Political Snap Shot




Written Mar. 15 7:45 pm EST


   Your leaders are confused, as the corona virus have given them a new set of parameters. The world hides a half a million dead in China. Thousands dead revealed by satellite images of mass graves hidden from the world in the Middle east. Borders locked down all over the world, but your Democrats invite the world. The disasters will bring this world to its knees.

   The media continues to get the narrative wrong. Random testing is hit and miss, so you test only those who show symptoms, as resources need to be used wisely. But, you use it as a political narrative. Not one of you in the political or media have addressed hoarding, as a serious problem. Price controls are absent in many states and inadequate in others. Websites gouge the American people, and the disasters are just starting. Is this your leadership? So this time, I agree with the Federal judge to block the removal of food stamps based on employment. These are trying times with unusual circumstantial reasons. This is when American citizens come first.

   This was your first test in America, by the Almighty. Over 50 people died since the start, but you do not care, if that amount died due to violence in Chicago in same time period. Your leaders are aware of the source of the virus, they give you hints. Yes it will end soon, but not by the hands of mankind. It will just stop, just like the fires in Australia in its worse drought, reversed in weeks to massive floods.

   Your leaders just allowed seasoned traders steal trillions for the elite under the panic of the corona virus, and you are none the wiser. So again lets refresh your knowledge. During a disaster, pandemic, the elite take advantage. They allow the event to develop, then under collusion they borrow stocks from 401s and then public quietly, they sell into a market, that is rising to avoid detection. As the volume of buyers dry up the market free falls. Then they blow through all set up a triggers of those who have stop loss orders in place. They know these points, as the orders are placed. On the other side, speculation, they buy long range S&P puts on the market rise when the shorts cover their positions. As the volume on the buy side starts to wane, the savvy go short again selling into the short term rise. The general public is taught to sell if support of the previous short low is broken. The elite sell into a significant rise as the public thinks they are getting bargains. Once support is broken the market goes into another steep sell off. Cleaning out long term investors, and the short term day traders with limited assets.

   In laymanís terms they have borrowed your stock sold it, then buy it back at a much lower price and put it back in your accounts. This is where, you see the market rise, but it is mostly the shorts covering their positions in a buy back. Then the market drops again, as they sell into the rise, as the suckers think the this may be a bottom, or as the public is told average down.

   If you sell short at 100 this goes into your account, but you do not own the stock, You buy it back at like 80 on margin 50% and replace it into the accounts of common man. So 10,000 shares put at risk 500,000 on margin, but the sale yields 1 million into your account. Buying back at 80 costs you 800,000. So on your 500 k trade you just made 200,000 or 40% on a trade that takes days on panic selling. What a plan.

   This is why the Secretary of the Treasury, was slammed behind closed doors by Trump. Mnuchin protected the greedy elite instead of the common man. He is skull & bones and answers to the new world order. Steve time is up, as far as the Almighty is concerned. What may Trump do? Nothing for now, as your exit, Steve will only bring more turmoil to the market. Steve you have a chance, enact laws to prevent predatory short selling, and put those same controls on future contracts in the commodity markets. Do it now while you still can.

    I have told you to shut down the border. You have no resources to help illegals, America comes first. Emergency Pharmaceutical plants are to be built now, and expand your hospital bed count. You will need it.

   A warning to Bernie and Biden before your debate tonight, do not state you would have done a better job with the virus. All in this nation saw you berate the president on stopping the Chinese, Italians and the EU from traveling here. Lie and the Almighty will enlighten their minds sooner. The number of infected would have sky rocketed, and your delayed response, would have not put more tests in place, as you cannot recognize the true threat. I told you playing nice with words is not a replacement for action, even though you do not like the person. But at least you are not dead, as many more of you would have been. This is the Truth.

   You have spoken so many times America is better than that. Really, if you have a simple cough, many will look you at you, as if you have the plague, even in church. They are hoarding out of fear for their lives. I heard of stories where a man pushed a woman to the floor in a supermarket over toilet paper, which he promptly removed from her cart and walked away. What do you think, they will do in the cities, when they find out about Nibiru? What do you think, those in the cities with no supplies like the suburbs have do to hoarding, when starvation in some areas increase as the disasters escalate? I know, you will go to your bunkers and cry. The public will be embraced in a civil war over food and shelter. The Democrats have no plans for the cities and the future migration to rural lands, which is Trump land. What we face is an American problem as all other nations are nationalizing all resources needed for their country. Actions is what counts, not shallow words spoken in deceit. And you want to protect them?

   You given this lesson for humanity to see its nasty side, this world is controlled by satan. That grip is solid. The Almighty will remove billions to save souls. This is the goal, when your earth shall be cleansed. The Almighty is loving, just, merciful, but you as His children have run amuck. You were told of these End Times, and they are here. Again, look around at your world, as it will never be the same. This you cannot stop, but you can pray to save the souls, who wander directionless or worship as good people in false religion. This you can do.

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