Political Snap Shot





Written Mar. 15 8pm EST

Updated Mar. 17 11pm EST


   Now that I have the attention of those in the know, you were told of the change, but again your world perceives this as a weather cycle, where a stagnant high pressure system east of Canada over the North Atlantic steers a series of lows up the coast morphing into Nor’easters, instead of its true source, the Hand of God. Some have planted the story that a warmer Artic will cause more winter storms, yet the cycle of nor’easters are low at this time of the year. No one addresses how the Artic is warming with no to little sunlight. They have also pointed to a deep trough of the jet steam established by the current little understood earth wobble and a static High below Greenland. This again is your folly of your scientists as they know the true source under a gag order of death. At least pharaoh knew there was a God, but he thought his were more powerful. As for mankind, they do not have a clue as you on the most part have dismissed God. This will change.

   This nation is hardened as they completely discount the power of God. He has thrown the grain of sand with the 3 Nor’easters with a 4th soon to follow and you think this is normal. These events were to awaken you, but almost all of you went back to sleep. Your weather scientists have shown you a jet stream that dips into the southeast and a static high pressure system accenting the flow of storm system up the east coast of the United States. Yes we have always had storms as the public believes what they are told. This is different. Three bomb cyclones since the first in January should raise eyebrows. Now notice the nor’easters are a side topic in the media as people are concerned. The storms will increase in many forms and intensity and your world will never look the same.

   You have many religious organizations promising Rapture from a figurative description of destruction detailed in Revelation to control their flock, but will soon realize they have been lied to, as the earth changes erupt and events are real with no explanation from elders as they hide in fear and their flocks are still here as some die in the disasters. This will stop, as the time of preying on weak with a false hope is over. Just know, I have asked the Almighty to crush all false religions and bring them together under one, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who will return only from the clouds in His Second coming. This has been granted.

   Just know, worship in the Catholic Church and other Christian branches will be underground as the false prophet and the antichrist who has now been identified as the puppet master that will be walking the earth shall sit on the seat of Peter.  He, the dark one will control a false faith where all worship the beast incarnated as a man of peace in his early thirties. All religions that do not follow shall be destroyed through persecution. This is your choice.

   You were told that same sex is against the Word of God. There are 2 primary genders, man and woman on earth and in selected species of reptiles an asexual or reversal of sex that is put in place to propagate the species for survival. Your choice is to sleep with the same, does not create life, but lust and a false sense of love that comes from the dark one. Exactly what influences caused you to except that you are of the gender different than what resides between your legs? Just know; the destruction that is about to hit this world is from sin, abortion and homosexuality. The Bible states all homosexuals were destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah. This is a fact. Now your world leads others under humanism to allow others to see this as right. I the Deliver will send a lesson to the top. Please make peace with your loved ones and you soon after removal from earth through the power of the Almighty; you shall descent to Hell, which you believe does not exist. You were told that God influences and so does the dark one. Ask, do you really think a young girl gouges out her eyes on a drug induced mental trip? Her mind was influence by a voice that deceived. Many will fall under the dark one as this is his time that has been shortened. You as mankind will succumb to him in your ignorance, which we are trying to prevent. This a promise or you can change. This is your choice.

   I have told you the earth changes would ramp up after Feb. 22 around the world, but your media has crushed the information from overseas. So I have through the power of the Almighty brought home in the form of 3 unusual Nor’easters in the short span of 10 days. This is only the start, as your coastlines will be reduced to an uninhabitable landscape as urban populations are forced in encampments or die while trying to stay with little water and supplies or attacked and dismembered alive by roving gangs for fun and food. The women will be used sex, but will be killed any way in a few days after all tired of what was offered.

   In your arrogance against the Word of God, you will feel His Wrath as some at first will lose your physical lives, which is not immortal, but to save your souls is. This is the goal. First the element of doubt concerning all aspects of your history and present events, which I have asked to be removed from this world, has been approved, effective immediately. So now what?

   Shortly another docile request has been granted, full visibility of the Nibiru complex, Venus, the earth twin or the Hopi blue star here and there, but within short time all shall know and the auroras to occur in daylight to all of Europe and most of the US to see. Double sun rises and sun sets will increases baffling the population as earth wobble rears its ugly head. Lightning storms will bring the fear of God into hearts with resultant power surges disabling your electronics and it is not the Russians. All this is to awake you as not one of really thinks, this is the end.

   Not one of you covered the real reason a CDC manager of the Ebola program just disappeared and the spike in deaths among the youth? So there will be a new level, as the general population of non believers will be allowed to be infected by those aligned to the new world order. The pandemic was stopped by the Almighty and His earth agent died to allow suspicion, without revealing the Truth. This blockage of your own to kill millions by tainted vaccines has now been removed. They have introduced new strains and wondered why it did not work. Now, shortly your own who are in power and aligned with the new world order, will infect billions in third world countries and millions in our country. You ask why? You were told that the influence of the dark one presents humanism to replace the Word and Laws of God. You do not have a clue.

   Now the pebble comes, relentless storms, signs in the sky and earthquakes that will destroy Crete and other locations not expecting them. What will be new is the increase of multiple meteor strikes visible in the same area at the same time and as the earthquakes crush countries continually. This is the next phase.

   What is now added, as you have not listened is several Krakatoa events in a group of three will shock the world. The European tsunami will be full force washing over Ireland, Wales and most of western England and some parts of Scotland. Certain family members and their friends in London will be spared. The Netherlands and most of Brussels are burnt toast as the North Sea washes almost 80 miles inland. All of this to stop the impending WW3 put in place by many of your leaders in collusion. Just know that Obama, Hillary and the pope are in collusion. The key here is when the warning comes most souls will choose Jesus over satan, thus reducing the Great Chastisements. Only 1 in 10 on earth will survive if this goes full circle before the Second Coming of Christ.

   I have also asked that all hardened souls that worship lucifer be swiftly removed from earth in the most painful and humiliating way start with those at the top. This has been granted. Watch as the accidents that are not and disappearances stop being covered in the news.  

   Finally the media is stating the voices in the head of the killer as in the VA incident. You can not win, if you dismiss how the enemy of mankind hides its point of attack, the human mind. This influence will increase exponentially shortly. Murders and violence will increase in the men and now women for the next few months exponentially, as you continue to deny the existence of the dark one.

   Your cult religions will be destroyed as there was the personal agenda of elders to control the flock and a twisted version of His Word. As this is the clue. You promote obedience, lack of free thought, monitored by others, women are subservient with small minds, rejection of responsibility for your own fate to be controlled by others in war and this is your idealist future. So satan has not come against you for a reason as again rising only a little of a century ago you are the key to salvation. All self appointed with no humility and you can not see through this? You were told that all had to do through Jesus to get to the Father and your elders ignore. You were also told when some are judged Jesus will say I don’t know you. You say I prophesied, He will say not in my name. Do not make the same mistake the Jews did or you will be caste aside if you do not heed this lesson. Is there not one of you would join God’s Army under Jesus to stop the deception?

   Rampant with child molesters and the rapes of married women will be revealed for all to see. This is a promise now granted to me by the power of your Jehovah, God the Father Almighty and His Son who is God. You have weeks to correct this or lose it all and the finances stolen will be revealed and returned destroy all that you have built in greed and power as a hidden tentacle of satan. The Word of God never changes, but your doctrine states it does again a mistake. You have a choice start from scratch, or be led down a path where upon death all will know the truth of hell. Your followers will by innuendo and then research and find the truth. Do you really want to take this chance?

   To save your souls especially the innocent that you manipulate through their parents, not one of you will be removed before Armageddon starts. As your Religion promises, if you are still here you are a reject or as good as dead. Just know this is a lie and some the innocent will be protect. Your churches will be rocked by scandal and fraud. What is so sad; is that the children who were brought in and knew nothing else, but you will be given the Truth and it will set you free. All will fall apart when the earth changes real.

   Let’s address the media and its relentless effort to discredit Trump. Did Trump bang SD Stormy Daniels, yes? She wanted access to a billionaire’s money and connections and sex was her entry key. So what happened? Trump was all excited with her appearance and then got bored as he dropped in and realized many others have been there before as she never revealed she was a porn star. Trump would have passed on that, and he did after the fact. This is the truth as he was not in public office and the issue is between him, his wife and God. It was only when he was the primary winner did she see the dollars signs and settled. She approached the Trump organization with proof and his organization being layered, this was handled by a subordinate with full authority to handle matters like this. Trump was never told as to allow deniability. The trump organization did not seek her to quiet her, she approaches the rump organization. This is standard practice in your government and world; this is nothing new and is considered black mail which is against the law. She can be prosecuted and fined on her own words and now will be.

   So to the media who are promoting this story to discredit the president as a threat to the new world order (aka deep state), your bosses, end it? You have a choice, take this out of the public eye and let them settle quietly or I will ask for some real news to be revealed Hillary and her girlfriend Huma who yesterday was in India. I told you there is infrared tape showing explicit positions and actions of two women. As for the Democrats hoping to get a boost in 2018 midterms, maybe, as the earth changes will be a nightmare. Few of you will want to be in office when the public comes after you as you will not be able to hide in the bunkers. As for 2020 election, it will not happen, most of you and the voters will be dead. Michael Avenatti, please heed this warning as now the new world order will come for you, to save their own from exposure and they have with Stormy. The current update is that the new world order has taken the release of information here serious as they can read the words I type in advance. The physical threats on SD did not come from the Trump organization as details of a sexual relationship is already known in the minds of the public. He has nothing to gain by this as he would be impeached, but the new world order can pin this on his administration while trying to crush any release of information to protect one of their own.

   The Texas bombing was meant to create local fear at first, but has morphed. No minority is safe and should know their place. The new world order took a random event and expanded on it with their own as to add bombs to create fear. This will only increase as murder does in your nation.

   Trump firing Rex, so be it. He wanted out anyway, but Devos should be next. She knows nothing and is an embarrassment and fire the person who introduced her to you. You value 90% loyalty and 10% talent when it should be 55% talent 45% loyalty. It is a balance as sometimes and we have seen this, you are not always right, but never hire a mole that comes as a recommendation outside of your inner circle.

   As for the wall, embed it motion sensors to detect climbers, poles every ½ mile with infrared detection and optics and simple remote device for repellant with fast response drones armed with tear gas and vehicle electrical neutralization response. Only the extreme agile will make it over the wall in minutes thus crushing the mass profit for those taking the money from illegals to get to the border. The flow will stop cold. You have 3 months.

   As for NAFTA, either all agree to fair trade behind closed doors without conditions or withdraw from the agreement. But CNN continues to deceive the American public as Trump put tariffs on hard goods and you combine it with services. Services are not manipulated by government subsidies. Steel and Aluminum are goods and your own graphic showed over a 20 billion dollar deficit. This is why you are accused of lying as you just did, Wolf.

   Putin stating he gave the order to shoot down the plane? No one in their right mind would admit this. It opens up law suits. The leak was deliberate and carried by CNN to the world, so discount it as it has another more important agenda.

   As for the Qualcomm takeover deal by Broadcom, it was about stealing the technology to compromise our systems. More important was the leak that this company based in Singapore is moving to the US. Singapore is sinking and will be flooded by the earth changes. This is a way that the elite of Singapore can flee to the US without scrutiny as employees. This is their plan and agreement to crush the deal behind closed doors was sudden. Trump action of national security was a deflection to overlook those coming here to build and mange Broadcom.

   A prophet in is hometown is dismissed; this will change as to where there is no doubt as you fall to your knees at the power of God. For those who know, let’s just say we will be reminiscing about these times over drinks on the new earth in the near future as you believed or had faith.

   Students who think you are influencing. You are being used to protect us in a time of distress. It is your own that has killed you, not responsible gun owners. A mature man with an assault rifle does not walk into your schools, but those you abuse, taunt made to feel less than nothing. That pushes fragile souls past the breaking point to where, once influence by the dark one come back to take your lives. This is the problem you fail to address. There is a black market or a new skill set with normal weapons if laws are passed and only the evil will be armed. As children you do not have a clue. You will now know have been lied to as your world will not exist as you see it within the year. You are fools to think you can change this world as the elite expect you to die.

   So why is Trump cleaning house? All who have ties to the new world order are being removed as with the secretary of state Tillerson. Tillerson rose to power through cooperation of the Jewish bankers that control world finances. He was a mole and now removed. Devos is just plain unable to comprehend complex interactions of people and policy, unable to rise with one coherent idea to improve the education system of this nation. She will be fired. McAlister can be removed, but Kelly still will bring order to the WH, and come to a temporary agreement. As for Mattis, you do not have a choice as you are in by the power of God. As for Trump he knows what to do as this is a line you do not want to cross.

   As the earth changes proceed, none of you has a clue as to the future of your world. You were told the dark one would have total control of your world to harvest souls who reject the Almighty. This is now in place, but almost all you are still sleep, my job is to minimize who he harvests.

   The Almighty, who is all loving, but must purge or cleanse this earth of all evil by any means necessary to save souls. So His angels and 7 prophets now on earth has been authorized or given permission to purge evil up to and including the removal of physical life as the Almighty is the author of life even though the good shall lose their physical lives, but not their souls. This is the goal. You may understand His plan to save you by death, but all will rejoice when they crossover the veil. Not a tear will be in your eyes as this was written.

   What about the sale of Rockefeller properties at the center of Manhattan was a strategically a great move as New York will be crushed by earthquakes, but first assaulted by small tsunamis flooding low lying areas that will continue on an accelerated rate of sinking as the Atlantic expands. They have allowed the common man to sell to foreigners who came here seeking safety, but some will betray this country when Russia and China attack as sleeper cells. The elite have been in the know since the late 40’s, and the Japanese who think no changes will occur, bought it. You still have not learned.

    Your world only changes when life itself is at risk. As it is only then does the brave fight back to save that, which they have built. For the common man it is to save his seed, his children, traditions and beliefs. For the rich it is maintaining their position of power and wealth over the generations of time. Not one of you, can break the financial slavery that the elite holds on you. You can not even reveal the upcoming earth changes in your media positions where you are sworn to tell the public the truth. And you ask why the prophets are sent and they destroy all that you know? You are being striped of that which belongs to satan, ego, power, wealth and when precious life or what is love is taken only then does change occur. This is why your world is being cleansed and then renewed.

   Cyber attacks released through your media is a plant to blame the Russians on the upcoming power grid failures as the deep state wants to deflect the true cause, the magnetic field of Nibiru that intensifies earths’ as the gap closes. Power surges escaping in weak points of the earth’s crust will render the electrical grid of this country to be disrupted at first and escalating to a complete loss impacting millions in selected areas.

   The deep state now plans to use the self driving technology as a new form of threat. All develop by their proxy corporations like Google. This is a hint to one global world. Gasoline infused with ammonium nitrate transported in normal tankers attached to a self driving tractor will wreak havoc on soft targets. This is their plan.  


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