Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 13 5pm EST

   The Trump Address today captured the attention of the nation, this will be reviewed by 7 pm, due to time constraints, and his late start. Media comments will be critiqued later. That said, America, all is not what it seems. Had Hillary been in power at this present time, travel from China would have lasted much longer, and those from the EU still would be open except Italy. This is the truth, you need to face, as you see the long term agenda, but can not stand or trust the elected presidential messenger for some. We get this this.

   Hundreds to thousands more at this time would be dead, but your media would never reveal this. In a pandemic, that was denied for months by those in the WHO by design. They are inept and corrupt, check it. It was closing down the borders that counted, so the infection rate was far reduced. Yes, test kits are needed, as to formulate a plan of containment in hot areas. Do you really think, the poor areas would have supplies of test kits? What about their cronies being offered the contracts for testing at inflated prices? What happens when a poor community with no resources gets quarantined, and supplies can not be delivered, as the elite who own the companies, divert them to the highest paying? Germany did this to the Swiss and Austrians over face masks. You do not speak on this, but it is your coverage, that triggered panic buying. The short term affect of virus will wane. The warning from the left will diminish here in the US, as the virus slows. The good part, they will need those supplies during the Warning. Get blankets as temperatures will fall below minus 30 for the first few days, due to the sun blocking dust clouds that originate from the impact plume.

   For Bernie, you have an example on how your socialist (communist) plan, will not work. Almost all industries where illegals work off the books, are currently shut down. Afraid to go to the doctor, they will infect their families. Through poor health habits, with no insurance and little resources. The available beds will go to those who pay. This infection will be just another source affecting the general population. Now what, when this truth breaks? You really thought, you can have open borders and not pay a price? This is on you, and your policies of providing cheap labor under the guise of compassion. Civil war will break when lives are at risk. The tax burden shifted on the Middle Class, as the elite write off stock market and industry operating losses. Just where are your funds coming from? You just had a realist look at your future with this pandemic. You cannot tax and fund projects with no funds. This is the Truth.

   Biden is not your political savior. He answers to the new world order, as did Hillary. The Clinton Foundation was a personal slush fund, that provided political influence under the guise of a charity that gave out less than 5% of what came in, reluctantly. Where did the other 95% go, since it was word of mouth among the elite? They had a minimal staff, as the highest paid were family members, and no advertising budget with the media promoting them. All funds stopped upon Hillaryís loss, but you looked the other way. Bidenís son was used and again nothing happening here.

   The new world order has a death grip on your world, and this will be broken by the plague and disasters, designed by the Almighty and executed by His messengers. Family members will be targeted by the Almighty starting with the old geyser and his play thing, man, woman or in very rare cases, his wife.

   The innocent will die, but will be with God. This is the ultimate goal. The plagues upon China will again shortly start with a new set of index patients, separated by distance and contact occurring simultaneously. The rat plague that will attack children. The Angel of Pestilence (Green Horse) yielding death now circles your world. So much for your lies against the US Military. Impress me, and say it was God against a godless nation. Then I can respect you, and have the Almighty shorten the plague upon your land, but you wonít do this. So be it. Xi, you were brought to your knees, but now grovel to the dark one. You will get no help and lose, that is so valuable to you.

   During late March going into April, the quakes will rapidly increase on the western edge of the ring of fire. As you refuse the source of these lessons, the Hand of God. Let His people go. Now I know, you in the new world order are using the atheists to promote world domination, as you promised Xi, Putin and traitor Merkel the world. They will fail and you, capture over a billions souls, but I have plans to thwart your agenda. If one soul is saved, that is a victory.

   For those in America along the eastern seaboard, you will have flooding from high tides, the true source is the land sinking. As the Atlantic basin stretches, the edges lose support and drop. The Trump Administration is under a gag order. The Mississippi- Missouri basin will have devastating floods prompting evacuations, but has a purpose, contain the loss of life from both events. The tsunamis cause by a Mid North Atlantic tear and the crust thrusting displacement sending initial and reflection waves from the backwash flowing out of the UK and parts of the EU toward America washing inland for miles. In the Mid West, New Madrid fault will rupture, sinking New Orleans and destroying most of St. Louis. This is what you face, but the US is prepared. They say you cannot handle the truth, and they are right, judging your Corona panic at the stores.

   Your leaders have not protected the common man, again you will pay a price. Look around and see how your leaders, more important their family members drop. You have eyes. You have been warned. You have a choice, change. Again I do not bluff.

Update The Trump Address: Mar. 13 6 pm EST

   The media has confused the availability of test kits, as all who want them, may not need them. The demand is not to be fueled by the current panic in this nation. The bottom line in the Trump speech was, the integration of corporation working with the government. This will insure a rapid solution. The government under the Democrats would have been based their solution upon their own government agencies wasting your money under bureaucracy. They are politicians, who know how to smile and lie. Decisions clouded by the need for focus groups on how the public might respond to their words. Today, you had your as the markets exploded upwards. Your commentary, speculation and worthless rhetoric now falls upon deaf ears. Confidence for now was backed by the greed in the financial market. This, sadly is the truth. I await your words later, as I am busy this evening. Choose your words wisely.

   Addressing the common news. Amazon challenging the Microsoft cloud storage contract, stopped by a law suit. Jeff has been compromised by the new world order via the CIA. He would sell out this country, if given a chance to stop the black mail on him, but this will never be revealed. He has a choice, you can win the contract, but it comes with the plague. You will never or your family spend a dime. Try it, please.

   Facemasks on the most part, will not filter out airborne microscopic particulates. You will touch and adjust your masks if infected transfer the virus to your hands. All you touch, can be passed to another. This is your folly.

   As for the WHO, a weak tentacle of the new world order, spending 675 million for the world is a joke. I will leave it there.

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