Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 18 1:30 am EST

   Reviewing what went on Sunday night as the dust settles, words from Bernie are now irrelevant. Bernie states Trump praises the China virus response. The CDC was banned by China to enter. Do you remember? Chinaís response to the corona virus was hidden, which started in Wuhan, and your leaders can not speak the truth. They are idiots, people are dying, and you are worried about hurt feelings as to the source. You are so weak. China rounded up and cremated all that was infected, dead or alive in some cases. Over 500 K was eliminated. This was leaked by their own billionaires fleeing. You can not do that here. Italy will surpass China in deaths with a fraction of the population and better healthcare. This is your clue. Millions could die here, and Chinaís loss under 5,000. The numbers you are fed, are lies.

   You are seeing the result of globalism. Everyone shares until a crisis, and then you are on your own. All have shut down borders, but you like them open. Again your leaders are idiots. Free healthcare to illegals, so an illegal will get a bed over an American? Is that what you are saying out of compassion, while an American dies? Just who does your party represent? In a depression or recession there is no funds to pay for free healthcare for all, a green new deal and free college. You wonít even be able to fund social security or Medicaid, as few are working. America, this is your Biden future, but he wont worry about you, as the gravy train of influence peddling ramps right back up.

   You hear about the Paris Accord, which is nothing more than a shifty plan, to protect the elite from the common man, who will be taken by surprise in the upcoming pole shift. Shortages will occur in the cities, especially with the poor. You think they will shelter in place when things go south? Relocation to rural areas, you better have armed escorts. There will be untreated sewage that will run off into the streams and then drinking water, cholera will kill millions.

   Your Democratic cities are close to shi..oles. Education that are multiple grades behind the far east at the graduation high school level in science and math. The pipe dream, we will compete on the global level. They are lying. The few will. Many are addicted to social media, play video games, believe reality shows are real, obese, morality out the window, and continue to scheme, how to exploit disability at the work place, only in America. You canít handle the truth.

   I hear fracking is to be eliminated. So our money is to go to the Saudis and Russians, as they fight over the global market? Suddenly gas operated cars and trucks, get instantly replaced. Do you really think those cars will be destroyed, no sold over seas for massive profits, as you are force to buy a clean vehicle. You pay, they get rich. The air, clean here, but dirty over there. Clean energy will take years, and your proposals will awaken you. I have asked the Almighty to pummel the earth with a meteor shower, such that this world has never seen, in certain locales where your solar panels are. They will be destroyed, and the point, now what? Did you consider a meteor strike or volcanic explosion darkening your skies? No, and that day will come. Again these are your leaders.

   The corona virus has halted rallies, a big disadvantage to the Democrats going into this election. Conventions halted, favors Trump. You are building a base, Trumpís base is solidified. This is what you face. But the real danger, American is now close to a lock down in certain locations. People with time on their hand will research and find the Truth. Biden, you are toast. TV ads will not energize the public.

   There is the discussion on the payroll tax stopped or paid leave. Paid leave will invite fraud by the worker, no one will come to work, if you offer a salary with just an excuse. You are idiots, disability fraud is the biggest abuse in corporate America, just ask. A lump sum to the poor and unemployed, payroll tax exclusion for those working. Those who except the lump sum, are not eligible for the exclusion, once employed. Interest rates are at or near zero, so this will have little affect on ballooning the deficit. To do nothing, is to fail.

   By the way the elite have already fleeced the markets to the tune of trillions if a Democrat gets in on short selling. I watched Bernie, Warren, and Biden propose nothing to stop the trading abuse in the stock markets. As for Trump, he was muzzled by the new world order lap dog Mnuchin. You the public took a 20% hit. This will change.

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