Political Snap Shot





Written Mar. 23 3am EST


   There are two practices of collusion that should worry about, what you still call your free world. First, with the media that has downplayed the third and forth Noríeasters and the California floods, which is now affecting and area of drought that burnt large areas of Southern California. No one explains the switch from drought to floods, but it is made to appear normal as the east coast storms. This will now ramp up with a new set of events yet unrevealed, that will raise eyebrows as to something is wrong to the common man and confirm those in the know. You brought this upon yourselves.

   I have told you, the puppet master now aka satan incarnated in his body controls by proxy most US corporations. So his control of the minds of the weak to create havoc and death and has an agenda to disarm this nation. This is a fact. He has moved to the next phase. By pushing the corporations, which he controls through his vast wealth are not shutting down access to weapons and you donít see this.

   No corporation cares about the common man, as they consider them as sheep to be put into financial slavery by your banks. War and violence between two parity groups has been the way to maximize profits through the last 6 centuries under the false name of the Rothschilds. Now they want one side armed. This is the clue. You are being set up for the slaughter to harvest the most souls, do you not fear this? As many will do anything as in selling their soul to live. This is the plan. So continue to listen to the liberal idiots who are just pawns in his plan.

   Trump is still cleaning house. As the leak about Putin, came from within. Bolton is of the mindset if Russia attacks, which it will, there will not be delayed response. There is self destruct just incase. Multiple sea based launches will occur and all will know. If Hillary was in charge, the same orders would be stand in place as was in Benghazi, wait. Just like the general promoted on CNN today professing tolerance and a wait t see. This would allow the US to be crushed in a short war, with minimal damage in China & Russia, thus the invasion of Europe and the US would proceed as the dark cloud of the new order descends over this country as you pled for peace. This is the present plan.

   The China tariffs are to suppress the flow of funds out of this country fueling their armies. Yes they were given technology by the corporations to gain entry. As these corporations saw a market share, that is more important than intellectual property. The shock, China was given the technology by American corporations as a bribe, to enter their markets of over a billion people, knowing they had something better down the line. The trade imbalance offers huge corporate profits, but they send their citizens to buy up your land and homes, displacing the poor first and now the middle class, an example Queens NY. They constricted wages under the guise of competition and allowed cheap labor to penetrate a porous border by design over the years. Your own, sold out the American worker for market share in a foreign country that would enslave this nation. This is written in the Bible, but you think this is figurative language, but you are so wrong.

   Again, in the deep state, they are still using women to force an impeachment on Trump with many other charges. All knew the women that approached the Trump Organization to extract funds. All knew they were insulated from Trump as he did not need to know. All know this was blackmail, yet there are no charges pending. As contact was initiated by the women seeking money and settled for around 150k as none thought he would win.  Opportunities have now changed.

    Not that he has the deep state pushed the idea of riches. All are trying to break their contracts of confidentiality for more wealth and fame. They are greedy and by the Hand of God shortly, they shall be shutdown or eliminated by the same that gave them the go ahead. What is the threat? All are working in collusion and the will presented to mankind unless they are dead. As for McDougal, I agree you told the truth, for men they have their reasons and for Trump. You were worth it as a forbidden love, but he was married and beware of the people who pushed you into the media. Few will destroy their families for the temporary excitement of sex that fades over time. This is what you realized. You can not spend money in hell. 95%+ of men and now 60%+ of women do cheat in marriage in relationships; it is higher, as this is why there are breakups. In your minds it is close to 100% for all, but you fear the destruction of the family. Almost all are living a lie and for the most part, it is not worth it. What about Melania, she did the same thing she knew the risks. Now it is only about saving face as the cheating is public, when private citizens it is accepted among the elite.

   For Trump, these are your new orders from the Almighty. You are to set up an expanded Army Reserve with pay and training to a half million who need help and able within the next 4 months accelerated intense training to deflect the deep state agenda to disarm the American public. All will be told there is no overseas deployment only. This is not a request, make it so quietly and to the media please make this public and I will ask the Almighty to revoke His gift of life through what you see as natural causes for the violators.

   I say this, the quakes and tsunamis will come and millions will die along with pandemics. Religious persecution will swiftly bring all under one, the new world order as time is short. To the religions that promise salvation through the rapture, when it does not come they will profess Jesus has come, but it will be the antichrist. Heed this.


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