Political Snap Shot

Contender Warren


Written Mar. 19 1am EST

    So Warren, you decide to show yourself to the world with questions accepted in advanced, and given to your staff as they prepped you. Then spout your canned answers with a false facade of enthusiasm. So lets examine your rhetoric, that you spew to the people of this Nation, you are bound to serve.

   You speak of reducing rents, primarily in the cities where many minorities live. Just how are you going to do that? As it is a supply and demand. Illegals entering this country many times live dozens to even more to a home or apartment in our cities. Payments gladly taken by landlords, who look the other way when getting paid. Rents skyrocket as a normal family no longer can afford it when availability shrinks. This is the truth. Your morals lead to open borders, and they have to live somewhere. Those you represent, pay the price. What is your answer, subsidize their rents at the expense of the taxpayer only to seem them rise in the usual government scams? You ignore the cause and throw money at any solution. These are your Democrats.

   I love this one, we must all come together to provide affordable healthcare. Yes you can cut profits at insurers and the prescription industry by maybe 7%, if you have the balls, but ask the doctors and administrators to take a pay cut, they will laugh. Cut their fees, they will retire, as they are already rich. Your idea is idiotic. The current plan is to do nothing. The illegals do not pay, and by law must be treated under emergency care, and hospitals pass the cost on to you, thus higher insurance rates. They keep the status quo and you are none the wiser. Do you really think Warren is going to get doctors to cut their pay? Letís all laugh.

   You state we are a nation of morals, as if you speak for the nation. So we are to believe families who have no job, housing or health care are saying invite the illegals and we shall pay. You again are an idiot. We have a legal immigration system for that, not promote jump the fence, oh forgot, you donít want one.

    Do not ask us to pay for your ideas that do not protect this nation. Or have you forgot you work for the American people first, not the illegal.

   Democrats controlled the cities for decades, in some cases back to the thirties. Yet in control, minorities only have 5 dollars to their 100. These were your words Warren and it was your party that was in control for almost 90 years in some places. Yes, this is the leadership we should trust in.

   Warren talked about the prospect of full time jobs returning, but how, when cheap undocumented labor flows across the border unimpeded. When asked about how she would she stop the flow, her answer after a pause, was to send money to corrupt governments hoping things will change. They wonít, they will steal the money. She is an idiot.

   You talked about student loan debt, about time, as none of you has done anything about predatory interest rates, as this is the problem. The Government should offer loans at 100 basis points above prime. But you wonít do this Warren, I ask why? Warren, almost all have to borrow money to go to college. By the way, I see your forum never addressed the cheating scandal depriving deserving students from getting an education. Oh again, that is on Hollywood and other rich Democratic donors. Republicans, yes they have privilege, they donate buildings.

   I was really surprised when you, Warren let the Native American question to the floor, guilt? But for you scary, for your political staff, it was tactical. Your mistake is that you stated your family had nothing to do with the decision. So now we know it was you that used a minority status to further your career in deceit, and now that you have come clean, we should trust you? Good job on deflecting the question, liars take notice.

   Warren as you address gun violence, you offer nothing. Most criminals buy their weapons on the street as not to be traced. But I guess, you did not think about that. People kill, not weapons. Can they move on their own? The problem stems from economics, envy, rage and the influenced human mind. Millions will not fall prey to the violence of the few, that are currently out of control. Now used to design laws against this nationís population and other countries. Should we have all whites in this nation stripped of their guns, as almost all mass shooting are attributed to them? Try it, as I point out your hypocrisy.

   This is a nation of law bidding citizens, and no matter their color, under the rights of the Second Amendment, have a right to own a gun in any fashion. Citizens follow the law, criminals commit crimes. The actions of the criminally insane does not give you the right to take away from those who never broke the law. I will expose all that want to take away the rights of Americans as you have no answers. As the global elite want to disarm us and their lackey politicians ask us to blindly follow. If needed, rise up. This is your leadership.

   So the rich will pay taxes? So I guess you are backed by the elite talking 2% above 50 million. Salaries are taxed, not stock options until made liquid, which comprises most of their salary by design, and I thought you knew finances. I guess not.

   If there was an election, Warren, you would get crushed. Go home and love your family while you still have time.

   By the way Trump, Biden is not low IQ. Don't repeat the statement.

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