Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 23 3:15 am EST


   During these times, many are listening to misleading opinions on the media, and even more so, online, with no pertinent history over a decade. They pop up as false prophets. You were warned of these times. Now what you have not been told, about the spin regarding the corona virus.

   US intel (NSA) monitoring China picked up social chatter of an unknown sickness spreading through out several cities in late Dec. 2019, but most cases centered in Wuhan. At the same time, unexplained heat signatures (infrared satellite real time detection) rising from certain buildings weeks later, as cargo in and little goes out. An alarm was sent out and certain agencies of world, that took notice. The US tried to get eyes on the ground, but the CDC was not granted access being the best in the world. The Chinese were frighten that the CDC would discover little control, and ask where are the infected? The WHO a small tentacle in the new world order shut down the true extent of the virus, stating it was under control. They made sure the media did not use the word pandemic. These are facts.

   The Trump administration imposed a shutdown for all travel from China first, then Italy. This was condemned by Biden, Pelosi and many Democrats as not necessary at the time. A decision this nation would have regretted had they been in power. But, if you asked the general public, they believe the distraction, this nation acted too late due to the spin. This is the problem with lies, that are against our Nation Security.

   Did Trump down play the virus at first? Yes. With the death toll in the few thousands in China, which was a lie. The epidemic here, with a superior medical system, could handle the spread of the virus. This was the preliminary assessment from those in intel. Then certain Chinese billionaires fleeing China revealed hundreds of thousands were being cremated. That could not be revealed, and this is where we stand. But reps and Senators in the know sold stocks and other financial instruments, told their families and you take a hit on your 401s. Now they fight over a package that will support you for weeks, and they are rich. You do not see the big picture, America. Yes corporate shall not take advantage, but truth be told, both some workers and corporate will bleed the system. This is a fact.

   FEMA supplies are in place, if needed, we have tests and supplies in place. This is what he was told. What about today? There is a panic rush on hospitals to get tests, as people fear for there lives. A cough and a sneeze, and all want a test. This is your problem. Just like all those who panic bought basic supplies, and now short of funds, want to return items, good luck idiots.

   Those in positions of power from left over administrations fearing for their jobs, because of incompetence, lied. This is why Trump fired the Pandemic Team, but little filtered down. Little to nothing was in place, and you see that today. You ask, why, what we have stored for emergencies, has not been released? You were told this is the 3rd major event that went from one country, Australia, to a region East Africa, now to the world. Many more are to come, but are not needed for this event. Millions will lost in the future and tens thousands, now are deemed expendable. These are the numbers your politicians are allowing to die without revealing the full truth.

   Your leaders are not laughing any more, right Romney as you have the virus. You can change, or the Almighty can change you. You choose. Those associated with the new world order are being removed from your world. Merkel you can prepare, plead, scream, when it is time, it is time. As you plot to join the Russians to rule the EU, yes she betrayed the people, as many in Brussels also did this also. This is why the EU is a hot spot, and NYC is a cesspool of morality. The Almighty is just starting.

   Few of you have listened. Most have harden their positions, as if you listening to those, you think know, are leading you astray. The Almighty has approved my request to level certain areas in China with earthquakes. The sad part, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia will take collateral damage to start. With the massive death tolls, most of the buried will be eaten by rats, birds and insects, and the their populations will explode. This will be the source of your next plague, as it attacks the children living without shelter. Exterminate, how in the rubble of cities with survivors. You refuse to listen. Again I say, your leaders are worse than Pharaoh, as you think your science will save you, instead of God. You will be brought to your knees. Change!

   A special message for that elder of a certain religious faith. Yes the end times are here, but your promise that your flock will be saved, is a lie. You can not save your self, but you will hide to fulfill your scriptures until found after stealing millions. Remember your faith hid many sexual abuses that would bring down some our your top elders. It will be exposed.

   Jesus is the Son of God, and died on a cross for your sins. The passage written when He judges, He states I do not know you, even though you preached the Word applies to you and most of your followers. Tell your faithful the truth, before the Almighty destroys your headquarters as an example. You listened to satan and built your church on the Ramapo fault line. If you and your pathetic elders have compassion for those you fleeced, your followers, as you run and hide in your bunkers. Then tell them the Truth. The 144 thousand are God’s Army on earth to fight satan. They are not part of the Rapture, read. The Bible states no harm shall come to them, if taken they would not need the Seal from God. Cowards like you, need not apply. The Rapture will take only the spiritual pure, mostly in the disasters as they face death. They will just disappear. It is through Grace, and when you have your sins absolved, which can be done only in the Roman Catholic Church. The plague will ravage your false church especially in New York and the innocent spared. There is a God that loves all on the earth, just ask for forgiveness.

Update Mar. 23 11:59 pm EST

   I have watched Congress debate, and not one of you has the courage to solve this. Voting across party lines forbidden when Americans are dying. This is when they need you the most. You are idiots. So the Almighty will solve this. There will be accountability of corporate America to choose workers first instead of stock holders. This time, you take the loss. For the Democrats there will be no padding the bill with pet projects. None of you brought up a ban for short selling, as you get rich. How pathetic. I told you, you can not spend money in hell. You will not win in November, no matter how you spin it. The truth, many of the Democrats will be displaced from their homes. I told you Biden will stumble, as you see the signs. Only after you nominate Biden will he fail. This is a promise.

   The American people are hurting, and in your wisdom, it is to extract political points. I am giving Congress one chance, to get this right for America. Past the bill, invoke GM and others to produce ventilators at an emergency rate. What is funny, is that no one addresses the elephant in the room. Why don’t you ask China for the excess ventilators that saved their people, since they no longer need them? The point there is none to give. They eliminated those infected. Numbers do not lie.

   The Almighty has authorized the Angel of death by my request. Approve a package for Americans that is fair to the worker, but holds corporate America to prevent enrichment of stockholders and those that control them. It is about saving industries, instead of profits for once. Refuse to pass this measure, and the plague will hit certain key members of the House. The Almighty always starts at the top by my request, but it is by His Hand.. Solve this. You have hours.

   The virus will stop, and you will make inroads towards a vaccine, only because it was allowed. It could have been incurable, but wasn’t. You will face new challenges. The point come home.

Update Mar. 24 11:45 pm EST

   Pelosi, I see you did not heed the Almighty’s warning, as if you can bargain. So be it. Those who get infected can point the finger at you. Just asking, where is Nadler and Schiff hiding, in a private hospital? I hope not. Oh, Nadler is with his wife. Nadler, call out to the Almighty and His Son, but you have to renounce the new world order. Did you not beat obesity? Do it and know they will come for you. This is your choice. There will be no green deal or bail outs for foreign corporations. Pelosi, the voters will hang you out to dry, when they find out about Nibiru. I told you, this pandemic was to put in place to facilitate a health care system that will be under less stress. Improving in the coming disasters, which few of you have adequately prepared for. The sad part, those with connections will get the beds and the rest, left to die. This is what you face, but few will voice this. Italy has done this, where few over sixty gets a ventilator.

   Governor Cuomo, you took the bold step of shutting down New Rochelle, but New York City is out of control and far worse. Your surrounding states are imposing self quarantine for anyone leaving that infected area. The residents are out of their minds, traveling in packed subway trains, and I ask, going where? That was just today! A social media party, women, drinks to relieve boredom, and you think they will stay home? They will all be there. This is their mindset. On the dark side, what about the prostitutes, as if they, male and gay are going to turn down ass at a reduced price? Then those walking the streets will spread it to their bisexual lovers. This is the Truth.

   Shut the city down. Close all the bridges and tunnels, except to crucial traffic in NYC up to your father‘s bridge for 3 weeks. Shut the subways down. Nothing gets north of 287 in Westchester and Orange and Rockland counties. 95 North shall be closed at Greenwich CT. You will use the National Guard or barriers with sensors to protect the back roads. Do it now, or the Almighty will. Airports (JFK, LGA, Republic, MacArthur) will remain open as a sealed transfer point only for arrival, no passengers boarding from NYC or the other infected counties. I do not bluff, it takes only a small tremor to disable a bridge or tunnel or that Con Ed nuke plant on that Hudson. This is serious.

   The media today took Andrew’s words out of context. This time, Trump did not think, as delivery is very important here. Yes we must revive the economy, but not at the expense of lives. This was the point, and what Trump said seemed to say, we will start up the economy in some areas, and health risks may take a back seat, wrong message. It will be a balance, as you know this will end. You will reduce restrictions where the threat is under control or eradicated. This is what you should have said. Same message, different tone.

   Do you really fear Biden will beat you? The economy was crushed by the virus, had Hillary been in charge we would be in a depression. Then you have no faith. He is toast, and if he was not running, he would be wearing the boot. You made a mistake, now correct it, and move on. Give Cuomo what he needs, now. For the media, lay off. By the way my younger brother, wife and children yells at me too, call my mom. I am not a phone guy, as your intel tells you, I do not own a cell or use social media. I feel your pain Andrew, but we must sometimes, make that extra effort.

   Just know the voluntary effort to produce goods has an ulterior motive. Some companies are true to help, others want to control the supply line and pricing. just telling you.

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