Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 16 8pm EST

Update March 17 11:59pm EST

   Your world is so confused. The youth see the destruction of their world, unless drastic changes are put in place. They tell you cannot refuse to afford the change, but pollutants from other nations will financially cripple this nation and the shared technology, will make this nation a minor player in the global arena. You have been told the true cause of climate change is not that your media portrays. The truth will soon be upon you and again, then what? This is when, you will realize your leaders, and all the games played in the media shall make sense. Your first response will be rage and hate, but you will be offered another choice. Choose wisely.

   The New Zealand attacks comes from, one source, but you see the problem as access to weapons. If a truck was driven into the building and then blown up, are you going to ban trucks? Your idiot leaders do not realize there is a black market for anything banned. The result, only the criminals will have weapons. What happens when no one comes to the rescue? Crimes of death are committed by the minds of people. The weapons will just change as you never address the problem, an influenced human mind by a dark force. Murder will increase in countries where guns are rare as your next lesson.

   I will say this. No innocent person needs to be slaughtered in church or anywhere. You speak of white nationalism and this started in Europe and spread throughout their colonies. This is nothing new. Nor is the president stoking what was already here. You in the media promoted Trump as a racists in the media as to discredit him allowing Hillary to win, just like Russian collusion. This has backfired. Democrats were behind Jim Crow. Democrats are behind programs to help minorities as they get rich and things do not change. What is funny is you believe the narrative as you work up to three jobs to just stay afloat. Your veterans die waiting for medical help, but an illegal dies, all hell breaks lose. You ask why is God going to destroy your world? The simple answer is the Almighty has to break you out of your stupor.

   The party of satan backs late term abortions. The party of satan backs same sex marriage. The party of satan wants to remove the word God from this nation. This will not be allowed. The Almighty’s prophets have been given the power to crush this world in order to save souls, not human flesh. You are on notice.

   We have the Hollywood crowd preaching of morals during their award shows. You require actress to lay down on a couch or a man to kneel before they get a part. Maybe that is why so many of your movies suck? Now since you cannot afford a building in your name on campus, you bribe for the status of a degree. Prescott did it for his children and so on as a Yale education did nothing for W’s intellect, but he ran this country. You are told values, but those speaking, it does not apply to them. I ask, how is your disposable income doing since the sixties? This is your world.

   Beto is the troll in the Democratic race. So I will derail this. We have women and minorities getting the focus, but old white men, one who is not even running, is in front by wide margins. So what are there present plans?

   The Democrats have no plans for a woman like Harris, Warren or a black man like Booker to lead their ticket. As none in the DNC think they can win, so they play the game of diversity, but they will support them in jest. The goal of party is to win. So a younger, energetic person will seem to rise, fixed polls as the DNC controls the debates and preps the hidden chosen. Beto will seem to ascend from nowhere, and if all goes right, Trump will be painted as old, just like Bernie and Joe. This is their plan.

   CNN is promoting Manafort has a relationship with Putin. This is a lie. Manafort was just convicted for assisting the leadership of the Ukraine for help from politicians in the US under the leadership of the Podestas. You can not work both sides, but the media can spin it that way. This is what you face America.

Update March 17 11:59pm EST


   As the new world order tightens its grip upon your world, the EU faces revolts as the general populations fight back. Those who lead them and general flood of migrants who escaped war and poverty put in place by the elite, destabilized nations. In New Zealand it is a non citizen that has brought disgrace to your nation, and your leaders answer is to disarm the population of semi automatic weapons for the actions of the few. How so easy you are herded by an initiated a mass killing and you freely give up your weapons by design. Who will protect you? Not your coward politicians when the sign of any turmoil, they run to the bunkers as you fend for yourselves.

   Those who escaped tyranny of the Empire of the past, wrote into the laws of new nations a right to bear arms for a reason. Those who kill will still get the weapons on the black market and when the time comes to enslave, you can not fight back. One global power means your nation as you know it does not exist. For this to work the population must be reduced to stop Climate Change. Not what you are being told, the new green deal. For a stable world to exist, certain parameters must be met, such as a carrying load of a planet. The new world order goal is 500 million, so some one has to die by the billions, and that is easy as you all have provided a data base through your ancestry kits you buy to trace your heritage. Those kits provides a blueprint for the genetics of those needed to survive, eliminating many defects in the new brave world or again so they think. Your cells listen and track you. Again you are so easily played.

   The people of New Zealand hate Trump and you really think they are going hang on his words of sympathy and the true source of hate? Africans get killed and raped every day, so will gun control work there, by disarming the population? Hate has no race, no color, no gender, it is just who is behind it and you in this world just don’t get it. Yes love can win over hate, but that only comes from God and those who believe in His Laws. You want to change this world then step out of the middle you call your false peace. Weapons do not kill, the minds of men and women do.


   The massacre in New Zealand has captured the world’s attention. The usual statements of prayers and sympathy, yet many in power do not even believe in God as they worship the dark one. So they, as a politician to save face, present a facade of sympathy and you believe it. This is pathetic. Again you shift to Trump as if he has control of the fringe right? Trump is just passing through in silence, just as you when not pressed change anything. Did you read the manifest? So many words among the 80 plus pages and his name is mentioned once. You want to get rid of a racist start in the governors office in Va., but you won’t do that and he wore a KKK hood.

   Thousands die everyday to hate and violence in this world, yet you turn a blind eye except those you see as acceptable. If there is one thing the Almighty despises is the false hope of change. I ask, did not your government state Muslims killed thousands of Americans. In the EU hundreds die and we are to sing Kumbaya? No race has ownership of terrorist crimes, but the elite hides theirs. I told you, satan controls your feeble minds and you will be lost without real change. Now all those who are different races seek peace, but assimilation is not their plan.

   White nationalism was created by design through the new world order over centuries and now in your delusional minds think this is a present problem under Trump? They see their way of life eroded. It is not about allowing others to share in the American dream, but they do not want an illegal to get benefits that they see, should go to them, with good reason. America protects its own first!

   Under the Democrats, this was a way of life only changed due the Civil Rights movement. Under the Democrats, they took out MLK and offered token plans to advance minorities, but no real change occurred. The plan was brilliant until exposed decades later as hate festered in homes transferred from father to son and mother to daughter, like now.

   In the 2016 race Trump face allegations of hate, through silence. The media spun it. Mexicans did rape those coming to America and we have a problem as cheap labor start up jobs for the uneducated. Moslems from terrorist countries described as a phobia as not to be allowed. Yet thousands have died in this nation motivated by a fringe group of a religion. The media again spun it different to make it all as presented today.

   Your words of I am sorry and I reject racism. Yet it is still here and you think the words of one will magically change everything. Hate is hidden, festers, then explodes when the source never changes and you smile with just words and no actions. Hate starts in the home and can end there. You want to change America, then change its source, but hate sometimes comes from the reflection in the mirror. These are your leaders.

   Speak of love, but those who want your way of life to end, allows fools like you to believe. Change, how, as nothing has been proposed to the American public since the sixties has worked. Now with division in place since the time of slavery rising, it is Trump? The average white man has lose control of his future and this is the revolt for the fringe few for now. A lowly illegally upon world standards gets help. The white man loses his job due to globalization and you do not see a problem? Greed. Homes foreclosed on as your politicians looked the other way during the mortgage fraud. And now you want us to embrace socialism sharing what little we have, as the rich move assets overseas. We have seen nations fall under socialism, as those in charge squander the fruits of you labors or just steal it.

   You perpetuate a sub class that is expanding as if socialism will heal the disparity. But in your small minds, in which you politicians are the pawns, think you are in control. For once as a politician look around to see what you have created. Are you proud of this when we could do so much better.

   Talib, I do not know what drug you are on (its a metaphor) as you are so sensitive, but the city of Detroit was one of America’s worst. But I do agree that Congress treats some better than others, like in the case of Omar. What she said, may have some aspects of the truth, but her words were insensitive, she needs to own this, with not apology, but action. There is another way as we all make mistakes. You quickly or already realize that Pelosi will use you and Omar, hides hate, craves power, and may throw you under the bus if needed. I did not agree with some of your tactics as all is not what it seems, but as a freshman, you need to learn. Beware of the new world order, once in you are lost.

   Love does overcome hate, but it does not work, if your heart is clouded by the wants of your world, which comes from another. Your perceived views are influenced, ask, is what you have accepted, is it backed by the Word, the Law of God and Jesus? You cannot have it both ways, choose. The Almighty destroyed this world over just homosexuality and sins far less than today. Allowed the Jews, His children to be enslaved by Pharaoh and genocide by the millions under a stooge of the new world order Hitler. He will do it again. If He did that to His children, what will He do with you? Change.

   The French have analyzed the voice and data recorders. They realize the cause is what all fear. It was an EMP pulse that confused the many of the aircraft’s sensors and the plane’s software responded locking out the pilots responses. The aircraft went into an emergency dive then compensated then drove again as the primary sensors related to air speed, altitude and cabin pressure detected false numbers oscillating from one extreme to another. For Boeing concentrate there for a quick fix. The delay for the data release is to find another reason that fits for the public and media, so six months was set, knowing what is to come. In six months the last thought on your mind, will be this Boeing plane.

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