Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 30 8pm EST


   Prime Minister May is hoping to propose a fourth vote in the Brexit process, but the offer from the EU was firm, and states no changes will occur. May is a pawn and was given a deal that would control the UK and the PMs know this. The extension was given only that May would deliver that vote. She failed and in 2 weeks it is over. No deal forces the hand of the EU to negotiate or disrupt trade. The present leaders see the UK falling under their thumb with a deal that is not better, than no deal. Let the chips fall with no deal, remove May as she is a new world order plant and does not have the interest of the Empire. You lose both ways, but no deal lets you back in the game.

   The pope sending a decree against sexual abuse. This was just a symbolic act for the crimes committed by the clergy around the world over the past centuries. The reason is that his change only applies to the acres of Vatican and its embassies. What now is in the works, is the foundation for one world religion. This has begun as he meet with his Muslim counterparts with both under control, another will rise to lead all. This was prophesized in the Bible.



   I go away for little over a week, thanks to a certain corporation, that treated us like kings, and the media is goes astray. Exactly what is your true focus, report the truth to the American people or crush stories if they do not fit the narrative that management supports and a certain political agenda, as both parties have many that support the global agenda? You will be reduce to slaves of satan, if this continues. I ask, are you that blind?

   So let’s address the city of Chicago and the Smollett case. The prosecutor just plain lied to the Justice Department as to not be able to win this case. So we have a black man, strike 1, especially in Chicago, accused of a crime. We have a check showing financial compensation to those perpetrating the crime hoax, strike 2. Then we have the assailants confessing to staging the crime, strike 3. So exactly how can you not win this case?

   What is suspected, is that allegedly, the prosecutor received pressure from the DNC to drop the case, but it was different this time. As a balance Ron “dead fish” Emanuel protested the release and put in place a 130,000 fine for police overtime as to not raise flags, which was just.

   Smollett staged this attack to discredit Trump and MAGA hats was the key message. Not one white guy would recognize Smollett in 20 below weather with his face pointed down to avoid the wind. I told you, when an event happens who have the most to gain? Not Smollett, so if you get attacked, you think, you can demand a raise on the sympathy of the public instead of merit? He is using the American people as a tool at best. For him popularity peaks with his ploy and fades in a month, a pay raise is forever while employed. Those that create Empire are no fools as this was not about a raise if you have talent. Do you, as you can not even play a man like yourself? You will be replaced and remember you were used by the DNC. Congrads you have been thrown under the bus along with the prosecutor.

   Really DNC, Barr is now working for the Russians. You are so stupid, as you think this is going to work until 2020 elections. You are idiots, and I have know idea, of why you are allowed to lead this country? Mueller found no crimes of collusion with Trump and Russia. But you assume he is guilty of obstruction. What the report will mention, is that did inquire about, how to reduce pressure on his team members, and you saw it as obstruction. All were prosecuted for crimes created before working for Trump. So Trump let the chips fall. This perceived pressure is not obstruction or can be prosecuted. This is what both Mueller and Barr saw.

   What will now also be released, as you were told those not charged, will not have their particular crimes revealed, as they were given immunity by design. The redaction will hide the Podestas involvement of setting up the dossier, but it will reveal that the dossier was a plan to discredit Trump with Russian collusion and help Hillary in her election.

   It will also show, that the Mueller investigation would have not occurred without the dossier and the subsequent FISA warrants, which was by design. It is this information that will crush the DNC, and the established candidates running in 2020. Biden and Bernie, you are wasting your time. CNN and MSNBC will be exposed as bias as the truth comes out. Now most minorities vote on tradition, but few understand the true issues. This is how the Democratic Party takes advantage of Blacks, as they are loyal. Nothing has changed in your lives and its been almost 55 years.

   Why is Trump threatening to close the Southern Border? Mexico is just like the Democrats, both want no change. It is about social services controlled by those who left politics and for Mexico, tax free remittances sent back home in the tune of over fifty billion a year.

   So today I heard O’Rourke new vision for America. Again the same talking points since HH in 68‘. So let’s examine his grand vision. On the border, he states, those moving towards this nation needs to be treated as human beings, and this is true of America. This does not mean, you can skirt our laws, so that you escape poverty or need health care to save a family member know they would die at home.

   You speak of immigration reform yet your party since the 80s just like the Republicans have done nothing or plan to. As for the Dreamers, yes they need to feel safe, and be given the right just as those who serve for this country, for citizenship, but their entrance goes against their nation’s quotas, unless a refugee.

   Technology is great at the points of entry, but people climb fences or just cross where are none. As uninformed, you take the party stance of no wall a DNC talking point. What America sees is a fresh face, but the same message. This is why you would lose if given the chance to run against Trump. But your Climate Change, which is really earth changes will cut your life short.

   All is not what it seems. Trump has no affection for dictators as the world is preparing for WW3. This is out of your small town loop. You want to help Central America with our money. Not too smart on your first day. The leaders will steal it, and little will reach the people, the flow slowed, not stopped, as who wants to stop a gravy train from a naive politician. As for Health Care, you will never get a handle on it, as you would have to cut salaries of doctors in half and bring down the cost of prescription drugs. They will stall until someone replaces you. You talk about more enrollment, but they are poor. People with good benefits, cost almost 9k per year for an individual and 19k per family. They are not your contributors of health plans, unless, like some propose. That is to take away for something much less. So with an aging population that gets sick, just how are you going to convince the youth to give up almost 100 dollars a week for health care, when they do not get sick on a regular basis and you will still fall short? You can raise the minimum, but the elite will just raise prices.

   This is why politicians lie. They promise change, but can not afford the bill. The Democrats is just like a man that promises everything for your happiness, but when the bill comes, he asks you to chip in 50/50. As for Booker and his CNN town hall I taped it while away in Miami, I will review it in the next snap shot.


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