Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 20 1am EST


   Brexit in the UK again is under the thumb of the EU. You were told May has no point of leverage in the ongoing negotiations. No matter what Parliament passed to delay the exit, as without a deal that favors the EU, March 29 you are out. The UK will fall under the new world order, thus sweeping control of the EU. This is your fate, as May and Merkel are both new world order, and May’s point was to delay. By pushing proposals that would never be approved. The EU can crush you, and turn down your deal. May took away your leverage and wasted valuable time. She does not have your best interest, just like Merkel, and Macron of France. This is what you face.

   At some point the seat of Peter in Rome will fall to the dark one, under the guise of one new world religion, your clue, revolts in Europe turn bloody, and it is not God, they will honor. The Russians will push to the west crushing Europe as politicians freeze when they use conventional weapons with no time to place American troops as the local forces flee as cowards. Once in, then what? None of you want Trump to use the nuclear response. A land invasion costing hundreds of thousands of Americans and NATO does not even pay their bills, he will pass. The new world order is counting on this. Trump fooled once seeing the EU enslaved will level this world rather than fall to communism (socialism). The new world order again are counting on this as they want 90% population reduction. The hope, so they think survive in the bunkers while you die. This is your near term future. You were told this in the Bible, but your minds refuse to believe the Truth.

   You have been told the earth changes would ramp up, but it occurs overseas before here. Heed this. Your media has downplayed the devastation of Cyclone Idia. Over 2 million impacted just around the city of Beria. 95+% of the city destroyed and the hurricane force winds is held at 110 to keep it from major status by design. Do not raise panic levels in the world. Your eyes do not lie, it was stronger than reported by the destruction seen, as no measurements were taken in the city during impact. Devastating floods followed as the storm stalled and sweep away or drown thousands fleeing, they will never be found under the mud.

   Cyclones returning to the same areas of Mozambique and Zimbabwe will increase until it is uninhabitable. Use this as a blue print to the world’s coastal areas of what is to come as the storms intensify and become more frequent. I have told you as a representative of God the Father Almighty, you will be brought to your knees, until you realize man is not king. But, your Father who loves, you has a place. You are like junkies answering to another, death as you see your world crushed or come home. It is your choice.


   Enjoy your down time as hell will break loose. The floods in the mid west will pass on as they move south, but something new will capture your attention. Quickly switching, next week would be a good time to release the Mueller report as I will be offline next Monday to Saturday due to special work.

    Message for Ana, all I will say, is again, all is not what it seems. You will get proof that McCain was allegedly prosecuted in a military tribunal for treason against the United States, and for now, this statement is alleged until proven. He was part of a movement to subject this nation under the one world government as Hillary committed too. When they worked together, they did not protect the interest of the people of the United States. Look for the pictures of the single grey boot. The Bible does not lie. As a representative of God the Father Almighty, McCain’s spirit is not with us. No matter how you spin his earthly life, you have no clue as to the orientation of his soul, as you see only the outside facade.

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