Political Snap Shot




Written Mar. 22 3am EST


   There are just a few events to be addressed here. You were told the Podesta leaks were internal long ago and Comey backed this finally. Yes he is investigating a Russian connection, but he already knows they will find nothing as a compromise to telling the truth. If there was collusion, this would have been revealed before the election. The Russian connection was put in place to help Hillary and crush Donald. That is the bottom line. I told you, when there is a leak; its source belongs to those that it is suppose to help. The leak was executed by an internal that seemed loyal to Hillary, until he read the emails, he was sworn to protect. He went public covertly and the source of the leak was traced backwards and he was eliminated in a manner to send a message for the next potential leak and all on the inside all know who orchestrated this death.

   So how did Comey know the Russians were not behind the leak? This was easy as the NSA was monitoring the transfer of data from Podesta and the DNC and knew it was an inside job, but the ip addresses pointed back to the Russians as a cover to prevent detection from Hillary and the DNC. The problem is they had help from moles loyal to the new world order.  When revealed to the public, the NSA provided the source of the leak to the Hillary campaign, thus he was killed. This is your government.

   Not one of you will even whisper the word. As journalist when will you take your heads out of your asses? Trump was warned the White House was and is tapped as the white elite wanted anything on Obama. This is the Truth. And now you took the information to a personal level of home. It was here the wise would be quiet as the new world order has practiced over the last several centuries.

   Many wireless devices within Trump Tower are compromised, but this cannot be proven. The information was given to give Trump was a heads up and sometimes what you are given even if these devices were detected, you see nothing. What you say can not be backed up in public. Sometimes a closed mouth does much more than revealing the Truth for a short term perceived gain in a hostile media. Heed this.

   You say Trump is giving push back against Merkel and May and this is not how we treat our allies. They are not our allies. They are lapdogs of the new world order and answer to them, again either you refuse to see this or are in denial. Their agenda is to reduce the world population by war, which has been planned for centuries, but are on hold due to a Hillary loss and not warning coastal cities of their impending doom due to the up coming earth changes.

   Merkel has betrayed the EU and is working with Russia to enslave the EU under atheism and communism. This Trump knows and why he will not support NATO who does not pay its fair share and has a backroom deal with Russia and China to bring in the new world order. There is nothing worse than a traitor that does pay their bill. You have friends that skip out on bills, smile and play the game. This happens on a global level by design. This is why Trump preaches America first and traitors to mankind are not wanted. The world will not see this until it is too late, but listen to your subconscious, listen to your id.

   Republicans, the healthcare revision is stacked against you. Yes, the programs presented to America put in place by Obama Care is unsustainable, but remember some of your members are on the payroll of the Pharmaceuticals companies as are the Democrats and they want this revision to fail. So what to do?

   Play their bluff and allow the turn coats Republicans to bail stopping your plan. This will be a good thing as it allows you the time to prepare a new comprehensive plan where the elderly with means pay their fair share and the poor get a plan that sustains a minimal health care plan without bankrupting the system. Because, if the Health Care plan fails due to insolvency, then all will lose.

   Cap lawyer’s fees on negligence cases. Crush Medicaid and Medicare repeat billing fraud. Stop medical tests meant to increase profits for doctors. Prevent lawsuits that exploit all options not pursued as if they can prevent death by medicine when God controls life, not man. There are no guarantees.

   The medical industry in this country is about expensive prescriptions, tests, and sues if the procedure goes south. Trump, take the money out of medicine for Pharmaceutical and lawyers and let the doctors make a decent living without crushing insurance premiums and provide affordable care for all Americans. This is your job.

   As for Rockefeller’s death, he is home. Kissinger, have you wonder why he has not contacted you? He that you have worshipped has lied to you and David. The world you were promised is hell. This is why there is silence. Heed this warning Jew as you will not get another and be lost.


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