Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 14 11:59 pm EST


   The Administration with its push back from Romney, a Republican who was a hedge fund manager that strips money from the market that supported your 401s. What you need to examine, is the motivation to go after Tulsi a Democrat and call her a traitor. Romney, you have no clue of what goes on in those labs, only what you are told to say in the media. What did they promise you? The Russians abandoned primary research in the questioned bio labs decades ago. Yes there was some Anthrax, but unusable as a bio weapon. You think Russia would leave its bio weapons and research papers in the labs for the US to assess after the 2014 coup?

   The CDC under Fauci modernized the internal facilities directed and funded a new path. Testimony under oath in front of US Senators revealed too much, so they are walking it back. The problem here is that if Fauci funded research in Ukraine for what seems as unknown reasons, the funding of the China lab or labs is now plausible. There is so much pressure being applied even Levin pushed back on his Sunday show, very usual as his show was sidelined for 2 weeks after the invasion. What they fear in these labs is not Russian, but the finger of blame will point to them. Russia has its own chemical and bio stock piles and the trace amounts related to them were found in Ukraine labs. At best would only kill a few animals. Something else is there.

   Biden is flustered now with inflation and the press. The war in Ukraine does not control your food and general goods bought here in America. I went the store to buy a pack of bacon that cost me last year 13.99 and it now is 20.99 and I am upstate. Gas was 2.69 now it is 4.49. Now they tell you inflation is 7.9%, but they are using that funny math. It does not reflect your real world spending.   This is what Biden does not get. The harsh reality is that many of the poor and middle class in America will not be able to afford rent, oil heat, gasoline, or food. But you got that stimulus money, sat on your asses and took that unemployment and best of all, did not pay your rent. Like fools your leaders spent what they could not afford and now the bill comes due, inflation. So now what if you are the Biden Administration, as you hoped to never get caught? You lie as the voters eyes see empty gas tanks and refrigerators, but hear your words stating otherwise. Pelosi just said spending on social programs lowers the deficit, really. We need to wake up any moment here. Hey, we can eat celery and carrots for dinner, at least it is healthy, because we can‘t afford McDonalds anymore.

   So what is Putin’s next move? Well one thing he knows, close to 40% of Americans say if invaded, they would run rather than fight, so much for the cities. The sad part, there is nowhere to run. As for Europe they would fold, rather than die in a nuclear confrontation. This is the state of your world now run by cowards and it is you the general population, that will die for their mistakes, as they hide in their bunkers. Just like in Ukraine. You need to change your future. You to stop believing the narrative just because many agree. You need to come out the fog of endless opinions that does not approve your life. You need to let the Truth set you free. You need advice ask God, mankind answers to another.


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