Political Snap Shot




Written Mar. 20 1:15am EST


   We can address the Trump helicopter engine failure that was carrying Ivanka and Jared. The new world order sent a message to Trump. The point, we can get to your own and no one is out of our reach. The problem was that God the Father Almighty sent a message to those that the sabotage his own that were compromised with money, not wealth that would have resulted in the death of both, but are protected, you will not win. You took a step new world order as to hurt those who are family and you were told not to cross this line. So he dark one barks orders, you listen and you pay the price, so be it.

   As for the new world order they will suffer a 7 to 1 response to those you hoped to kill some of the executive family masking it as an accident of Trumpís staff in control of the helicopter. The world will not know as of now as to your crimes, but the Illuminati will know as the wrath of God hits your highest. I have sent he order as the Deliver and the Almighty remove your best in a coordinated effort in response to your feeble attempt.

   Trump is no fool, he would not fire Mueller, yet the media promotes this. There case is suspect and no man controls it. It is the evidence still in place if a person is removed. What you may find are people driven by greed, not betraying this country. This is the Truth.

   The meeting with N Korea does two things, it removal for starting WW3 as a proxy for Russia and China as they now they are the scape goat. Kim is no fool.

   The Houston bombings show several aspects of morphing. At first to send a message to minorities, but the picture has expand to include all as to avoid detention. A trip wire on a bike path, ask who would do this? The new world order is now shaping the public opinion of Houston, beware.


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