Political Snap Shot



Written Mar, 27 11:59 pm


   As this nation forges ahead to revive stability on our border, lets examine the facts. You were told this was a humane effort, but the current laws for asylum does cover most crossing the border, as they are fleeing poverty. The sinister plot is to replace low income employees with the migrants. This is occurring now. Political candidates have a vested interest to give back to the donors. So if you follow the money trail, migrants are being sent to their hotels by design, no matter the spin in the media. Debits cards in the thousands given to migrants without verification, how much is pocketed? Lets all get in line.

   We as a nation need immigrants, where assimilation and job needs, allow all from the world to come to this country to contribute. You donít skip the line and pay no fees. This is not 1890, where all was welcome and some do not get this. Over 30 million crossed the border in the last 3 years on top of the 50 million now in the US. Yes they lied to you. Look around and your eyes do not deceive you. 11 million was the number of illegals in 1960 and you think this has not changed? What we do not want, is those who have integrated into society and contribute to be deported. A change is needed.

   President Obrador you are correct the population of the US has a drug problem and the cartels only offer a paid solution for demand. You are correct that US corporations corrupted governments in Central and South America for profits. You are correct that there an underground highway from Mexico to US military bases to facilitate the transfer of drugs and human trafficking. I was personal told of this from a geological survey team that found it south of San Diego.

   What you Obrador will not do on the world stage, is dictate terms. Your country has no power, and you need to stay in your place. Yes your idea of billions of dollars to support the structure to improve life in Central America is long over due and will be given, but steal from the fund and you will see judgment. Reduce the migrant flow. No one wants to see special forces take out the cartels. It is getting to that point and no one wants to go there. Ok you say this is a double standard, I know. Clean up will shortly begin in the US targeting certain politicians who profited. It will start at the top and eliminate all those living from the past. Watch as many will die of natural causes from the Almighty. When reading this, all have the option to change, the choice is yours.

   Now President Obrador, I want you to think of your petrol industry and volcanoes near Mexico City. I do not bluff. Clean this up or the Almighty will. Heed this.


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