Political Snap Shot


Written Mar. 11 1:15am EST

Delayed due to Family emergency


   In the news you were bombarded by the media, Mexicans are not rapists and I told you the media and politicians lie. They are sexually abused by family members and other predators as they make their way north. This was not reported in the news by design to counter the current Administration as racists. Do you really think macho men, will keep their dicks in their pants when seeing any vulnerable human being? Not one of you would go under cover without protection in the march north as many would ride your body.

   Now the children under the protection of ICE are being assaulted by their own. This is nothing new, but reveals the lie, you place within the media. As most sexual crimes were committed by their own.

   The Democrats are being exposed as I told you. Again you have zero tolerance, yet in your arrogance, can not mention Omarís name as her racistĎs views calling out the Jews. Omar wakeup call, the Jews were Godís chosen, not your false religion as you will soon learn.

   Perez you have made a mistake by banning Fox, as it your brand that divides the country, and now you want questions in the forums posed to the candidates that do not consider the opposition? You have already polarized the country, by promoting Mexicans are rapists. Now you know as children are being rape under our care, and you think it just started? Not all are, but it only takes a few to prove the statement.

   It is not a crime to use personal money to pay a person that who extorts you, which is a crime. It is not a crime to share polling data, is if a foreign power would place ads to sway certain districts that would affect the overall vote. Hillary just plain loss the election as ďLĒ the loser she has been in her life. She loss MONEY in White Water. She loss as a woman when Monica sucked the Presidentís dick under the Resolute desk, then ejaculated on her dress and lied about it, that that was one of many.

   Your media reveals detailed polls in every election. The sad part, polls do not give us a path to the future, leaders do, which there are few. They do not need a politician or just can purchase it, as you promote another lie. You used the Russian collusion to convict others of crimes committed, before they were with the campaign and tried to pin it on their actions on Trump. But you are back stepping in prep for a Mueller report that points to no crime committed in Russian collusion as your insiders have revealed. This the reason for the delay as you are given time for a new plan, headed by the SDNY.

   Yet the Clinton foundation laundered billions for access, that completely dried up a week after her loss. I wonder why? Your problem is, just because you say it over and over again plus the far left voices screams, it becomes true. No. The Democrats that do not believe what the DNC is behind, just stay quiet. This will be your folly.

   You still do not believe your eyes, that the Russians and Chinese are preparing for war. From the advanced forward bases in the South China Sea, to the new drone submarines and hypersonic missiles and you think Trump is backing the Russians by increasing the defense budget, which Obama cut. Who may be the traitor, as I told you, judge by their actions. How quickly you forget, it was new world order Kissinger that opened the door to China and allowed China to replicate our technology by building it there, as if they would not steal it under the guise, the cold war has ended. Has it?

   There is now no denial that change is here, and will accelerate exponentially. Your leaders and a muzzled media will try, all to keep you in the dark. All internet, phone data and conversations will be tracked by the elite as to monitor migration patterns soon to come. Ancestry.com and others was just a ploy as to weed out defective people and track criminals, what fools you are. You will be told to stay in place, as they hope the tsunamis created by the wobble of the earth will catch coastal population in place, thus a massive death toll and less mouths to provide aid for.

   All of this noise is to distract you. We do not have enough tax resources to keep social security afloat, and you socialists, are talking healthcare and free education for all including illegals. You can not tax income the rich investments, but somehow you think the rich are just going to give their money to the poor. They became rich by being greedy, backing politicians that provided the laws to ensure they keep it. Much their wealth is already hidden in hard assets that can be bargaining chips during the end times or so they hope. If the rich are going to evade taxes or just leave, then what?

   So you have the middle class, which is shrinking and because of your incompetence, they will pay the price. You allowed wars and trade imbalances to drain our treasury. In order to bring up the poor as your tactics closes down capitalism, it is you the Middle Class that will suffer. I will be you that is moved down to elevated those who truly need help, and those that choose a life time of welfare without change. Removal of capitalism is communism, but that word is feared, so you use another word which is a synonym under the guise of socialism. You were told, you are being herded. All will choose the predicted path on your own. This is now becoming the Truth.

   This the land of the free. It is not your place, to state where we have no rights to an opinion. It is not your place, to state we have no rights to own a gun, so when you go astray, we are again slaves with the rest of you. The people will rise, as the true reason you want Trump out, is that he not on board with a limited nuclear war to reduce the population on earth by design. Remember the email from Hillary released by Wikileaks detailing that. Plus he is willing to warn the people of this nation of the danger, that is near, Nibiru, so we can make peace with the ones we love. This why the new world order wants him out. As with him in place, the one world government cannot be formed with the US leveling China and Russia. Our leaders (Hillary if elected) were planning to surrender to stop the war, which was planned in place by the elite and China and Russia are the pawns. This is your deceit and the lies follow. You have a choice follow the words of Godís prophets, which there are seven, Maria Divine Mercy, Perpetua (leads the faithful), Robbie (leads the young), and myself as 4 out of the seven.. The others yet to be revealed.

   You were warned about this time, yet you go about your lives, thinking the acceptance of late term abortions and homosexuality are a personís right. You were told, that when satanís time was in place, he would do as he pleases with Godís children and so he has.

   So Democrats and some Republicans, it is time to choose, your agenda, the spawn of satan or the Almighty. I will not ask you again. Do not confuse what is to come as just Climate Change, as it is His Wrath and He angry. What I do request, is that you tell the truth, as you do not want to make it worse? Know it for what it is, as this year is your last chance to change.

   I have been given the orders to change this world, as before the Almighty subjects this earth to His Wrath. Time is up, as this is my mission. I am here to save as many souls as possible, those in the way shall be eliminated. I do not bluff and carry through. Prisoners of satan shall go to hell and those saved, will see the Almighty, this is His promise and I am is tool.


Updated Mar. 11 11:15pm EST


   Cuomo exactly what are you doing? You are a Roman Catholic and you chose to fall for the false narrative. Now I know you must be confused, as you are going against God. Are you an idiot? I hope not. It is CNN, MSNBC, others not worth mentioning, and a few nut cases over at Fox, that is influenced by the Deep State or new world order.

   Cohen stated he was not paid back by your guest. So exactly how is hitting a piece by choice a crime? It is not, just poor morals, and what is funny, is that most of you have been there. They were extorting money from Trump, a crime, but you know this. It was about timing and leverage not political except that the DNC pushed this to seal he election for Hillary as the scheme was in place since 2006 changed when Trump could win. Why are you misleading America? The only crime with Stormy was not prosecuted, black mail. This you do not report.

   A warning Cuomo, be careful about how you bring up someoneís past on another network over a decade ago. You know what you did tonight, as this was low. Do not let me ask the Almighty to reveal your secrets, that will bring you to your knees. You are no saint. Remember, pull the log out of your eye, before you find the splinter in another. I usually have no mercy, but for you, just one time, and I mean it, do not let it happen again, find another way.

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