Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 10 6 pm EST

   In America the politician is leading from behind. A leader leads, polls mean nothing, as the general public is rarely right on key issues. Advisors give insight to your ideas, not the other way around. As one looks back at the last 8 years, inaction and following fads overwhelmed common sense. One has to wonder, was this by design. We watched as inaction by leadership fueled a racists crisis in America, that has been festering just under the surface for decades. The theme, now is the time to come out. The media added gasoline to that fire, which was not a solution, but enhanced it. Why is that? Leadership could have crushed this, but did not. So it festers even today with no policy change.

   All have watched crime destroy downtowns of many cities, as brick and mortar stores flee from rampant theft due to inaction taken during the riots. So now it is the new norm. The leaders thought by public opinion coming from the few loud voices, that we should get rid of the police. What is sad, the politicians listen to them. How did that work out? It didnít. You really thought the police was the problem and criminals would behave. This decision in the real world, should have cost all of those involved their jobs. Billions of dollars were stolen. Prices in the stores raised to compensate for the losses. You paid for that. Neighborhood supermarkets and drug stores closed. You have to endure that. All of this as a result of the millions who marched for an unjust death of a criminal. Yet not one of you, will march for the hundreds of innocents, that died on the streets at the hands of your own. Where is the responsibility?

   Not one of you noticed that Black History Month was low keyed by most corporation this past February. Donations reduced, as rumors of mismanagement and theft swirl. Your DEI programs decimated, one should wonder why? The pendulum swings both ways. You were told this.

   Many stand idle against the present example of racism. The ongoing Black racism in America, which has been around for centuries and this is the third time this has occurred. The second occurrence with the Japanese and now the Jews. Will America ever learn? The Jewish population in this country are Americans and are not responsible for the actions of Netanyahu and the military of Israel, whether they support the actions or not. Do some Muslims support the actions of Hamas, but not participate? This is a free country.

   Yes there was an grave injustice when the British, backed by Western Nations, converted the whole country of Palestine into a home for the Jews without compensation. No one wanted them in Europe, but everyone wanted the scientists. The truth hurts. Take it up in the World Courts for all to see. In America our Muslim population are not to be blamed for the actions of terrorists. Do not blame the actions of the few on the whole. The laws work both ways, act like it.

   When any politician proposes change for the future, ask why have you not enacted those changes already? When one talks about prescription drugs, just know the United States pays more to compensate for the lower prices put in place for the rest of the world, especially third world countries. This policy has been in place for decades. One cannot handle heath costs until the cost of doctorís insurance, suing, necessary tests, unnecessary tests and bad doctors are addressed. Doctors are not God. Life or a procedure is not a guarantee.

   This country is now concerned with Education. One would think, that was the plan after 1968. If one wants to hold a race back, do not properly educate them and make promises of change, which keeps getting kicked down the road. This is the subtle racism no politician has changed almost sixty years. All of which is in plain sight and all of you looks the other way, but you line your pockets. You need to ask, was this by design?

   In America everyone is entitled to vote their conscience, no matter the outcome or choice without being demonized. This is called freedom. Many thought they were so right on the border until migrants were shipped to your town. Many thought they were so right on the police with rampant hate spewing into the streets and now your cities are cesspools of crime. Many though the spending policies would improve life, but the only thing that has changed, is your pay checks are crushed from inflation and you pay loan shark interest rates on credits cards nearly 30%. The talk is, inflation is now down to 3%. Really so the previous 5% and 8% just went away? The total is 16%+ over the past 3 years. When you go to polls you send a massage. Be careful of what message you send this time.

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