Political Snap Shot


Written Mar. 20 4 pm EST

   This country is in the heart of a pandemic, but you refuse to call it by its rightful name, the plague. We are in the End Times. New York and California should have put in place a modified version of total shutdown, where NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Albany, Erie, Monroe, Fairfield CT. counties are in total lockdown. The rest of the state, some counties with no infected, placed on a voluntary stay in place. Hot zones to be added as needed to control the spread. In Northern California non agriculture areas, should invoke a less restrictive plan. Why the blanket policy? Large numbers of people from New Jersey and Connecticut who worked in the city, are they closed? Leaders need to lead.

   This virus has exposed your weaknesses and shows you, how your politicians have sold you out. Supplies put in place due to previous administrations were inadequate for a pandemic. When needed they were discarded, due to false tests and age. You would not have known unless needed, but finger pointing prevails. The policy of open borders and the rights of illegals is now a threat to your lives. You did not listen. No wall, now you can’t build it fast enough. Free health care for illegals, in this case it will cost certain Americans their lives. The service industry devastated, so where will those 30 plus millions here illegally work? Crime that is a guarantee with no source of income. With no health care overcrowded homes hiding the virus, will spread rapidly. This was the primary reason California shut down, but they won‘t tell you this. A certain political platform will not spin in the national election, and Biden will get crushed. They will not care for the green new deal, as people are dying now. This is where your politicians lack common sense.

   You will bring production back to America, as the fools that have led you, moved what is essential to this nation to an enemy country. You say China is a model to fight this virus, so you want to kill the infected? That is how, they stopped it. They lost between 500 K to 1 M, but again you won’t know the true numbers, but you hear the rumors.

   Now you are afraid, and your way of life is interrupted. For once look around and see the value in others, for soon many will not be with you. It will not be the virus that does it. I see party on. Your leaders caught short selling and profiting off of your fears in the stock market. Lose their fortunes, no way, then they will be just like you. The fearful hoarding, as if supplies will save them in the long run. I told you, watch as the rich and powerful get infected and die, no matter their precautions. You were told the disasters would start quickly, and they are here. You have time, but not much as you will experience a greater plague shortly. As for the antichrist he will rule for 40 days in his physical persona. This is yet to come, still months away. The Olympics will be cancelled due to quake devastation in Japan. As for America, you will shortly face a set of new disasters.

   Reflect during this time of Lent and remember, Jesus died for your souls on the cross. When you face death, call out His Name, and let Him save your soul. The earth is being cleansed, and all that is rotten including false religions, shall be swept away in phases. You will watch in disbelief.

   As for that confrontation at the noon news conference between Peter and Trump today. It was a baited question on fear. All resources are to be used in a pandemic. It is about saving lives, not a battle of words on whether the FDA will allow a drug already approved for Malaria to be used for the corona virus. It will be approved for compassionate cases. What was worse, the constant collusion of other reporters intensifying the battle. I don’t care if Trump cursed out the reporter, he knew what he was doing, the focus was on a health care crisis, as this is not the time for petty fights or your feelings getting hurt. Are you children?

   Just a side note, many are home and watching all things, instead of a spin on a news show, beware.

Update Mar. 20 8:50 pm EST

   Brief update on the Senator that appeared on Tucker tonight. She was lying. Look at her body language. No one sells all of their portfolio and then with great accuracy, buys stocks needed in a pandemic. They were stupid enough to do it them selves, as most in your government used family members or proxies to go short, off setting their loses of hold during a crisis. Check it.

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