Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 7 1:30 am EST

   As the war between good and evil accelerates, decisions on the direction of mankind and their souls must be made. You knew this day was coming, and now it is here. I have been given the authority by the Almighty to salvage souls first, preserve those who are caught up, by no choice of their own, and destroy all that is evil. Yes, I have humbly asked, as the Queen of Heaven, Mary has, to hold back on America only, but that time is up. Look around, as I told ninety percent of what you value on earth, will be gone shortly. Those that doubt, I will take great pleasure to make an example out of. Test me.

   You parade a child in your arrogance, as if her words on climate change, which you feed to her, can alter the Hand of God. You are fools, and answer to another. Look to the Bible, as you were told, His messengers will inflict His plagues upon your world. It was Written, and again that day has come. The goal with the plagues as with pharaoh, was to let His people go. Today as I warn you, let His people go. Financial slavery, forcing the sin of abortion to be accepted by all. Then masking homosexuality and socialism (communism) as humanism. You are using sin to promote unity and peace under the new world order, and this comes from another, as your world prepares for war at its highest level, WW3.

   I will start with the evil souls who get abortions, they will drop like flies. Just because you have a lapse of judgment, of who you sleep with unprotected sex, you do not have the right to terminate a life created by God. Was an orgasm or lack of, worth terminating a life? If you had went home alone or refused the temptation of the men tapping that ass, you never considered to stay with, for the woman keep your legs closed, you had a choice or condom. For those in a toxic relationship, a pregnancy does not advance love. You become a baby mama. They leave and then a possible child you considered loving, now is a problem.

   A new disease will occur after an abortion procedure with the truly evil, at first look like a rogue infection, and then expand to encompass most. Thus, as a lesson to send a message, that life, which is given by the Almighty, shall not be taken by His creation, mankind. If so, then He will take yours. This will escalate exponentially. Again heed this, but many discount this.

   There will be a new resurgence of a mutated strain of aids, starting with those who are truly evil preying on the innocent. You never learn a lesson, but spawned the rainbow movement. All are created equal, and sins are forgiven. Corrupting children, using a transsexual label to rape vulnerable women. A transsexual man posing as a woman shall not be in the company of innocent women, if they still have a dick. Only idiotic leaders would allow this. Decisions like this will end, accelerating to those who are caught up in the hype, as this has gone mainstream. It is accepted by mankind, but not God. He loves you, and you will find true love, but only after this earth is cleansed. It will be worth it, or fall with those who deceive you.

Update Corona Virus

   You are not being told the truth about this virus. I told you Trump is muzzled and the new world order hopes this expands and 10ís of millions die. Nor can the West contain it like China. China eliminated those who showed any signs off infection, try that here. Satellites showed warm moving bodies transported to crematoriums to where their heat signatures faded and then placed in the furnaces. If they did this to there own, what do you think will happen when war comes? Your leaders have Trump muzzled, as the truth would frighten America. China took many of the infected fearing reinfection, and deposed of those who may have been cured. Have you seen those cured? They were cremated. The Bible warned you of the dragon, and you allowed your leaders to ship jobs, and vital services to an enemy? So if China states, all pharmaceuticals are not to be exported due to a national emergency, then what? You have been betrayed, and more important that put the illusion of financial gains, worthless if the world ends, but you are blind. A few in the media have figured this out.

   Some in the Democratic party still wear hoods and they lie when confronted with pictures. Look at your cities, Black people, has your life changed for the better after 50 years? No, now think 50 years of voting, promises, and you still get the shit end of the stick, and you had a Black president. You can not blame this on Trump, but your media does. I ask you, if you promote America instead of illegals, and keep jobs home, fair trade deals, and NATO pays their bills. Exactly who do you think the racists will vote for? Health care during a pandemic and you invite the world, while Greece shoots them at the border? Common sense as you gravitate towards a choice, that was not requested, does not mean Trump is a racist.

   Vote for the Democrats? They wonít. Take care of home first. All is not what it seems. This is why, you cannot handle the truth, and why nations are closing down cities with fabricated low death numbers. They are under reported. Fear of the truth controls your leaders, as the new world order will hang all of them out to dry, if leaked.

   China, when this is over, will have a death total closing in on a million in the next month. Over 200 K have been removed by culling or just died. The others just cremated. Families are under the threat of death, if they reveal online their missing loved ones. No matter the numbers you release to the press. Iran, as I told you, a message was sent to the Muslim world. Allah sent Mohammad to enlighten you. He is not to be worship, as there is only one God. Pestilence will ravage your holy sites, until you are on your knees. Know this, Jesus is your Lord and Savior, as Son of God (Allah). He died to save all. Do you really want to test Allah?

   I am no fan of the Middle East, and will start in Dubai at or near the top. You can change. Japan will be crushed by quakes, and India suffer unimaginable plagues spread by feces or the left hand, as they pray to their false Hindi gods. Swarms of locusts the size of Los Angeles will shift to the east from the deserts and descend upon your lands ravage your crops. You will know famine, until you realize there is only one God. For most, it will be too late. You can continue to pray to them, your false gods, as you die, but Jesus can save you. Mankind does have a choice. I do not bluff. I will start here on my first day.

Update Mar. 7 2:30 pm EST

   Many have asked in your minds, what do you mean by those that have evil souls, will be removed first? The Almighty is merciful, and by removing those souls, who have pledged their souls to satan, they will be taken first. The point, to salvage those on the fence, when doomed souls are used as an example to others involved for the same type of sin. There is a chance to change. Infections will start immediately, but many in power will hide the numbers until the public screams for the truth. This is your world.

   A warning to Biden, come clean, and let the chips fall where they may. I have asked the Almighty to reveal your sins in the Ukraine to start. We can stop here, or continue to expand to others linked to you. The choice is yours.

   Bernie your agenda will not work. You continue to speak, that some in the working class has not seen a raise. This is true on some aspects, but many states have raised the minimum wage for millions. Do you not count this? What about union workers, will they get the same proportional increase? No, the gap between the poor and Middle Class will close and nothing will change with the rich as the gap slows at first then continues to expand. This is the game you play, as a porous border allows a constant flow of cheap labor, that does not pay income tax, and shorts Social Security and Medicare. This is economics 101, and you took that class, as did I.

   You can not have it both ways. You as a socialist is a danger, as the elite will skirt most taxes and the Middle Class will be burden to make up the shortfall. But, as a globalist where borders and the rights of our citizens, are commingled with the rights of the illegals, what you offer, is a clear threat. You can not pay for it. You say revolution, but you do not have guns. Red states do, this is why, you want to take them away under the guise of violence, that is in your cities. Some will consider you a Manchurian candidate, but you are not.

   Now with a pandemic, corporations will pay little taxes, as they write off losses from the corona virus to start, and this is your plan? Where is the money coming from, as millions are laid off, especially in the cities? The illegal population will have no money, as the hotel, restaurant and taxi business shuts down, but their kids are still at your schools. I know, you will borrow it, if elected. You wonít be president Bernie, just like Biden, as the Almighty is the author of life, and at anytime in His infinite wisdom, call you home. He will not lose one soul, because you Bernie, promote socialism. This form of government is controlled by the new world order, who answers to satan. It is true, they do not control you or Trump like others, you are running against, but you still promote their message. Maybe as a Jew, you should read the Bible. This is just a suggestion.

Update Mar. 9 1 am EST

   Addressing some your current concerns. The liberal media states Trump called the governor of Washington a snake, which is true, but why? The media and its biases, of Trump states, making this statement is political. This was first done by the Democrats, as they shunned him for shutting down visitors from China as racist. You are idiots. What has not been revealed, is that the governor held back strategic information in controlling the virus by not asking for help from the Trump Administration. Just look at the infections now surging in the center among the workers. The move was political as to not affect the political status of a Democratic state. His constituents paid a severe price with their lives. Now the state of Washington is also paying a price. This is the truth, as you are not being told by most of your media. The flu that has killed almost 20 K within the last year, but has not shut down cities or is the cause for a national emergency. Milan and 16 million under quarantine, and you do not question why? This mutated strain of the corona virus is a true pandemic, but you will never know. The WHO is a tentacle of the new world order, and you expect the truth and even more important, help. They are lying to you.

   What about the test kits that Trump states, is available for all, who wants a test? Again both sides spun this, Trump was right there is enough test kits as those infected, number in the hundreds, and anxiety may count for several tens of thousands, are in inventory. Do you really think the CDC just stands by seeing the lessons from the rest of the world. Letís not be stupid. The Democrats are right that all locations do not have access to kits, as it is a distribution problem solved by Fed Ex, and activating states to conduct tests. As for Pence contradicting Trump? You did not listen to his words, but you spun them again. He said, what is available presently is not enough moving forward, but what was available did meet current needs for that date in time, by other sources. This is how your leaders spin the truth, and for no reason.

   So I revealed Biden is leaning to pick Warren as VP, what about Bernie? He hates Warren, and there is no peace between them. Bernie is contemplating Harris, as to break that fire wall of Biden. We see this as a wise choice. But today the DNC pushed Harris to back Biden. I wonder why? If Bernie is the nominee, Harris is seen to pull the Black woman vote. This is his goal, as a pass endorsement can be changed.

   The Democratic electorate was surprised with Biden domination on Super Tuesday, as were all of you in the media including Trump, had written him off. The Clyburn endorsement was the cover needed, and was sincere. Yes it was powerful force in South Carolina, but the margins due to time and word of mouth, does not match the results and the polls. Millions in the Black community do not change on the word of one man with little time. Most in the Black Community are not caught up in following the media. They rely on gossip and friends in their churches. They are slow to change. This is a fact. The election was on a Saturday. Quiet talk at the church on Sunday, does not change stubborn minds. This would lead to the question, exactly what happened on Super Tuesday, and answers to the rout will unfold slowly as the primaries move forward.

   You ask about the Christian values of excepting all. This is true. But, an influx of illegals by the millions will burden Americans, where hate will rise. This is the plan of the new world order. Question me, then invite them to your homes, but you wonĎt. We have a system in place to except all. They must wait their turn, pay their taxes, honor our flag (if you are honoring a national holiday, from your country of origin, this is ok). We admit only, what we can, without causing disruption of our society, most important, assimilate. This is why the Democratic plan, is crazy like Bernie. Need a lesson just look at the EU. As for the pope, false prophet, he has a cold only, and is protected by the dark side.

   The host of GPS on the Sunday talk shows, stated again that immigrants who paid taxes contribute to Medicaid and Social Security. Illegals donít, unless committing identity fraud. Otherwise there is some truth, but most Federal, State, sometimes Cities taxes are refunded. Their contributions is pale, when they receive welfare or food stamps. This is a net lost to our nation and their jobs are being eliminated due to automation. This country needs educated high tech laborers. Workers with no skills, that come with dependents, which this nation pays for, benefits no one, but the rich. But, you do not see this. Most in this country live pay check to pay check, and you are going to open a door, because you think we need more unskilled labor. You are out of touch. It is this policy, that has held back the American poor in this nation.

Update Mar. 9 11:59 pm EST

   Trump, you were told, to put in place the mechanism to limit short selling on American Stock Markets. You sat on it, as we watched. On margin, the elite only had to put up 50% and on the NASDAQ they went wild with naked shorts. They stripped an untold amount of wealth from American pensions, 401s and personal brokerage accounts, as they will buy back stocks, and the market will rise with the common manís money. They will keep the rest. In your mind (Trump), you say, they (those aligned with the new world order and moles) stopped me. Are you going to tell me, you folded to peer and professional pressure, some of them traitors? I say, try harder. This is no time to whine to us in your mind. The world is watching. Put the trading restrictions in place, or I will ask the Almighty to remove the families of those who gained this past week first by a plague, and then the one who gained behind this, shall drop like fly. You cannot spend money in hell. He has granted this. Correct this, or we will. As for the EU and Asian markets, f..k them, except for the FTSE. I have my reasons.

   For Biden, you were told, winning is not in your future. Floating Amy as a VP, really, and just what does she offer you, to win? Nothing, she has baggage. She would have been embarrassed, like Warren in her home state, had she stayed in the race. As your mental faculties recede by design, then what? You doubt after reading this, now your gaffs will double, such the fool, as if your small mind can revolt against the Almighty. Oh yes, the DNC replaces you at the convention. Fear that. Secretly, they want this, as we read their minds. Like children, fearful of what is to come.

   There is nothing worse, than your opponents that threw you under the bus, and you consider them? They suck up only for power, as they ride your coattail. Personally, if and I mean if, I would start fresh, but you canít, as you are tethered to the new world order. Change, as you sold your soul, and they will kill your son and brother, and you can do nothing, but comply. Pray, nothing reaches Heaven from a dark soul, we will just watch. America, this is your politics, behind closed doors.

   The corona virus plague will end by the Hand of the Almighty, and not by your scientists or a vaccine. You do not have time. Know this. I saw you (the media) make so much noise, when the virus was called the Wuhan virus, which is the initial point the virus appeared. So racist, but name is true, yet you call it the Trumpvirus when it comes from the Hand of God. You are political fools.

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