Political Snap Shot




Written Mar. 22 7:30pm EST

Update Mar 23 2am EST


   As predicted, the UK was given an ultimatum by the EU. Did you MPs not vote to turn down your PM May’s deal? I told you she and the EU are new world order, but both seem to be at odds in public, but behind closed doors, they have the same agenda. Now your blinders have been lifted. As no new deal was offered. Now you in the House of Commons are under the thumb of the EU. If you do not accept May’s deal, you have no deal and a couple of weeks. I say, no deal is better than a bad deal. This is on you. Accept and you get 2 months of a transition period, to where that you hope to escape from that which controls your nation. You need not, fall prey to the threats of Merkel, May or any from the EU like Macron, as it is time for stand up for the UK and break. Look at this as Dunkirk, where to can fight again or surrender. MPs you have a voice, the voice of England, the old Empire. Turn down May’s new world order deal, as it is not in your nation‘s best interest.

   A warning for America, as the New Zealand leader has enacted a confiscation of all semi automatic weapons and you think she her nation’s best interest? She crumbled like a fresh picked leaf left in the desert heat. It was not a New Zealander, that attacked the mosques, but you pay the price. He was a plant to disarm your population by design, just as the towers fell in NYC spurring a designed narrative to find WMD that did not exist, and this nation spent trillions. Do you feel safer or did many get rich?

   People kill, not weapons. Shortly, only the evil will have weapons, and they will slaughter you. Never let a designed attack, dictate your laws. Check the shooter’s background, and you will see, it leads to the elite and new world order. Your leaders are either inept or in. It is you, New Zealanders that suffers, as China is eyeing your nation. Ask why, are there a sudden influx of westerners to your nation? When duped, you have no weapons, when you learn the truth.

   The goal of the new world order is to disarm American by any means necessary. They have staged shootings, just like in California where none of the shooters had the physique of a woman. If they can remove Trump, martial law will be declared and you the liberals for the most part will be trapped in flooded coastal cites, where little aid shall come. Those that make it to rural areas, MAGA country through the blockades, will not fare well. This is your future in the End Times, if you do not change it.

   Addressing the Golan Heights, the UK under the UN gave Israel (the Jews who were not wanted in Europe) a specific plot of land and the borders were set. As England controlled the area as one of its colonies. Due to the massive assistance from the United States, you won both wars. You would have won anyway, but with massive destruction to Israel and a great loss of life.

   You as a nation, claims land as war spoils. This was not yours, as you stole it, no matter what the Trump Administration states now, as the Almighty disagrees with his decision, although he is still one of His own. Confiscation of land does not create safety, only hate for what you took, from those you seek protection from. It is about new settlements. Return it, as this is an order from the Almighty. Refuse and as an representative of my Father God the Father Almighty, the antichrist will lay waste to your land and your people, I will not stop it. This is not a joke, as again I do not bluff. The choice is your’s God’s Children. You made many mistakes and paid a severe price many times. Do you need another?


   As the Mueller investigation comes to a conclusion, and he report now released to the AG so you speculate. Many on both sides of the isle and the American people, have many questions. Little will be found pointing to Trump. What you need to look at, is was the DNC and RNC that sent talented people to the Trump campaign by design. He was an outsider and trusted their political advice. There were all recommended, this is what you, the American public and the slanted media do not understand. We have seen this before in the time of McCarthy in the fifties accusing many of being communist. Almost all was false and many lives destroyed. Are you going to run down that same rabbit hole? I hope not, as your future may be in peril, as the truth comes out. Again I say choose. What the media also needs to understand is, if there no crime, there is no obstruction.

   A Marine Commandant states our border commitments strains this nation’s security. Commander our first and really only duty is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. Now those that flow across the border unimpeded, pose a financial threat in the billions of dollars. The Muslim threat has been down played after the shooting in New Zealand, but it is still there. We do not need their oil and it would end there, but you are greedy. Your job is to protect America first.

   Pompeo stated that God sent Trump to protect the Jews. This is not true, he was sent by God to protect America from the new world order, Hillary and McCain, who are traitors to this nation, no matter what is said in the controlled media. In the End Times, the Jews are defiant and still refuse to recognize their Lord and Savior Jesus, whom under the order of their ancestors, killed Him. I ask after 2000 years, and you are smart, you really need to reconsider. Netanyahu is new world order, vote him out.

   Pelosi has seen dissention grip her party, as you were told. The new women freshmen are out of control, and within the DNC, the first step is to reign them in, with a leader they respect and trust. So Obama was called in by design. These women are a new breed. As they over time observing the Democratic Party, see flaws, but hope. AOC is being put on the cover of Time and Obama sent to reign her in. The conference behind closed doors perceived in the media to include all, is a façade, will she listen? AOC is again defiant, the Time cover was not asked for like other politicians, but given. In the hope she will fall in line. This will not happen as the cover, now will elevate her. The Democrats missed this one and now you have a pit bull, good luck.

   Update on Boeing, the public has clues as to the cause of the accident, but what will not be revealed, is that the sensors causing the dive due to an override from the MCAS system, was from a outside EMP pulse. Both flights experience the same event. Boeing employed an MCAS system to save the plane in an emergency. What they did not count on, was an external EMP due to an End Times pulse, overloading the plane’s sensors. This is now being corrected. Was this scenario on the 2.5 hour I-Pad training, no, which should have been sufficient?


Update Mar. 23 2am EST




   What the media does not understand about the Mueller report is that they could have indicted Trump’s sons and Kushner. This did not happen along with Trump. The weekend releases was a blessing for me, thank you Mueller. Now for the Truth.

   Mueller knew from the beginning this was a political witch hunt, but as a patriot, if Trump was a traitor as all was telling him, it was his mission to bring him down. Justice has no party, Democratic or Republican. For Mueller it is about the sanctity of the law in the United States of America, no matter who falls.

   For Mueller, he found that our political system was interconnected and run by those who used their positions on both sides to advance their wealth. It is about taking advantage of the newcomer before they knew, they are being played as in the case of Trump. Trump was warned of insiders, who were moles, and almost all were indicted. For the record, did Trump inflate his wealth to take advantage of the bankers, yes. He is still a billionaire no matter how you spin it. As revealing his tax returns had he lost, would have shut that down. All rich people play the same game, as he never expected to win backed by the polls. Life must go on.

   All associates of political Trump were brought together only due to the campaign, and recommended by the DNC (Podestas and Manafort) and the RNC, for all the others. All were convicted of crimes before the association with Trump, but you in the media, do not see this. With no collusion, which means no crime. Then there is no obstruction, if the crime does not exist.

   Mueller has pushed back, as for what he has known 3 months into the investigation. What will be redacted is the agreements to let the Podestas and the FBI denied access to Hillary’s servers. He is aware that the Hillary campaign started the Russian collusion by design to win the election, but Mueller has chosen to with hold this information for the good of the country, but let the Democrats take a hit with his report as not to destroy the system, but events can change.

   For you in the media, few will listen to you again, when the earth changes go south. All parties are on board. All know 2020 election will not come about, as most are looking for cabinet positions as they cannot win if it occurs. This is how you Americans are being played. All will come to together to save America in the end as they have no choice, as they know I will reveal all with the guidance of the Almighty. Hillary and McCain will not be saved, give it up and move on. A warning to the liberal media, keep pushing, and what the DNC did to keep Trump from winning will be revealed. Please test me, as only the Almighty is holding me back. I told you, He has unlimited mercy, I don’t.

   The liberal media is fixated on the Trump’s opponents the 3 B’s. What about the women in the presidential race? The Democrats allow the women to join the field to appear as diverse along with token Booker, but will withhold funding and twist the polls. This is how they operate. As Biden and Bernie are not backed by the core as they are seen as the past, but public polls show them as leaders. But you are led to believe, they are the future. Warren is done. Gellibrand and Harris may get a cabinet post or VP from Beto if this earth is still around. No mater what they tell you, social services going out and little money coming in. It is debt and when the money is done, it is over. When you cannot pay your mortgage, you are kicked to the curb. Then you think back, save the world, sacrifice for the new green deal when the world lets you pay the bill. Protect us from terror and when others will pay little like NATO. This is your delusional world.

   President Carter is now the longest living president, God has bless him. I owe you an apology Jimmy. I voted for Ford because, you were from what I thought was racist, a peanut farmer from Georgia. I was wrong, as I saw what you stand for. The Deep State sabotage the mission to rescue the hostages. They replace you with a backroom deal with Reagan as it would have worked. This was by design. The Almighty sees you as a hero in your past, and now for what you and you wife do. God the Father Almighty states, “God Bless”, He has a place for you.

   With the college admission scandal, some kids should not take the brunt of what their parents did in most cases. Do not revoke degrees if the kids earned it. The rich donate millions and all related get in. This is your hypocrisy.

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