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Written Mar. 25 11:59 pm EST


   As the world spirals into turmoil, lets step back and gain some perspective. The world leaders of the past took land from the Palestinians and gave to the Jews knowing this would create future confrontations in the Middle East by design. You need to contemplate the reason why. Today as we see, millions are being displaced to find the few. Remember what was given by God can be taken away. Many of the Jews left the promise land by choice for the wealth of Europe. And you think the Almighty allows you to come back and claim it under British rule? You were placed there for the continuation of war. If you kill a family member, like an octopus there are many arms.

   No amount of American fire power will turn this. Does not the US military complex sell weapons to your adversaries? For every Hamas killed, there are many family members that step up. Millions are sending up prayers to the Almighty, as He is also Allah. All see the destruction under the guise to hunt your enemies, but are you going to rebuild for more Israel settlements in Gaza or rebuild for the displaced Palestinians? Tell your intentions to the world, but you will not.

   I give this as a warning, the Almighty is not fooled by the leadership. Nor is your actions against the population of Palestine approved quietly. Remove the Hamas quickly, because your method of eradication does not work. The Almighty knows this is a land grab, as He has conveyed to me. You as Jews were given the secrets of the atom and rocketry. You were given control of the banking industry of the world. You were given Israel. What has your nation done to improve the world?

   Yes there was the Holocaust, but this was at the hands of mankind. The Almighty gave mankind free will. Did your ancestors reject the Son of God? Yes, as they expect wealth instead of humility. Now change this and let go of the past. Each and everyone of need not express this publicly. This will only lead to scorn by those not ready to accept. The Almighty has never and He means never going to talk to your Jewish elders again. In the past 2000 years all is quiet.. This will never change or wait you can wait for it. All need to come through His Son, whether you believe Jesus walked the earth or never came according to your scriptures. There are no exceptions or wiggle room. For those who suffered the Holocaust at the hands of man, be careful of a vengeful God. Moses lead your nation from the grip of pharaoh, but now he leads all of Godís children as the End Times approach. The question, will you be part of this salvation.

   As we enter Holy Week where your ancestors demanded the execution of Jesus, He died for everyone including you, the Jews. Your elders had no clue, and let not their decision reflect your future. Jesus forgives all including the murder of Himself, the Son of God. You just need to ask. Remember your parents Adam and Eve were banished to this hell world for biting an apple of knowledge, what do you think, was the repercussions from your elders actions of crucify Him? All of you need to know who died for your sins or your world will be destroyed by chaos that is only beginning. Letís everyone pray the Rosary.

   Look, with all in power even here in the United States, does not always line up with what is right. This is why we vote. The people in Gaza are not responsible for the actions of the few. The people of Israel are not responsible for the actions of their military. I want to give you a scenario. If the gangs in Long Island NY killed and raped several families, would law enforcement level the entire inner city in Nassau Co. as a response? Yet this is what we have on the world stage. There is a better way.

If the Unites States shuts down military funding, the Israelis will dig into there resources, as the goal is let the US taxpayers pay. The current Israeli plan is gut the region, so Palestinian repopulation does not occur and they relocate. The news focuses on the hostages, which most are dead. Really 700 to 40 who does that? You have millions with no homes and infrastructure, who is going to pay for reconstruction? No one, they are expected to move on. Can Israel threaten a nuclear response? Against who, the weapons suppliers? Many nations on earth sells to terrorists through proxies. Now the Almighty can level Israel with an earthquake and a following tsunami washing inland a 100 miles and solve the issue. The choice is yours. Your Jewish leadership is an embarrassment to the world, as your people want safety, not more terrorists to avenge their dead. Clean it up or the Almighty will. Remember I am just the messenger looking out for you.

   The Biden Administration was given no option for change. This is why meetings are cancelled. So this nation funds them, give them all military supplies and they walk over an their offensive? When are you going to lead or then you do not have power, which is it? For Netanyahu fix this. As it only takes one earth change to give you a new perspective on power from the Almighty. Heed this.

   For the rest of the world, what happen in Russia was no ISIS-k attack. It was a warning from the new world order, no leader steps out of line. All of you are on your own, as it goes south from here.

Revised Mar. 31 8 pm EST

   I have little time to address this message. Netanyahu, just because the United States supports your right to exist, does not mean you dictate internationally policy, as if we are your step child. Remember what is given can be taken away. As the Mexican president was told and now you, know you place. The Almighty is getting tired of your actions. You can hunt for Hamas, but you if you destroy the city and its infrastructure, there will be hell to pay. It only takes 1 Russian missile to level the country, is that what you want? Think twice about the world risking nuclear war over your actions, as many will just look away. Then what, as you and others emerge from bunkers weeks later. The world will not incinerate billions over your actions. You were told to find another way, find it now. This is your responsibility. What is the number of Hamas dead needed for you to be satisfied for those who were killed unjustly? Tell the world instead of hiding behind an agenda. Rafa will not become a pile of rubble with millions of innocent souls to find a few. Find them, kill them and leave.

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