Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 13 1am EST


   The UK again was faced with Brexit vote, and no deal. As the Mps were never going to be subjected to the will of the EU. No matter how PM May spun the deal. You were told, the EU like the Mafia, once you get in, no one leaves. They gave a temporary solution to the backstop in Ireland, but the true reasons have been withheld from the media. The EU and UK will not escape the tentacles of the new world order, as all fall under one umbrella, when the Russians advance from the east, and the EU has told you, few will escape their grip. As for NATO, when you do not pay your bills, or have an army, do not expect America to save you again. WW1, then WW2 and world ending WW3, Trump will pass, but when attacked level the east. I have told you, the leaders in the EU (Brussels) have betrayed there own, and this nation does not protect traitors and cowards.

   The new world order banks will crush the British Pound by selling it short. General supplies bought with a declining currency by the general population, good luck. The sad part is that the Bank of England is behind bringing your country to its knees. I ask how will you grow food, when increasing storms destroy all of your agriculture? Buy it from Australia, no, they are in flames. Canada, no they will turn inward to protect their own. The Great Empire will be crushed, and you will all come to know the power of God. Satan lied to you, as always, and like fools given false power and wealth, as it does not come with you, when you die. You allowed billions to die in false wars. Please tell the world, that Patton was killed by the West, as he wanted to crush the Russians and no cold war. It was the military complex, that saw a new threat as a means to transfer wealth from you the taxpayer to them with an arms race and manufactured spheres of communism, oh I mean socialism in countries worth nothing. Again, the sad part, Eisenhower warned you. This is the Truth.

   The recent air accidents are a problem for the world, and Boeing has been targeted by the new world order. The missing plane off Malaysia was tracked in great detail by the Russians and US by down look radar system not known to the public. I have told you there are forces unknown to you common science, and the plane just disappeared from this reality. This is why it will never be found.

   The Indonesian plane was hit with an electromagnetic pulse once airborne frying all control systems, and it crashed irradiated. Little has been released about its demised, except that which is controlled.

   Boeing has made recent modifications protecting critical command and control functions that shields it from EMP pulses. So who happened? You were told that proxy investors of foreign nations have the secrets of our technology. It was easy to replace the autopilot software on the plane in Africa, as no one was looking during routine maintenance. The crash was deliberate, as an examination by the angle of descent and crater. Radar will back this, as it was still close to the airport, but records have been removed by design. It was a software override by an open back door. This is the reason behind the software upgrade, with out revealing the truth to the public. This is why many nations do not want the plane to fall out of the skies over their nation. They all know as cowards. Both engines can fly the plane alone. They EMP will increase and hope that all point the finger at Boeing instead of the Truth as Air Bus seems to win, for new world order EU.


   So Rep. Waters, you state you have evidence to impeach Trump, yet has not been revealed even if Mueller has nothing? You are lying. If you had something, you would have released it to advance yourself. We all know this, except you. Now I know you are DNC patsy, their fool with promises, and you do not even know you are being setup. Pelosi has seen the Mueller report, as I have hinted to this world, they are back tracking. But as the idiot you are, you continue to present the false narrative for them by design.

    You do not understand, the DNC and Pelosi have decided to write off the extreme left as they are out of control, and they will fall with you, very old timer. The present plan is to let you, AOC, Omar to back impeachment by design. Then present the idea the Democratic party needs cooler heads and clear leadership, thus crushing AOC as an example. Donna once stated, stand in the middle of the road, you get hit. The extreme left is in the middle of the road hoping to get accepted.

    No plans on how to pay for socialism. No money, no innovation to create wealth. I ask, exactly how will the young generation, want to be seen as equal to all? That will never work. So the stupid, will be given the same pay as the smart, really and in your small minds, this will work? Need I go on?

   Again, you are wasting your time with Manafort. Yes Trump knew who he was, but did not know of the crimes committed in the Ukraine under the guidance of the Podestas, who guided Hillary. I told you, Manafort was recommended by the RNC and was a plant in the Trump Administration by the DNC. When Manafort was purged due to his “habits”, and did not carry out the mission as Hillary lost. He now pays the price as others. Trump was warned in advance, he had traitors within and cleaned house. What was political, was that a Podesta given immunity on a collusion that was orchestrated for crimes committed years before Trump was running.

    The College scam shocks America. I ask why? Do you really think Hollywood plays by the rules? They dictate to others as moral, but are the same, they cheat, they lie, and screw the vulnerable hoping to make it. Oh yes Hollywood women, need I reveal how many of you were on your backs or knees? Exposure is just getting started. So they pay to let their kids to attend colleges like Yale get a “C”, like Bush by design. And then, they run your country. What was caught, was those who are too poor to donate a building or tens of millions guaranteeing admission for their children as Alumni, choose another path. It is not the smart who rules your country, but the dumb, privileged with money that will dole out freebees in order to pacify the weak, and you are none the wiser. Nothing has change. This is your clue.

   In your world, you think, you control your destiny without interference. Your leaders control your taxes, and introduce a radical change through the media. He current perception states, take from the rich. These are not the days of Robin Hood. It is only on paper, when concerning Wall Street, as faith with the people support paper money. Yet you have to divest, and only a slow bleed of an investment without public knowledge, that produces capital. Sell on the open market, and the stock collapses. As if all predict it is worth near nothing, then they choose to freely invite at your expense and down turn, and this is best for the Nation.

   They are setting up a race war by design. Will the few resources near term be spread to other before one of our own? As Americans, who will you lash out at? First the blacks that always vote democratic as many are lulled asleep, with the benefits of welfare and food stamps. MLK said we will rise from the mountain top, but we have roll down the hills. We have been promise a chance for education, but it has ensnared us in debt with no real opportunity and this is the ream?

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