Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 12 2 am EST


   Quick update on the world, so I will address the Trump speech last night. All of this is great, but you, Trump still, did not put in place, a halt on abusive short selling in our sock markets. They are stealing from the American people, by rules put in place by the elite to strip wealth. No borrowing, but they can sell their own inventory.

   The disasters are just starting. Again, watch how the rich and famous are infected, and then drop. As I have asked the Almighty to double down, it was granted. I did, give you a chance. Nothing was put in place to stop consumer gouging, increase the penalties to triple the potential profit. This you need to put in place now, as I have recommended to leave the common man alone. I am asking, those who are among the elite in the know, to use common sense. Continue your path, the Almighty will end your little private world. Change, then welcome home. You have a choice. St. Patrick day, time is up.

   Mankind seems to think, they are in control, as the virus pops anywhere. The Almighty will choose a new target, high end prostitutes, which will be traced back you. Oh how the mighty shall fall, because of your dicks that wander. Some will infect their wives, mostly by a meaningless kiss. The plague will end, when we say so. That time is near. As worst is to come, and the corona virus nothing more than a distraction, for what is to come. A test which you as leaders has failed.

   The Almighty has mercy, I told you, I have none, when dealing with evil. So false prophet, where is the dark one, that saves your ass in the Vatican? You francis is why Italy is suffering a plague. Be thankful, the Almighty has only sent one, so far. What did satan offer you? Oh, that is right, head of the one world religion. Your followers will be destroyed. He (satan) will not deliver. As the Bible sates, Jesus will throw you and the antichrist into the pit, but you will not rise in a 1000 years, as your master does.

   I warn the Democrats, the corona virus is an act of God, a plague, not a bio weapon out of the Wuhan level 4 lab or the pathetic excuse of a wet market containing exotic species. Continue to blame it on Trump, and the Almighty will send a more lethal mutation into your homes, but it will suddenly defying your science, stop.

   The new world order is the target, the EU, as they are the multi head of the beast predicted in the Bible and Germany will betray the world. You will see the 200 million army (mostly children) invade the Middle East. We start our recommendations for eliminations, at the top. You feel, this is nonsense, we shall see, after the Warning later this year. All false religions will crumble, as there is only one, that established by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, which has been infiltrated.

   I want you, our leaders and media to stop your worldly opinions. The human soul is to be cherished. It is loved beyond human comprehension by God as His children, but is discarded, if you worship another. Same sex, abortion and false religions come from another. God is the author of life, not His creation, mankind. As the world quivers in fear, look to who you want to lead your world. A senile mind or a communist, what about their VP potential picks. Biden floating Stacy, are you out of your Democratic minds. No matter how you spin this in the media, she is toast. You put your best first, which is not about race, gender or some other group that suffered injustice. It is about if a minority, who is the best, they are to be chosen instead of being passed over. You have backwards. I say this, if Bernie or Biden was a Black man or woman, they would be crushed, in the upcoming election. This is the truth, but your small minds refuse to believe your reality. Against the Russian and Chinese, seconds matter in war, she (Stacy or Warren) will be manipulated, like a puppet on a string. Your leaders are incompetent. More is to come to test your world, I will reveal this on Friday.

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