Political Snap Shot





Written Mar. 7 12:59am EST


   You, the Illuminati that has run this world from the shadows continues to think presently, this is a game, which you will not win as in the past, as you worship the dark one who has rewarded you the earth and its riches. With the control of the media by proxy and many in your Congress by lobbyists, the trade deficit was engineered by the elite. Over time our ďalliesĒ (aka leeches) influenced our government that is suppose to protect our interest, but to protect their own.

   The public broadcasting networks told of the perils of NAFTA in the eighties, yet the bought and paid for media promoted it. You were told of trade deals that would help American trade, yet the covert goal was to reduce labor costs for American corporations, but in return those cooperating would receive a trade imbalance and the general public without a clue of how commerce works are none the wiser. Near 40 years later this is proven true. Almost all manufacturing jobs moved to Mexico and Canada was allowed to subsidized industries creating a trade imbalance that has only expanded. Over the years it is now in the trillions. The Chinese buys your property and in crease rents for the common man and California shows your future in not impeded.

   So letís shed some light on your health care system. Obama introduced the mandate as to insure the insurance companies would squeak out a profit. What the common man does not know, is that corporations are to present the number of employees above or below the age of 45 to the health care industry as this is the bottom line. This is a fact. Check it. If the corporation has a large number of employees they are charged a severe premium for all past the median. This why corporations hire quickly and then declare a surplus to release the elder employees. It is about maintaining the cost of health care. This is the Truth.

   With Obama, he rolled the dice hoping the young would sign up, but the differential favored the elderly and the young just passed or did not pay. This is why insurance companies are leaving as their metrics do not support a profit even with subsidies. So they withdraw. Obama care will not survive unless the median age of the insured is under the age of 45. It is now hovering in the fifties as they did not deliver. This is why the health care mandate is dying yet your politicians will not reveal this as they lie. This is your government.

   Now Trump wants to even the playing field for our American corporations as strategic. This is true. The point, when war comes, the enemy China as the manpower will not be trading or other countries under distress send what is left of important metals here. Take out the manufacture of replacement parts is the goal, but your inept politicians can not see this. As part of the new future, they only can react instead of anticipate.

   China has a plan to take all manufacturing for pennies on the dollar, steal intellectual technology, then invade with a super army financed by your created deficit designed by corrupt politicians and lobbyists. This is now in place. Trump with a few months left is reversing this and those that oppose are traitors to this nation, with Nibiru several months away from passage.

   There are many trade agreements on your books and has expanded with many warning signs that few listened too. Remember the Concord subsidized by the French and British governments to control the elite travel between Europe and the US and only the Port Authority of New York pushed back sinking the venture over time due to noise over Howard Beach. The British and French governments sponsored Airbus to sink Boeing and McDonald Douglas?  I could go on and on.

   What about Dunkirk and the Darkest Hour, yes it was a smart move for the British to retreat from a slaughter, but only if you have the Americans to back you up. You would have been invaded and your women treated as your soldiers treated women in Nazi Europe when you conquered. What is disgusting is the Allied army as almost all armies did, raped male and female children just to start, and the world will know.

   Our nation through the side deals from foreign lobbyists, have sold you out. One, in business does not allow a deficit of 800 billion per year as stated by the media, which is far greater and expect to remain solvent. A nation does not allow the poor from other countries without papers to be employed in an underground economy that pays no taxes competing with our uneducated, it is they who lost. Trump is sending the same message to the EU and other countries, that he will protect America first and your world now under the control of the antichrist, we have separated for strategic reasons. Words from those under the control of the puppet mean nothing.

   I have told you many times what seems wrong is right and what seems wrong is right. It is not the Almighty the rules these end times, but the prince of darkness incarnated as a man who walks among you now has his time. What would he do to deceive?

   You have been told as the Deliverer, I have been given permission, by God the Father Almighty to inform you on the cleansing of this earth. I now say to the EU, that please continue down this path as you will be an example for all. The earth wobble will increase hidden by your scientists, but the rip in the Mid Atlantic rift will be increased to full power, but a synchronization of the earth wobble in the north-south orientation of your poles will coincide with the tsunami. So what does this mean?

   The target countries will be Belgium and its capital Brussels (aka world headquarters of nwo under guise of world organizations) and the Netherlands. When the Mid-Atlantic rift rips open, a tidal wave over 300 feet with wash over Wales and England foot hills flooding London from the west. What is the key is that north-south sloshing from the Atlantic Ocean above the North Sea will channel towards France and back up on the rebound due to the narrow passage. Flooding all European east coast lands with 200 foot tidal surges inland as the coastlines lose 20 feet of elevation in your below sea level reclaimed tidal lands, and your Dutch state of the art seawalls are rendered useless. England and Scotland will fare much better. This is your fate and millions will have no where to go in your arrogance. This has now been put in place no matter if do away with your threats already made. You ask why? The EU has aligned with the antichrist as the Bible describes as the ten heads in Revelation. Need I say more?

   As for the United States, a message will be sent, as Long Island sound funnels the same sloshing thus flooding parts of Queens, Bronx and Manhattan and to a lesser account the northern Nassau and southern Fairfield counties coastlines. Yes the Cape will get hit and minor flooding in Boston. This is a given. So piss in the face of the US over unfair actions put in place but the corrupt. Come clean and just maybe Trump will allow millions in under humanitarian reasons locate here, but you are on your own. No resource that could help an American will be given to an outsider first. These are the terms or do not come. Heed the warning.

   So many of you still have questions on the shooters of the mass murders with Parkland in the forefront, yet little true information on the intent of the shooter is revealed. So this is what they fail to reveal as it sounds insane. The common theme between all shooters is they responded to the voices in their head, yet there is no common thread, between those that created the assault. They were considered again insane. The experts when told a dark spirit influencing the mind of a common man and his soul is real, this was dismissed. A common story that is among the worst in humanity, but key is that what influences the mind are similar.

   The FBI and CIA took an interest, but in their mind control experiments cannot control the souls of a human, but will allow some to carry out their missions once identified.  Mission accomplished no matter the lost of life, but it molds or herds public opinion with no connection or down side. This was business as usual until the many warning put in place was ignored. This is where we stand.

   Currently Law enforcement is being stymied for answers for the government currently under the control of the deep state as they know the source of the messages. but you the public will never be told the Truth.


Update March 8 12:59am EST


   Today Jerry Brown governor of California came out against Federal immigration law. Your state has no right, to consider non citizens as people to be protected over the rights of your own. There are here illegally and time here does not diminish a crime. Your job is to protect your citizens, not morph into humanity reasons to accept those that add negative drain on taxes paid versus services rendered. Look at your poverty and demise of infrastructure, water supplies, health care and school systems just to start. The influx has created a shortage of apartments, thus forcing your own on the street. This is a fact. Your policies will not spread to the rest of our nation. Protect, but nothing in place to stop the flow. If one American dies at the hands of an illegal it is one too many. This is the problem. So I will make an example of your state and its government as to prevent any state from following your folly.

   Cooperate with the federal government with ICE or targeted earthquakes will level parts of San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. Loss of life will be minimal with the faithful called home. Water and food will be the least of your problems and as you beg the Trump Administration for help, remember your words and the bridges you burnt. This is in place now, against your human beliefs, as your harden heart can not be change unless misery is shown to you. Your actions have consequences. So be it.

   Again it is saving the soul that is important, not the vast loss of life. Oh by the way, the tainted required flu vaccines will be distributed covertly in your state first. Google, your corporation is special as when the quakes come with out warning, few of you will see each other as employees after the fact. You have a choice to stop burring websites, but you wonít. Letís see how satan in your corporate leaders prayer chants save you as the Illuminati.

  The next severe ramp up of earth changes will begin in late April as authorized by God the Father Almighty in the name of His Son Jesus Christ. Heed this.


Update Mar. 9 2am EST


   The Stormy Daniels story has some truth. She knew who Trump was and gave him an offer he would not refuse, pussy. Clinton screwed Monica on the oval office couch and then took a casual blow job under the Resolute desk. Look at her, a fine piece of ass and you think he would turn it down? Sorry Melania, all rich dudes cheat. It was consensual, but no woman in that position in the heat of the moment would reveal she was a porn star that screws for money, so the trap was laid. The encounter was made to seem to be as attraction, but it was sinister as a dupe was put in place. This is what your media refuses to admit.


 Update Mar. 9 1am EST


   We will start with Don, our problem child on CNN. Really, did you just ask a guest on your show what is a globalist, when you know the truth? It is the Illuminati or new world order, but you wonít say this, as a coward as you fear for your life, more important your male partner to send a message to you. Remember God controls your fate, not a man. This is why, they call you fake news.

   Yes there are corrupt Jewish bankers that financially enslave this world as they answer to another. This is not anti semantic, but points to a group of people that choose to enslave the world under one world government led in secret by the antichrist. It is not about your ethnicities. The sad part is you were warned in the Bible by the prophets from God, and no one is listening. Just like when no one was listening when Jesus walked the earth as the Son of God. His own executed him then as they would again today. Mankind never learns.

   This was set off by Trump using the phrase globalist only to point to those who has been identified as deep state and given the chance to resign. Had not, he would have been quietly purged.

   Now we move to why Trump has accepted a meeting with Kim Jong. All of you called Trump reckless and leading us to war. Now that a meeting is in place without warning, only to catch the deep state off guard and you throw shade. This was a plan. Which is it, idiots, war or sit down at a table? Do you really think Trump would agree to a meeting unless preconditions are met as they have no leverage?

   What was offered; was personal to Kim as he does not care about his poor country when with money quietly transferred, now he can now bang the elite South Korean and Japanese women. He is just a man. The truth hurts.

   Kim was shown evidence that he was an expendable proxy for China and Russia to initiate war and would have been taken out. The US told him that we know the Chinese and Russians are behind their leap in technology, which can end at anytime. As the proxy for the new world order his land would have been leveled and he imprisoned for war crimes if he lives. He was also told of Nibiru wiping wipe 90% of life on earth. I guess Kim should know, but the American people be caught by surprise. Trump struck a common sense deal. This sets back the new world agenda by a few months and like a cornered rat with little time, the world will see true evil. You brought this upon yourselves.

   Finally if you the Democrats do not secure the border, the Almighty will by destroying Central America to stop migration. The influx of millions into areas in America in duress will only reap souls for the dark side in rampant violence, murder and rape. This is on you, as it has now been put in place due to your inaction now and in the future.

   The news talks about the Manafort angle bracelet, but look at Hillary and McClain who have restrictive boots.


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