was always against you and you ban them and now they release a FISA leak and you take them at their word, strike 1.

   The order to tap your phone is now untraceable as it was carried out by the NSA. The FISA order was put in place as to not question the surveillance due to the false story of the Russians. What the DNC did not expect was to lose and this is now public. With your loss, the Russian connection would have solidified under Hillary and the FISA order as a backup would have covered their trails. What you are seeing is damage control the general public would never see and the paid media punish any speculation, a brilliant plan.

   My advice to the media is to look who benefits from the leaks. It is there you will find the Truth.


Update Mar. 8 1:30am EST


   Exactly when are in the media are going to connect the dots and take your heads out of your asses? Yes I said it! Trump has a muzzle as any wire tap approved by those under the Obama Administration without the knowledge of the president as he was need not to know. The point is lame duck. Does Trump have evidence yes and no? He has seen the FISA requests for wire taps, but this has since disappeared by design. You have been told there will be a balance of power and in this case the Democratic Party would be destroyed ushering a dictatorship. This is why you have no information. Your clue was Wiki Leaks.

   The key with Wiki Leaks was not how all your devices can be bugged, but that the source of the bug would be point to another nation. There is collusion with many global corporations. Read the last pages of your Samsung terms of agreement. Collusion among the many shows you the traitors like McCain and Graham who was silent. Denial of the Truth will crush this nation and all of you in the media will be held accountable, by God the Father Almighty. This is a promise.

   I will not stand by as you play the American people as a fiddle. That time is over. I watch you preach for equality, but in your party only those Latinos, Asians and Blacks with 20 years move up in your Congress. How many real Native Americans are in government? Warren need not apply. 60 years and crime is worse in our cities. This is a fact. 60 years later what have you done to break the cycle of welfare and education is a joke? This is a fact. 60 years later there are still Confederate flags waving in the back rural areas of New York State and you call this progress? This is a fact. 60 years later Flint had their water supply changed to save a few dollars impacting the health of thousands under your system of government. This is a fact and by design. Did the Democrats stand up to the Republicans, no, now they are going to jail? You are lying, to this nation and Trump has called you out, thus the fierce rebuttal. This will wane with the earth changes, then what? As events increase and will occur before the 2018 midterm election, that shall erode your support. This distraction will end, but it will be too late.

   Your worldwide organized protests excite hate with action by design and Trump speaks to what is perceived as hate. There is a difference. Trump talks down about unattractive women, but embraces the beautiful. There is a difference. He is a man like your husband. Equality, yea right as all know appearance or first look is her best weapon. This is why there is divorce. Do you want to know what most of your men say? You want nothing bigger than yourself. The only thing you want old is money. When I get home, it is your job is to fu.k me and feed me and talk is not needed unless requested for over 50 percent of men. This is the Truth. Your media enforces this through reality shows and the only fools are those that accept the narrative from the media.

   The Democratic Party tells you let them all in as they contribute. The truth is that social services far out weigh the contribution of their work in fields, hotels, restaurants and construction. The winner is the elites with depressed wages. This is the bottom line.

   We need a serious change that includes all. Yes we harbor the weak and those exploited by war and famine by no choice of there own. Yes we need the talented that builds this nation from overseas. What we do not need is an unimpeded flow of illegals seeking wealth skirting the system of need. This is the Democratic and Liberal disconnect.


Update Mar. 9 12:30am EST


   Some of you in the media are so close, but still so far. Discrimination against women has existed since this country was founded. Yet the news covers the protests against Trump. Hillary as your Secretary of State changed nothing as did Obama in 8 years. This is a path of deception, but even when you review the last eight years, you are blind. You are being played as Trump talks the talk, but does not walk the walk. This is the difference.

   The Wiki Leaks was timed perfectly as it revealed the CIA hacks all smart devices and all points to Russia to deflect blame. Did this not happen in your election? Yes, but you in the media are muzzled. This is why the press is seen as the enemy of the American public. The Truth is out there, but dig deeper or this site will soon be the main true source of news to the world on the underground internet.

   Now in the war on crime use the CIA to eliminate the gangs and when illegal they just disappear, as permission is granted to protect the innocent. Do it, or the Almighty will do it publicly. This is a promise. Protect America stop this and you will be part of the problem. Mankind or God the Father Almighty, choose.


Update Mar. 9 11:59pm EST


   What little you have learned, does everything need to be pointed out, although some in the media are gaining insight. The Wiki Leaks dump told the world how the CIA operates, but you fail to realize, is that Russia, China and the EU were familiar the smart devices hacking and their potential. This is nothing new in the spy game. It is the US public that was in shock at the potential, as this is the target of the information. They were told any hack can leave a Russian footprint to get a desired result. You see this in a rudimentary way with Caller ID spoofing.

   Now you are following server requests from a Russian bank. Do you know an ip address can be replaced? Did you ask was there return traffic? Did you wonder why, if  it is so secret would you leave a trail? The leak was done by those who hoped to gain and it is not Trump. Creating innuendo is not fact, but the media is covering as if it was. The NSA knows what was in the data packets; if controversial it would have been leaked. So no information released is the plan as they only need your imaginations. There will be more taps of Trump and high level conversations leaked as with Australia, this is proof. If they tap you when your president, then you are fair game as a candidate. This is the Truth.

  You ask why the tapping of smart devices and the Windows 10 platform by design pushed on the public (it was free and required)?

   When the earth changes become real, your government will want to know migration routes of the inner city residents so they can be cut off. Minorities trapped in decaying cities by design with no electricity, police protection (you caused this BLM), and water, so they will die contained. The thoughts of the people pulled from face book accounts that have elected them. Strategies circulated to bring down the powers to be revealed. All in place and to be executed by the first woman president, but this did not happen although the plans are still there. This is what is in place, now, but Trump is a wild card and as of now will not back the plan, and only when all see Niribu parked next to our Sun, will you realize the truth.

   Global warming is a lie. There will be survivors on this same earth after it is transformed in a blink of an eye is a lie. Those who are not Godís chosen or the inner circle of satan will emerge from their bunkers after the 3 days of darkness alive is a lie. This is what you face.


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