Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 14 7pm EST


   The MPs have voted to delay the Brexit as you were told here. This vote means nothing, as it is the EU that has to approve this, and the UK is at their mercy. This put PM May and Parliament under their thumb. Again this nation was herded by a series of free choices, but the end result is by design. This is your world.

   Now we have the new world order under the guise of the Nobel Committee nominating Greta Thunberg for climate activism, which is a crock. They all know what is coming. Mankind’s industry and carbon footprint is not the cause, as the world will soon know. They lie to preserve the status quo and the predatory banking system that financially enslaves you to interest rates that few can afford.


   12 Republican Senators break from Trump, and you are surprised? You have been told that both Democrats and Republicans have been compromise by the global elite. Now you witness this with their votes as they were pressed. Trump is aware of the coming earth changes and the wall is being put in place to deter migration patterns of millions from Central and South America yet to come.

   Those in your government are looking for laborers to rebuild, so they think. Illegals will not complain or ask for anything but food and some shelter, as anything is better than their previous home. You the America will expect everything, but will not work. Their entrance is to destabilize this nation just like in the EU as when resources shrink by design, the general population will start a race war, thus initiating martial law. You will be allowed to die in the disasters and the docile illegals will take your place. This is the current plan of those in your government aligned with the global elite. Conspiracy, what government official who pledged to protect this nation would undermine it, by allowing illegals to skip thee legal immigration system put in place by our laws?

   For Boeing, the software in use is to be purged and use a simplified version from the past systems and train the pilots to fly. It is time for EMP shielding to be put in place on all critical systems. Emergency override should be in place with a manual backup, and as for the public, blame it on the pilots as you usually do, and move on. Don’t like these words, then all of you are unemployed. If the threat of EMP pulse was revealed at this time, all air traffic would come to a halt for all planes. Shortly trains, trucks, cars and appliances will suddenly burst into flames. What will you say then?

   I told you Pelosi and others who prejudged are opening a back door due to the Mueller Investigation information being leaked to key Democrats. So they have a new plan to back away from collusion, and let the fools like AOC with others, take the fall. They will never see it coming and keep them on a short leash, as they are out of control.

   Will banging those two women and paying them off with his money stick, no. Bill banged many in the White House only Monica was smart enough to have proof. Your lawmakers when caught use your tax dollars to pay off and you think, you can impeach? Oh the failed deal for a building in Moscow, really, did he lie? He twisted the truth as the deal was dead and never needed to be mentioned as it would have fueled the Democratic plan of Russian collusion. That is the truth.

   The sad part is you have nothing, followed Hillary and the new world order into to hole you are now in. As for 2020 elections, they will not occur and you know this, as none of can imagine Trump in charge in the bunkers. By the way Pelosi and Waters, just what do you think will happen to two old women by the hands of your own? Let us think, a model chick or you?

   So the storms will be ticked up with a few surprises, as the Almighty will bring you to your knees by His prophets to break the connection put in place by the minds of influenced men.

Update 11:59pm EST


   Some questioned the point of an EMP pulse initiating a software sequence that forces the plane into the ground. Airbus sees the accident as a leg up against Boeing for global domination and they can taste it. This will short lived as the Ethiopian Airlines was pressured to send the flight and data recorders to France instead of the US by design.

    This new world order deceit will be put in front of the world population as Airbus will suffer a string of disasters even though you protect critical parts from EMP. The level decided upon what you reveal to the world. Yes you have confirmed the reason, so where are you going to place the blame? Please test me, and I will ask the Almighty to send your planes down in groups of three within a short period of time. Those that die, will be in Heaven as martyrs. I do not bluff.


   Tonight on a 9 o’clock show, you know who you are, your guest stated the Republicans made a deal with the devil. Some did, but it is not Trump. Those who promotes late term abortions and same sex marriage, works for another. Those who work for God, up hold His Laws, not mankind’s, again they are not perfect, but we deliver without question for the Almighty and He grants us exceptions or forgives us.

   Jesus recruited sinners to spread His Word. Now Trump is not the best, but he is the only politician with the balls to go against the new world order, and fight for the American people, and then the world up to a point. That is the bottom line, not your false morals as God judges, not you. None of your leaders will last after the warning. All that will be saved will follow Almighty’s prophets of which, the primary 4 have been revealed.

   D Lemon, I know you are not that stupid, by the way congrats Ana. Trump talks in code and you know when things get bad (Earth Changes) the Left and followers with no skills to survive. They will try to migrate from the cities and move into rural areas, where demands of help, then violence shall fall upon deaf ears. As it was you that polarized this nation. Yes the military and police under martial law will stop random migrations, but the few that venture in, will be taken out by the bikers and armed locals as a threat.

   Democrats refuse to build refugee cities for their own, but house illegals. This is why you as leaders will have no power. By the way, we trust no one, false friends. When the news breaks, do not invite yourselves, as I do not care, who you are, unless asked. Been there, done that.

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